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01 Dec 2016 description

159,427 Sea arrivals Jan-Oct 2016
140,987 Sea arrivals Jan-Oct 2015

30 Nov 2016 description
report Radio Dabanga

Italy will fund several projects of UN agencies on food security and rural radio in eastern Sudan. Now the country has made its first contribution to promoting the resilience of former combatants in Blue Nile.

Earlier this month the Italian government, through the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS), has funded three new projects respectively with heritage organisation UNESCO (300,000), the World Food Programme (500,000) and the Refugee Agency (UNHCR, 700,000).

30 Nov 2016 description
  • 348,664 arrivals by sea in 2016

  • 4,690 dead/missing

  • published 09:00 CET 29 November

  • 1,011,712 arrivals in 2015

27 Nov 2016 description

345,676 arrivals by sea in 2016
4,663 dead/missing
published 09:00 CET 25 November
1,011,712 arrivals in 2015

25 Nov 2016 description

Libya continues to be the main departure and transit point for departure from North Africa towards Europe. As of 18 November 2016, the Libyan Coast Guard rescued/intercepted a total of 12,891 people in different locations along the Libyan coast, mainly Az Zawiyah, Tripoli and Tajurah. Since January 2016, Libyan local authorities have recovered more than 1,000 bodies of people who drowned while attempting to cross the Mediterranean.

22 Nov 2016 description

345,440 arrivals by sea in 2016
4,655 dead/missing
published 09:00 CET 22 November
1,011,712 arrivals in 2015

22 Nov 2016 description

Switzerland - IOM reports that 345,440 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in 2016 through 20 November, arriving mostly in Greece and Italy. Some 171,264 people have arrived in Greece and 168,542 in Italy during 2016. The total is well below the number of arrivals at this point in 2015, by which time some 883,393 migrants and refugees had made the journey.

22 Nov 2016 description

Regional mixed migration summary for October 2016 covering mixed migration events, trends and data for Djibouti, Eritrea, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Puntland, Somalia, Somaliland and Yemen.

Terminology: Throughout this report the term migrant/refugee is used to cover all those involved in the mixed migration flows (including asylum seekers, trafficked persons, smuggled economic migrants, refugees). If the caseload mentioned refers only to refugees or asylum seekers or trafficked persons it will be clearly stated.

18 Nov 2016 description
  • 343,589 arrivals by sea in 2016
  • 4,621 dead/missing
  • published 09:00 CET 18 November
  • 1,011,712 arrivals in 2015
11 Nov 2016 description

340,778 arrivals by sea in 2016

4,271 dead/missing

published 09:00 CET 11 November

1,011,712 arrivals in 2015

10 Nov 2016 description

132,043 Sea arrivals Jan-Sep 2016
132,071 Sea arrivals Jan-Sep 2015

Between 1 January and 30 September 2016, 132,043 persons arrived to Italy by sea, compared to 132,071 sea arrivals in the first nine months of 2015. The number of sea arrivals is therefore almost equal to that of last year, indicating that the decrease in arrivals on the Eastern Mediterrnean route has not had a direct impact on arrivals through the Central Mediterranean.

09 Nov 2016 description
  • 339,783 arrivals by sea in 2016

  • 4,233 dead/missing

  • published 09:00 CET 8 November

  • 1,011,712 arrivals in 2015

04 Nov 2016 description

The ECDC Communicable Disease Threats Report (CDTR) is a weekly bulletin for epidemiologists and health professionals on active public health threats. This issue covers the period 30 Oct–5 Nov 2016 and includes updates on influenza, poliomyelitis, Zika fever, MERS CoV, cholera, West Nile virus, and enterovirus detections in Europe.

04 Nov 2016 description

335,031 arrivals by sea in 2016

4,220 dead/missing

published 09:00 CET 4 November

1,011,712 arrivals in 2015

03 Nov 2016 description

Key Figures
arrivals by sea in 2016*
dead/missing in 2016*

Trends of Sea Arrivals

03 Nov 2016 description

Thousands of men, women and children, fleeing conflict, persecution and poverty, keep crossing the central Mediterranean in search of protection or a better life in Europe. Italy, leading efforts to save lives at sea, receives rescued people in its ports almost daily. In 2015 the European Union presented, as a flagship response to new arrivals on the continent, the “hotspot approach”.

01 Nov 2016 description

333,384 arrivals by sea in 2016

3,940 dead/missing

published 09:00 CET 1 November

1,011,712 arrivals in 2015