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27 Oct 2016 description


  • Crop prospects favourable due to adequate rainfall since beginning of cropping season

  • Prices of millet and sorghum remained mostly stable in recent months

  • Continued assistance required to improve access to food and protect livelihoods of food insecure and vulnerable people, including refugees and returnees

Cereal production expected to recover in 2016

27 Oct 2016 description

This bulletin examines trends in staple food and fuel prices, the cost of the basic food basket and consumer price indices for 70 countries in the third quarter of 2016 (July to September). The maps on pages 6–7 disaggregate the impact analysis to sub-national level.

Global Highlights

27 Oct 2016 description


• 7,100 IDPs in South Kordofan’s Abu Kershola locality need humanitarian assistance.

• Over 21,000 people vaccinated against measles in Abyei, following an outbreak declared by the Ministry of Health in September.

• According to an inter-agency mission, 3,650 IDPs have returned to Himeida village from IDP camps in West Darfur and refugee camps in Chad, since April 2016

• 60 per cent of the South Sudanese refugees who have arrived in Sudan in 2016 have taken refuge in East Darfur

27 Oct 2016 description

Iriba, 11 October 2016 - In Chad, socio-cultural traditions and gender roles limit educational opportunities for refugee girls. Child marriage and forced marriage are widely practiced, causing many girls in secondary school to drop out early. Girls are also charged with domestic duties such as retrieving water, providing for the family, and taking care of children. These responsibilities along with societal and familial pressures lead to high dropout rates that are not seen amongst boys.

27 Oct 2016 description


  • 21,294 Persons arriving by sea in August 2016.

  • 115,068 Persons arriving by sea in 2016 (as of 31 August).

  • 16,863 Unaccompanied and Separated Children (UASC) arrived by sea in 2016 (as of 31 August).

  • 72,470 Asylum applications in 2016, including from sea and other arrivals (as of 31 August).

  • 40% Average EU protection rate of top nationalities arriving by sea in Italy between January and August 2016.

27 Oct 2016 description
report Sudan Consortium

(27 October 2016) The month of June saw the fewest reported incidents of violence and human rights violations carried out directly or indirectly by Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile states since January 2016. Most of the incidents reported were carried out before the declaration of a four month ceasefire by Sudan’s President, Omar Al Bashir, on 17 June 2016. Whilst a welcome relief for the civilians of Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile, the period of the ceasefire corresponds with the rainy season when fighting has traditionally been extremely low.

27 Oct 2016 description

Harvests are in progress throughout the region and an above-average production is expected


  • From early July until early October, the West Africa region has mostly received average to above-average rains that are well-distributed (Figures 1 and 2); the resulting adequate moisture conditions have met the various crops’ water requirements throughout the growing period.

26 Oct 2016 description


This report has been developed collectively with humanitarian partners in the region to inform preparedness and advocacy efforts to mitigate and manage humanitarian risk in the Horn of Africa and Great Lakes region. It presents a four-month trend analysis from June to September 2016 and a humanitarian outlook from October to December 2016. It is the fifth report in the series and updates the previous scenario report which was published in April 2016.

26 Oct 2016 description

Although the El Niño weather event has passed its impact continues to be felt in the region: food insecurity doubled from 12 million in August 2015 to 23.4 million today. Humanitarian partners are targeting 1.25 million children under five for severe acute malnutrition (SAM) this year, of which nearly 83 per cent are from Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sudan and Somalia. Violence and rising food insecurity in South Sudan and Burundi have displaced nearly 290,000 people (205,541 refugees and 84,459 internally displaced) in the last 3 months alone.

26 Oct 2016 description
report Government of Italy

A course on the Italian experience in peacekeeping has just wound up in Khartoum. The first course on “Training Programme for Conflict Management” was closed at the presence of the director of the Peace Research Institute of the University of Khartoum, the Italian Ambassador to Sudan and the coordinator of the international activities of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa (SSSUP).

25 Oct 2016 description
report European Commission

Brussels, 25 October 2016

Four new actions worth €66.5 million will be funded under the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa to address the destructive impacts of the El Niño phenomenon in the Horn of Africa region, such as floods and droughts.

25 Oct 2016 description
report Deutsche Welle

Activists and the victims of the Darfur genocide are calling on the international community to do more to end the ongoing violence against women and children in the Darfur region of Sudan.

Women, and children as young as seven years old have allegedly been raped in Darfur since the so-called first genocide of the 21st century started thirteen years ago.

25 Oct 2016 description
report Radio Dabanga

On Sunday, militiamen imposed passage fees on tankers bringing water to thousands of displaced in the Sortony camp in Kabkabiya locality in North Darfur.

The coordinator of the Kabkabiya camps fro the displaced told Radio Dabanga that militiamen prevented water tankers from reaching Sortony camp on Sunday.

He said that the militiamen demanded passage fees of SDG100 ($16) from each vehicle on the road between Sortony and the area of Kube, where the tankers get the water from.

25 Oct 2016 description
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Sunday, October 23, 2016

1,750 refugees residing in Sudan have been resettled to Canada with the support of IOM Sudan so far this year, reaching 50% of Canada’s Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship commitment to resettle of 3,500 refugees residing in Sudan in this fiscal year ending 31 March 2017.

25 Oct 2016 description
report Invisible Children


Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) forces abducted 94 civilians in 38 attacks in Quarter 3 2016 (Q3 2016), covering the months of July–September 2016. Q3 levels of abductions and attacks were significantly lower than those in Q1 and Q2. Within Q3, September was the most violent month of LRA activity, with nearly double the number of abductions (61) as July and August combined (33).

25 Oct 2016 description

Reforesting Africa's highest mountain could halt severe water shortages - UN Environment

  • Rivers begin to dry up as the loss of Mt Kilimanjaro's forests triggers water crisis
  • Climate change has destroyed 13,000 hectares of the mountain's forests since 1976 – equivalent to cutting off a year's supply of drinking water for 1 million people
  • East Africa's glaciers expected to disappear within a few decades

19 October 2016 – Reforesting Africa's highest mountain could help protect vital water supplies that …

24 Oct 2016 description