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Global emergency overview Snapshot, 5-11 November 2012

Despite a four-day truce which was supposed to come into effect on Friday 26 October, fighting has continued to escalate in Damascus province, Aleppo, Idlib, Daara and Deir Ezzor in Syria manifested by a new wave of airstrikes by the Syrian forces and attacks by the rebels on strategic army checkpoints and air bases.

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Shaky foundations: An assessment of the UN’s Rule of Law support agenda

Camino Kavanagh and Bruce Jones

I. Introduction

1). As we began the process of drafting this review, citizens across the Middle East and North Africa took to the streets to demand an end to the abusive practices of the security services, more representative and responsive government institutions, the protection of their rights, greater access to economic opportunity, participation in decision-making, and access to justice. They began demanding, in short, the rule of law.

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Algeria + 100 others
El estado de la inseguridad alimentaria en el mundo 2009

Mensajes principales

El estado de la inseguridad alimentaria en el mundo 2009 es el 10.=BA informe de situación de la FAO sobre el hambre en el mundo desde la Cumbre Mundial sobre la Alimentación (CMA) de 1996. En el informe se destaca el hecho de que, incluso antes de que se produjeran la crisis alimentaria y la crisis económica, el n=FAmero de personas que padecían hambre había aumentado lenta pero constantemente. Sin embargo, el inicio de estas crisis provocó el incremento pronunciado del n=FAmero de personas que padecen hambre en el mundo.

Como resultado de la crisis económica

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Afghanistan + 39 others
Food crisis: What the World Bank is doing, 21 Oct 2009

World Bank
updated October 21, 2009

In response to the severity of the food crisis and the need for prompt action, the World Bank Group set up the Global Food Crisis Response Program (GFRP) in May 2008 to provide immediate relief to countries hard hit by food high prices. The Bank response has been articulated in coordination with the United Nations' High-Level Task Force on food security. Through its response, the Bank is supporting the implementation of the joint Comprehensive Framework for Action (CFA).

The World Bank Group increased GFRP to

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Ce que fait la Banque mondiale (mis à jour le 3 août 2009)

World Bank
Dans le cadre du Programme d'intervention en réponse à la crise alimentaire mondiale (GFRP), le Groupe de la Banque mondiale a lancé un mécanisme de financement rapide afin d'accélérer les apports d'aide aux pays qui en ont le plus besoin. La réponse de la Banque s'est faite en articulation avec l'Equipe spéciale de haut niveau des nations Unies (HTLF) sur la sécurité alimentaire. La Banque soutient ainsi la mise en place du Cadre d'action global (CAG).

- Le GFRP est aujourd'hui doté de 2 milliard de dollars. Créé en mai 2008, le Programme a pour mission de réduire la

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Afghanistan + 42 others
Food crisis: What the World Bank is doing, 02 Sep 2009

World Bank
(updated September 2, 2009)

In response to the severity of the food crisis and the need for prompt action, the World Bank Group set up the Global Food Crisis Response Program (GFRP) in May 2008 to provide immediate relief to countries hard hit by food high prices. The Bank response has been articulated in coordination with the United Nations' High-Level Task Force on food security. Through its response, the Bank is supporting the implementation of the joint Comprehensive Framework for Action (CFA).

The World Bank Group increased GFRP to

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In face of crises, states must 'act together' now, or risk cycle of poverty, despair, says UN SG at Sustainable Development Commission's high-level segment


Commission on Sustainable Development
Seventeenth Session
9th & 10th Meetings* (AM & PM)

Chair Says Old Solutions No Longer Fit Twenty-First Century Challenges; Round Table on "Responding to the Food Crisis through Sustainable Development"

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Bangladesh + 7 others
L'agriculture durable garante de la sécurité alimentaire au centre du débat de haut niveau de la Commission du développement durable


Commission du développement durable
Dix-septième session
9e et 10e séances – matin et après-midi

Ministres, représentants et responsables du système de L'ONU examinent les moyens de « répondre à la crise alimentaire par le biais du développement durable »

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Disaster response 2008

World Relief

World Relief responds directly to the world's most complex humanitarian crises.

Darfur, Sudan

World Relief's response focuses on the communities of Um Tagouk, Azirni and Sanidadi in war-torn West Darfur:

In 2008, World Relief's feeding centers provided nourishing food - plumpynut and corn soya blend - to thousands of vulnerable children under 5 and their mothers.

Two health clinics supported by World Relief in Um Tagouk and Sanidadi provided essential medical services for thousands of people; a World Relief doctor and public health expert provided

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Bangladesh + 13 others
Boletín IECAH de Acción Humanitaria No. 8 - otoño de 2008

El tercer trimestre de 2008 ha sido especialmente virulento en materia de desastres de componente natural. La temporada de huracanes en el Caribe ha sido muy dura y los monzones en Asia también han tenido efectos demoledores sobre las poblaciones vulnerables. Y ello ha coincidido con la constatación de que la crisis económica y financiera era más grave de lo anunciado por algunos, y de que sus consecuencias van a ser de largo plazo y de dimensiones imprevisibles.

Y ha sido muy triste ver cómo para responder a la crisis financiera -no lo olvidemos, originada por la codicia de algunas

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Bahamas + 32 others
Double-edged prices - Lessons from the food price crisis: 10 actions developing countries should take

The recent sharp increase in food prices should have benefited millions of poor people who make their living from agriculture. However, decades of misguided policies by developing country governments on agriculture, trade, and domestic markets - often promoted by international financial institutions and supported by donor countries - have prevented poor farmers and rural workers from reaping the benefits of higher commodity prices. As a result, the crisis is hurting poor producers and consumers alike, threatening to reverse recent progress on poverty
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Afghanistan + 50 others
Crop prospects and food situation - No. 4, Oct 2008


- World cereal production in 2008 is forecast to increase 4.9 percent to a record 2 232 million tonnes, considerably up from earlier predictions after better than expected results from the major harvests gathered in the past two months.

- Based on the latest production forecast, a significant improvement in the global supply and demand balance for cereals in the 2008/09 season can be expected. Even allowing for a larger increase in utilization than was reported in July, an 8 percent increase in world cereal stocks could be possible.

- International prices of most cereals

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Afghanistan + 38 others
OCHA Natural Disaster Bulletin No. 8

"The number of people threatened by natural disasters had increased by three times over the last 30 years and the number of people affected by natural disasters doubled every 10 years. Tens of millions of people had been affected this year by floods in countries all over the world. The link between the increase in disasters and climate change, which had been predicted by scientists, was unmistakable. Also, more people were now living in exposed areas. Some of the biggest cities in the world were built in disaster zones. Their poorest inhabitants were
UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit

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Afghanistan + 69 others
WFP's Operational Requirements, Shortfalls and Priorities for 2007 - 15 Oct 2007

Part I: Operational Requirements and Shortfalls

Overview of the 2007 Programme of Work

As the end of 2007 nears, the number of people the World Food Programme is seeking to support has risen to 83 million. The amount of food assistance required to assist these people is valued at US$3.4 billion. Considering resources mobilized thus far in 2007, the current level of funding falls short by some US$653 million.

Additional resources amounting to approximately US$800 million are required before the end of 2007 to ensure uninterrupted

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Highlights of the Noon Briefing by the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General 21 Aug 2007


The Security Council today discussed in its closed consultations the Secretary-General's report on the revised concept of operations for the UN presence in eastern Chad and the northeastern Central African Republic. Council members received a briefing on the report by Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Hédi Annabi.

That report proposes that the tasks and functions of the military component would be performed by a European Union

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Afghanistan + 29 others
Common efforts to strengthen collective humanitarian response capacity should seek to alleviate suffering, improve survival chances, says General Assembly President


Sixty-first General Assembly
52nd & 53rd Meetings (AM & PM)

Assembly Also Considers Strategies to Forestall Disasters, Boost Response; Assistance to Palestinian People; Three Texts on Regional Cooperation Adopted

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Afghanistan + 24 others
General Assembly calls for further strengthening United Nations humanitarian capacity to assist millions of disaster victims worldwide

Sixtieth General Assembly
51st & 52nd Meetings (AM & PM)

Deeply alarmed over the critical condition of millions desperately awaiting immediate response in Pakistan's high altitude valleys following the 7.6 earthquake that rocked South Asia early on 8 October, the General Assembly requested United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan to further strengthen the rapid response capacities for immediate humanitarian relief efforts in the devastated region, building on existing arrangements and ongoing initiatives, in one of four resolutions adopted today.

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Afghanistan + 17 others
Report of the Secretary-General: The transition from relief to development

General Assembly
Sixtieth session
Item 74 (a) of the preliminary list*
Strengthening of the coordination of humanitarian and
disaster relief assistance of the United Nations, including
special economic assistance: strengthening of the
coordination of emergency humanitarian assistance of
the United Nations

Economic and Social Council
Substantive session of 2005
New York, 29 June-27 July 2005
Item 5 of the provisional agenda**
Special economic, humanitarian and
disaster relief assistance

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Bahamas + 7 others
CRS launches emergency appeal in wake of simultaneous disasters around the world

October 12, 2004, Baltimore, MD - Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is announcing an emergency appeal as the agency struggles to respond to disasters in the Caribbean, the Indian subcontinent and the Darfur region of Sudan.

In a letter to the bishops of the United States, CRS board chairman Bishop Robert N. Lynch notes: "The last few months have seen catastrophic suffering for countless souls around the world. Despite efforts by international relief agencies to help alleviate the pain caused by so many natural and man-made disasters, the suffering