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22 Jan 2015 description

This brief summarizes FEWS NET’s most forward-looking analysis of projected emergency food assistance needs in FEWS NET coverage countries. The projected size of each country’s acutely food insecure population is compared to last year and the recent five-year average. Countries where external emergency food assistance needs are anticipated are identified. Projected lean season months highlighted in red indicate either an early start or an extension to the typical lean season.

22 Jan 2015 description

FEWS NET’s Food Security Outlook reports for January to June 2015 are based on the following regional assumptions:

Seasonal Performance

  • The remainder of the October-to-February Xays/Dadaa rains over coastal areas of Djibouti and northwestern Somalia are likely to be near average.

20 Jan 2015 description

Snapshot 14–20 January

Cameroon: 50,000 people are estimated displaced due to the recent increase in Boko Haram (BH) attacks in the northern regions. In the past week, an attack on a military base in Kolofata resulted in 143 BH killed, subsequently, BH kidnapped 80 people from one village – with three killed and 24 later released. The conflict has escalated regionally, with Chad pledging military support in Cameroon’s fight against Boko Haram.

17 Jan 2015 description


Insécurité alimentaire et malnutrition

Au Tchad, près de 2.4 millions de personnes sont en insécurité alimentaire (20%) parmi lesquelles 428 000 personnes (3.6%) sont en situation d’insécurité alimentaire sévère. La situation nutritionnelle es t également alarmante, avec 350 000 cas de malnutrition aiguë globale attendus en 2015 pour les enfants de 6 à 59 mois, parmi lesquels 96 000 en situation de malnutrition aigüe sévère.

Mouvements de populations

15 Jan 2015 description
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  • HAC Blue Nile says the Governor agreed that international staff of aid organisations participate in joint needs assessments.

  • About 1,800 people were displaced to Yaga village near Rokoro town from the Jebel Marra area, HAC Central Darfur said.

  • Aid agencies verified 5,800 new IDPs from Tawila, North Darfur in Argo, Rwanda and Zamzam camps.

13 Jan 2015 description

Nigeria: Violence has escalated significantly in the northeast. Boko Haram killed more than 2,100 people in the first 11 days of the year. Most were killed in an attack on the town of Baga and surrounding settlements in Borno state, on Lake Chad. Up to 20,000 people were displaced. Other attacks took place in Maiduguri, Damaturu, and Potiskum.

12 Jan 2015 description
report SUDO (UK)

On Thursday January 1st, 2:00pm, the Rapid Support Force (RSF), attacked the village of Wadi Ba’shoum, near Fanga, killing Al-Faki Idris Ishag 62 years old, Ahmed Ali Suleiman 51 years, and Abdalla Adam Abdalla Musa.

On the same day they attacked Mustariha village killing:

1.Safyia Khatir Abakr, (f) 60 years,

2.Ibrahim Hamid Mohammed, 25 years

3.Hawa Raadan Ahmed, (f) 3 years

4.Kaltoom Khamis Hamid, (f) 2.5 years

5.Abdulwahid Abakr Idris


1.Abkar Ibrahim Mohammed 72 years

2.Abdalla Suleiman 42 years

09 Jan 2015 description
report Radio Dabanga

The El Gezira and Managil Agricultural Scheme has complained that the amendment for the scheme in the year 2015 represents “a real catastrophe”. They stressed that 90 percent of the farmers will find themselves outside of the Scheme, which will have a negative impact on the region.

The alliance of farmers released their press statement on Thursday, saying that the new act will “realise the capital's dream in land grabbing” and “transform the Scheme into feudal farms”. The farmers called upon the people of El Gezira to organise themselves, in order to defend the scheme.

08 Jan 2015 description
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• Fighting has forced civilians to flee their homes in 44 villages in North Darfur’s Tawila locality.

• Memorandum of Understanding between the Governments of Sudan and South Sudan on the movement of humanitarian aid to South Sudan extended for another six-months.

• WFP and IOM plan biometric registration for new IDPs in Korma, El Sireaf and Mellit towns in North Darfur.

• According to FEWS NET, it is estimated that the 2014/15 national production will be 50 per cent above the five-year average.

07 Jan 2015 description

Project code: OSRO/SUD/304/USA

Donor: United States of America

Contribution: USD 1.5 million

Implementation: 01/01/13 – 31/03/14

Target areas: South Kordofan and Blue Nile

Objective: To improve, protect and sustain food security and livelihoods of the vulnerable conflict-affected households in the target areas.

Key partners: The federal and state Ministries of Agriculture, the Ministry of Animal Resources, NGOs, local authorities and community leaders.

Beneficiaries reached: 76 339 beneficiaries.

07 Jan 2015 description
report SUDO (UK)

The number of villages evacuated or burned reached to 115 villages and the number of person displaced reached to around 87,640. Some of the displaced as in our previous update, reached to Tabit, Duma, Shangel-Tobaye and Zamzam IDP camps, but thousands of those who were displaced are still stranded in an area called Hagar Tayib in Jabal Mara, between Fanga and Murtal, Fanga is around 35Km South East of Tawila.

06 Jan 2015 description

Snapshot 17 December – 6 January

Nigeria: A series of suspected Boko Haram attacks in Borno and neighbouring states have resulted in more than 80 deaths, 225 kidnapped, hundreds of homes burneds and thousands displaced.

Central African Republic: Nearly 200,000 people need nutrition assistance. Over 36,000 people are trapped in seven enclaves across the country; a group of 474 Fulani who fled to Yaloke months ago and now cannot leave are in particular need.

06 Jan 2015 description


  • The current crisis in South Sudan has displaced nearly 2 million people since December 2013.

  • Relief agencies completed the relocation of the displaced population previously sheltering at the UNMISS Tomping protection of civilians (PoC) site to the U.N. House PoC 3 site in Juba town,
    Central Equatoria State, on December 24.

  • Recent fighting in northern Jonglei State has reportedly displaced an estimated 100,000 people, according to local sources.


04 Jan 2015 description

General Situation during December 2014 Forecast until mid-February 2015

02 Jan 2015 description

Above-average harvests continue to drive down staple food prices, improving household food security

Key Messages

  • Harvests continue to improve food availability country-wide. Harvests in North and West Darfur are above-average due to good rains and increased cultivation in some areas. The preliminary findings of the joint Crop and Food Supply Assessment Mission (CFSAM) estimates that 2014/15 national production will be 50 percent above the five-year average.

01 Jan 2015 description

Sorghum, millet, and wheat are the most important food commodities in northern Sudan. Sorghum is the staple food for the majority of poor households in central and eastern Sudan regions while millet is the main staple food for majority of households in Darfur and some parts of Kordofan regions in western Sudan. Wheat most often used as a substitute all over northern Sudan but it is a staple food for northern states. Each of the markets represented here act as indicators for a broader region.

01 Jan 2015 description

Key Messages

  • In West Africa, markets were well supplied with staple foods in November as regional harvests progressed. Staple food prices were stable or declining, except in areas directly and indirectly affected by the conflict in northeastern Nigeria. The Ebola outbreak has led to both official and voluntary restrictions on the movement of goods and people in affected Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, resulting in atypical market trends in some areas.

31 Dec 2014 description

Mohamed Bana fondly remembers life before his home, Blue Nile State, erupted in violence.

“During the harvest season, our village would come to life,” he says. “We used to work hard in the fields and cultivate various crops and vegetables. I used to have a small flock of sheep and goats.

Read the full story on OCHA

23 Dec 2014 description
report Caritas

Caritas/ACT Alliance* are seeking €5.3 million (US$6.8 million) to fund programmes they are supporting in Darfur in 2015.

The United Nations says that there are approximately 2.5 million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Darfur and that about 6.5 million people in total are in need of humanitarian assistance in the country. There are great needs in areas affected by conflict such as Darfur.

22 Dec 2014 description

N’DJAMENA - La campagne agricole 2014/2015 est qualifiée de moyenne à bonne par rapport aux statistiques quinquennales au Tchad. Elle est estimée à 2.6 million de tonnes, soit une hausse d’environ 9%. C'est ce que révèle l’Enquête nationale sur la sécurité alimentaire (ENSA) menée sur un échantillon aléatoire de presque 7000 ménages répartis dans la majorité des 67 départements afin d’identifier les zones de vulnérabilité des ménages au Tchad.