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29 Sep 2016 description


• An increase in the number of new South Sudanese refugees into White Nile State may be expected, according to UNHCR.

• Since 2011, about 100,000 Syrians have arrived in Sudan, mainly in the greater Khartoum area, according to Government estimates.

• An estimated 7,000 new IDPs arrived in Katur village from the Kosa area in Tawilla locality,
North Darfur State, according to the local authorities.

• About 4,000 new Jebel Marra IDPs arrived in Guldo town following hostilities between SAF and SLA-AW.

29 Sep 2016 description

Khartoum, Sudan | AFP | Thursday 9/29/2016 - 08:43 GMT |

Sudan's military on Thursday rejected accusations made by Amnesty International that government forces killed scores of civilians including many children in suspected chemical weapons attacks in war-torn Darfur.

Amnesty said government forces carried out more than 30 such attacks on several villages between January and September in Darfur's thickly forested and mountainous Jebel Marra region as part of a military campaign against a rebel group.

29 Sep 2016 description


From January to end August 2016, the Sudan Humanitarian Fund allocated a total of US$31 million through the first allocation and the Reserve for Emergencies.

The first allocation responded to the needs of new and protracted displacement cases in the Darfur states, South and West Kordofan states and Blue Nile, focused on the mainstreaming of protection in three localities in South Kordofan and supported vital nutrition work in El Nino-affected areas in eastern Sudan. The SHF also supported the ongoing response to refugees in White Nile state.

29 Sep 2016 description

By Huma Haider


Is there evidence that the degree of respect for international humanitarian law (IHL) during an armed conflict affects peace processes (improves the prospects for peace-making)?


29 Sep 2016 description
report PAX
Executive Summary

A large number of people in the Horn of Africa have grown up in the midst of armed conflict. They are never far from violence and danger. The abundance of weapons in the region and the constant influx of new arms play a large role in these conflicts. In the report 'Armed and insecure', PAX provides a unique overview of the manner in which armed conflict and the arms trade reinforce each other.

29 Sep 2016 description
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Sudan: Credible evidence of the use of chemical weapons to kill and maim hundreds of civilians including children in Darfur revealed

An Amnesty International investigation has gathered horrific evidence of the repeated use of what are believed to be chemical weapons against civilians, including very young children, by Sudanese government forces in one of the most remote regions of Darfur over the past eight months.

28 Sep 2016 description
report Insecurity Insight

Between January 2015 and June 2016, open sources reported 356 severe events in which 816 aid workers were reported killed (308), kidnapped (204) or assaulted or injured (304) in 35 countries. The highest number of severe events was reported from South Sudan (55), whilst the highest number of affected staff was reported from Afghanistan (196 individuals), followed by Syria (122 individuals). You can find the geographic distribution of aid worker casualties on our world maps.

28 Sep 2016 description


  • In August, WFP Chad welcomed its Regional Director, Mr. Abdou Dieng. His visit was an opportunity to highlight the challenging situation faced by long-term Sudanese refugees in Eastern Chad where levels of funding for humanitarian assistance and reliance are declining.

28 Sep 2016 description

In 2015 and until August 2016, an increasing number of people risked their lives to cross the Mediterranean Sea in search of safety. More than 1 million people arrived by boats in 2015 and more than 280,000 people between January and August 2016.
A 61 per cent come from the world’s top 10 refugee-producing countries.

Main trends:

28 Sep 2016 description

It is often people’s immediate community that provides the first, last and perhaps best tactical response for many people affected by or under threat of displacement. In the 23 feature theme articles in this issue of FMR, authors from around the world – including authors who are themselves displaced – explore the capacity of communities to organise themselves before, during and after displacement in ways that help protect the community.

FMR 53 also includes eight ‘general’ articles on other aspects of forced migration.

28 Sep 2016 description

Calais, France | AFP | Wednesday 9/28/2016 - 10:25 GMT |

by Zoé LEROY

For the cocktail of languages heard on the dirt streets of the Calais "Jungle" take a dollop of Dari, add a pinch of Amharic and Arabic, and sprinkle liberally with Punjabi, Pashto, Kurdish, Tigrinya and Farsi.

The one language rarely heard among the 7,000-10,000 migrants living in the sprawling camp outside the French Channel port is French, though many of the migrants, most of whom have their hearts set on reaching Britain, have a smattering of English.

28 Sep 2016 description
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Khartoum, 28 September 2016. The Government of the United Kingdom has contributed £3 million (US$3.9 million) to the Sudan Humanitarian Fund (SHF), a United Nations fund for humanitarian response. This is the UK’s second contribution for 2016, in addition to US$9 million allocated in April 2016.

28 Sep 2016 description

Key Figures
arrivals by sea in 2016*
dead/missing in 2016*

Trends of Sea Arrivals

27 Sep 2016 description
report SUDO (UK)

Human Rights Abuses in Sudan over the Month of August 2016


During the month of August 2016, SUDO (UK)’s network of human rights monitors submitted 72 reports concerning human rights abuses across Sudan in nine Sudanese states.

27 Sep 2016 description

Veteran Sudanese educator launches his own learning centre to give young refugees lessons in English – and peace – at Ethiopian camp.

By: Diana Diaz in Sherkole Camp, Ethiopia

Alnur Burtel may be an old man now, but he still remembers how his university teachers at home in Sudan inspired him to live a good life and study hard for a better future.

27 Sep 2016 description

A centre for young refugees in Saint-Omer offers shelter and protection, as well as the chance to enjoy being children again.

By: Céline Schmitt in Saint-Omer, France

On a cloudy day in the northern French town of Saint-Omer, Ibrahim, from Darfur in Sudan, is tending to a crop of vegetables with eight other young teenagers.

Ranging from 14 to 17 years in age, they are among the lucky few who have been given a place at Saint-Omer’s Maison du Jeune Réfugié (‘house for young refugees’), run by the NGO France Terre d’Asile.