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06 Oct 2015 description
report Radio Dabanga

Torrential rains in Deleig, Central Darfur, have resulted in at least three wounded and damage to hundreds of homes and institutional buildings. A number of livestock were killed.

A witness told Radio Dabanga on Monday that he counted 450 homes in Deleig camp for the displaced that were washed away by the heavy rainfall on Sunday. In addition, 350 toilets in the camp and 150 houses in Deleig village were damaged.

02 Oct 2015 description
report Radio Dabanga

A water shortage has led to frictions between farmers and pastoralists in the dried areas of El Gedaref state. Torrential rains and strong winds have caused injuries to a number of people and damaged 50 houses near Ed El Fursan in South Darfur on Tuesday.

20 Aug 2015 description
report Radio Dabanga

Downpours destroyed more than 150 homes in Kalma camp for the displaced in Nyala locality, South Darfur, on Monday night.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, Saleh Eisa, secretary-general of Kalma camp reported that storms and heavy rains that lasted from Monday evening until Tuesday morning led to the collapse of at least 150 shelters.

El Salam School B and the Teachers' Union school were severely damaged, he said.

04 Aug 2015 description
report Radio Dabanga

A downpour has destroyed more than 100 houses in a camp for the displaced near Nyala, the capital of South Darfur, on Sunday.

El Salam camp Sheikh Mahjoub Adam Tabeldiya said that the rains were accompanied by severe winds that lasted for more than four hours. The storm has destroyed houses and left the affected families out in the open without shelter. Tabeldiya appealed, through Radio Dabanga, to the humanitarian organisations, to provide humanitarian assistance and other shelter materials to the families.

21 Jul 2015 description

Snapshot 15–21 July 2015

Iraq: More than 74,440 people have been displaced from Saqlawiyah in Falluja district since 8 July, and tens of thousands reportedly remain trapped in Falluja and Ramadi districts. There are now more than 3.1 million IDPs across 3,613 locations in Iraq; 300,000 people have been displaced from and within Anbar since military operations began in April.

19 Jul 2015 description
report Radio Dabanga

A total of 761 houses were partially or completely destroyed by heavy rains last Thursday in South Darfur's Kalma camp. Humanitarian organisations are supporting Kalma's residents with assessing the extent of the damage.

25 Jun 2015 description

U.S.A. - Severe weather
• Severe weather, including thunderstorms, strong winds, heavy rain, hail and tornadoes affected several areas of Midwest and Mid-Atlantic United States on 21-23 June. Several tornadoes were reported in the states of Illinois, Iowa, Kansas and Michigan on 22 June.
• According to media (as of 23 June), seven people were injured and several damages occurred, mostly in the area of Coal City in northern Illinois.

17 Jun 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund

Global response in 2014

UNICEF and partners responded to 294 humanitarian situations of varying scales in 98 countries in 2014. This includes large-scale Level 3 responses for the crises in the Central African Republic, Iraq, the Philippines, South Sudan, the Syrian Arab Republic and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa

Some of the major highlights from 2014 include:

• UNICEF Country Offices responded to 294 humanitarian situations of varying scales in 98 countries. This includes the response to six Level 3 emergencies;

03 Jun 2015 description
report Radio Dabanga

Heavy rainfall in Central Darfur on Monday resulted in the collapse of several homes, in particular in the camps for the displaced.

Elders of Garsila, Deleig, and Bindisi camps reported to Radio Dabanga that the torrents caused much damage.

A number of shelters and lavatories collapsed. Belongings and food stuffs were spoiled, because of the dilapidated tents, plastic sheets, and thatched roofs.

The elders appealed to the authorities and relief organisations to provide plastic sheets and tents to the affected.

25 May 2015 description
report Radio Dabanga


A child was killed in El Hawata, El Gedaref state in eastern Sudan, during a storm on Thursday.

Dozens of people were injured during the extremely strong winds, a resident of El Hawata town told Radio Dabanga.

The winds came from all directions,” he said. “The roofs of most government institutions, the police station, and the general hospital were blown off. Dozens of power lines collapsed.”

11 Feb 2015 description

Niger - Conflict
• Over the last two to three days, active combats between Boko Haram insurgents and a mix of patrols from Niger and Chadian forces took place in Diffa. Although no report is currently available, significant causalities are reported among the civilian population. On 9 February, the Parliament of Niger gave a green light for the deployment of additional troops in the Diffa area.

25 Nov 2014 description

Pakistan: Drought conditions in Sindh have affected nearly 1.7 million people; nearly 500 have died in Tharparkar, including 296 children. In FATA, the number of people displaced by the military’s operation Khyber One in the Tirah Valley has grown to 440,000 people, adding to 993,000 displaced by operations in North Waziristan.

Liberia: Two million children are thought to be affected by the consequences of the Ebola epidemic. High levels of unemployment are affecting income: 70% of households in a recent survey said they do not have enough money to afford food.

02 Sep 2014 description

Syria: Syrian refugee numbers have grown by a million in a year, and now exceed three million, while the journey out of Syria is getting tougher. 42 children were reported killed by government strikes over 29-31 August, while in IS-held areas there are reports of routine executions and amputations.

26 Aug 2014 description

Syria: Only 41% of Syria’s public hospitals are fully operational. The latest in a number of local truces around Damascus has been agreed between state forces and opposition in Qadam. 191,369 people were reported killed March 2011–April 2014, mainly in Rural Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Idleb, Dar’a and Hama, according to new UN figures.

12 Aug 2014 description
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Snapshot 6 - 12 August

Central African Republic: The CAR President Catherine Samba-Panza named a Muslim as the new Prime Minister. Renewed clashes have displaced 20,000 people in Batafango (Ouham) since July and 17,000 people in Bambari (Ouaka) since June. A total of 890 security incidents were recorded in 2014, hampering humanitarian access.

05 Aug 2014 description

Snapshot 30 July–5 August

OPt: As a 72-hour truce begins, 1,179 civilians have been reported killed since Operation Protective Edge started. A third of the population of the Gaza Strip – 485,000 people – have been displaced, an increase of 270,000 since last week. Most IDPs are staying in schools, which are severely overcrowded. The health system is overwhelmed.

29 Jul 2014 description

Snapshot 22-29 July 2014

oPt: 1,067 are reported killed in Gaza since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge. 215,000 people have been displaced, and shelter conditions are a major concern. Damage to critical infrastructure, including the only power station in Gaza and health facilities, is heavily restricting access to basic services. Insecurity is also impeding humanitarian access.

22 Jul 2014 description

Snapshot 16–22 July

oPT: 583 have been reported killed and over 100,000 displaced since Operation Protective Edge began on 8 July. There are urgent needs for essential drugs, shelter, water, and food assistance in the Gaza Strip, requiring greater humanitarian space.

15 Jul 2014 description

Snapshot 9–15 July

oPT: 178 Palestinians have been killed since the launch of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge on 8 July. Around 17,000 people have sought shelter in UNRWA schools. Rockets from Syria and Lebanon have hit the north of Israel, raising fears of the conflict spreading.

Democratic Republic of Congo: More than 30,000 people are estimated to have been displaced in North Kivu, South Kivu, and Katanga in June, due to FARDC military operations and fighting between armed groups.

24 Jun 2014 description

Iraq: 1.2 million people have been displaced by the ISIL June offensive and the Anbar crisis. Humanitarian access to militant-held areas remains a challenge. The security situation in Anbar, Ninevah, Salah al Din and Diyala is volatile and unpredictable. Host communities are facing difficulties assisting new IDPs and over 226,000 Syrian refugees.

Pakistan: The military offensive against the Taliban in North Waziristan has reportedly killed up to 30 Taliban and displaced at least 300,000 people to neighbouring provinces as well as Afghanistan.