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29 Mar 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund

When: Sunday 29th March 2015

Where: Federal Ministry of Finance and National Economy, Khartoum

Who: Mr. Mustafa Yousif Holi, Under Secretary of Ministry of Finance and National Economy and UNICEF Representative in Sudan, Mr. Geert Cappelaere.

29 Mar 2015 description

Escalating conflict threatens food access for displaced households in South Kordorfan


  • Ongoing hostilities between Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and armed opposition groups in parts of South Kordofan, Darfur and Blue Nile states have caused new waves of displacement in these areas. The number of Sudanese refugees arriving in Yida refugee camp in Unity State, South Sudan continued to increase in February.

28 Mar 2015 description

This Indicator Report provides a monthly snapshot of the regional response to the South Sudan Situation.

The indicators included report on the Post 15 December 2013 South Sudan caseload only. The report is prepared through collaboration with the reporting country and the Regional Support Hub, Nairobi.

The notes below provide further contextual information on various sector indicators:


27 Mar 2015 description

KAKUMA REFUGEE CAMP, Kenya, March 27 (UNHCR) – Naomi Chol studied at a school funded and supported by Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie Pitt, but the 16-year-old from South Sudan has become a celebrity herself in a Kenyan refugee camp.

"Everywhere I go, people call me and come to shake my hand," she tells visitors to Kakuma camp where she studied in a school known locally as the Angelina Jolie Primary School. It was set up by the UNHCR Special Envoy in 2002 to cater for girls with special protection needs.

25 Mar 2015 description

1. Executive Summary

The Kenya refugee operation is often cited as an example of a protracted refugee situation with traditional refugee camps in place for the past 20 or so years. In the last four years, however, the operation has been anything but static in responding to two major influxes from neighbouring countries while undergoing a transition in terms of partnerships and innovations in assistance delivery.

25 Mar 2015 description

Students in a South Sudanese refugee camp embrace education

(LWI) – “I came here to learn”. 18-year-old Mobarak Habil Ibrahim introduces himself. He fled the conflict in the Nuba Mountains, Sudan, and left his parents. His temporary home is Ajuong Thok refugee camp in South Sudan.

25 Mar 2015 description

Teaching in the Global Village

(LWI) - “In most cases the mouse is green and the keyboard purple,” the teacher explains. 27 men and women stretch their necks and inspect the back frame of their PCs to find the connector ports the young woman in front of them is talking about. It’s the first class of the “Informatics, Computer and Technology” (ICT) project at Ajuong Thok refugee camp.

25 Mar 2015 description
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Special update
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Press release

On Wednesday 25th March, the UN Security Council (UNSC) will hold an Open Debate on Children and Armed Conflict, which will take place under the presidency of France. The theme of the Open Debate will focus on child victims of non-state armed actors (ANSAs). This will be the first Open Debate to focus on actions and tools Member States may constructively use to end and prevent grave violations against children by ANSAs.

24 Mar 2015 description

Snapshot 18-24 March 2015

Syria: The Government carried out over 10,000 airstrikes between October and March, dropping more than 5,300 barrel bombs and killing almost 2,200 civilians. A chlorine attack on 16 March in Idleb killed six people.

23 Mar 2015 description
report SUDO (UK)

As a result of the recent intensive attacks by the Rapid Support Forces and the Janjaweed militia men on Dobo Al-Omda villages and the surrounding areas in East Jabal Marra, large numbers of citizens were displaced to Shudad IDP camp in Shangel Tobayei.

23 Mar 2015 description


  • WFP urgently requires USD 54 million for the next six months to meet the needs of all refugees in Kenya, Sudan and Uganda.

  • In Uganda, WFP will lift 50 percent ration cuts for refugees who arrived before June 2013 in April thanks to the receipt of new contributions.

  • Fears of renewed fighting in Upper Nile State, may result in an increased number of people crossing into neighboring countries in the coming weeks, particularly in Sudan.

21 Mar 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • An estimated 18,300 refugees and 8,500 Chadian returnees have fled to Chad following these attacks and heavy clashes in the Nigerian town of Baga between Boko Haram and the Nigerian army.

  • Fear and attacks on Chadian soil have also left an estimated 14,500 estimated Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Liwa, Bagassola and Bol sub-prefectures in Lake Region (OCHA Sitrep 21 February 2015).

19 Mar 2015 description
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Arabic version


  • HAC in South Kordofan says that about 14,500 people have fled their homes and sought shelter in Al Abassiya, Abu Jubaiha and Tajmala towns over the past five days.

  • Some 900 people flee their homes in Bau locality, Blue Nile State due to conflict, aid agencies report.

  • Up to 5,000 new refugees from South Sudan have arrived in Sudan, with their total number reaching almost 127,000 people.

17 Mar 2015 description

Snapshot 11–17 March 2015

Vanuatu: 24 people are confirmed dead so far after Tropical Cyclone Pam hit on 13 March. Shefa, Tafea, Malampa, and Penama are among the worst affected provinces. Access challenges are significant.

Cameroon: The number of people internally displaced in the north has almost doubled since 10 February, to 117,000. This brings the number of displaced in Cameroon to an estimated 412,700, including 66,000 fleeing Boko Haram violence in Nigeria and the rest from the Central African Republic.

16 Mar 2015 description
report UN Security Council

I. Introduction

  1. In its resolution 2148 (2014), the Security Council endorsed the findings of the strategic review presented in my special report dated 25 February 2014 (S/2014/138). The review identified three strategic priorities for the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID):

    (a) Mediation between the Government of the Sudan and non-signatory armed movements on the basis of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur, while taking into account ongoing transformation at the national level;

16 Mar 2015 description
report Radio Dabanga

The entire population of 13 villages near Golo in western Jebel Marra, Central Darfur, who fled attacks by government forces last January, are living in an extremely dire humanitarian situation.

“More than 11,000 people sought refuge in the area of Bouri, about 1km west of Golo,” one of the villagers informed Radio Dabanga.

13 Mar 2015 description
report Refugee Council

A warm welcome for child refugees

Unaccompanied child refugees flee to Britain escaping war and persecution. They have often experienced significant trauma; including witnessing the death of a loved one or suffering abuse or exploitation themselves.

Unsurprisingly, child refugees are usually extremely frightened and completely bewildered when they arrive on British shores.

13 Mar 2015 description


  • On 10 March, the Special Representative of the United Nations SecretaryGeneral (SRSG) and head of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan, Ms. Ellen Margrethe Loej, and the United States Chargé D’Affaires, Mr. Charles Twining, visited Malakal. “I expressed my grave concerns about the forcible recruitment of boys recently at the Wau Shilluk village near Malakal and elsewhere in Upper Nile State,” Ms. Loej said.

12 Mar 2015 description

Executive Summary

This report provides a UK perspective on the global human rights situation during 2014, and examples of what the government is doing to promote human rights and democratic values overseas. It reviews the situation in specific countries and against the thematic priorities around which our work is organised.

One of the most striking trends of 2014 was the pressure put by governments on civil society organisations in many parts of the world, damaging human rights and the economic interests of those same countries.