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22 May 2015 description
report Radio Dabanga

The Sudan, Chad and the United Nations High Commissioners for Refugees held a joint meeting in Khartoum to discuss the return of Sudanese refugees residing in twelve camps in eastern Chad. Babiker Ahmad Digna, the State Minister of Interior, confirmed his government's commitment to achieve sustainable voluntary repatriation of Sudanese refugees in Chad. “It’s the best solution to their problems.”

22 May 2015 description


  • In a statement issued on 20 May 2015, the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon strongly condemned the escalation of hostilities in the past ten days between the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) and the SPLA in Opposition and their allied forces in Unity and Upper Nile States.

22 May 2015 description


  • Le CICR intensifie ses actions dans la région du lac Tchad (L’OBS, 21/05/15)

  • Alarming Rise of Malnutrition and Food Insecurity in Western Chad (UNICEF, 12/05/15)

  • L’OIM aide les migrants tchadiens bloqués au Cameroun à rentrer chez eux (OIM, 05/05/15)

  • Le Tchad vise un taux d’accès à l’eau de 95% pour les 15 prochaines années (Alwihda Info, 21/05/15)

  • In Chad, making quality education a reality for a million children (UNICEF, 18/05/15)

22 May 2015 description


  • On 21 May, an airstrike hit near IOM’s Migrant Response Center in Haradh (Northern Yemen), killing five Ethiopian migrants and wounding two others who were in the proximity.

  • Over 21,000 people have now fled Yemen to Djibouti and Somalia.

  • On 21 May, IOM launched its Regional Appeal for Yemen, requesting USD 84 million to cover its operations in Yemen and Horn of Africa from April to September 2015.

22 May 2015 description
report Sudan Consortium

As Sudanese in Khartoum and other parts of the country went to the polls on 13-16 April, civilians in Southern Kordofan were not only excluded from the vote, they faced continuing government attacks.
Over the three days of the elections, civilians faced 12 separate aerial bombardments and shelling attacks.

22 May 2015 description

21 May 2015 – In a speech at a side meeting "A tribute to health workers" at the World Health Assembly, Dr Ala Alwan, WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, called for the respect and safety of health care workers and facilities and paid tribute to the invaluable, and often dangerous work, health and aid workers undertake. He began by paying tribute to the hundreds of health care workers in West Africa, who on the frontline in the battle against Ebola, had contracted the disease. Many had died while helping to save the lives of others.

22 May 2015 description
Sudan and South Sudan - version 2
Technical Annex - version 2

The full implementation of this version of the HIP is subject to the adoption of the decision amending Decision C(2014)10012 final and the availability of the relevant appropriations.

AMOUNT: EUR 120 000 000


First modification as of 30/03/2015

South Sudan:

21 May 2015 description
report Radio Dabanga

A displaced man was shot near Tina, Tawila locality, on Wednesday, in an attack by militiamen, who wanted to enter their livestock on farmlands in the area.

Omda Mukhtar Bosh, coordinator of the Tawila camps for the displaced, told Radio Dabanga that “a joint force of government-backed militiamen, riding in vehicles and others on camels, attacked a group of displaced farmers in the area of Tina, 15 km west of Tawila town.

21 May 2015 description
report Radio Dabanga

Fayda Organisation, operating in Blue Nile state, and the Arab Coalition for Sudan have expressed their concern about the violence employed by government forces against villagers in Bau locality.

In a statement on Wednesday, the organisations reported that on Tuesday members of the armed forces, allied militias, and the security apparatus torched Medeim El Jebel village. Some 2,000 families, who had to flee their homes, are now living in the open in harsh conditions.

21 May 2015 description


• Humanitarian supplies and response teams are ready to move to Abu Karinka, East Darfur once government authorities grant access.

• CERF grants $1.9 million to measles response, as Phase 1 of the Government’s measles vaccination campaign concludes.

• Camps in White Nile State set to receive urgently needed water bladders and latrines.

• The Government of Germany contributes €1 million to World Vision’s project in South Darfur.


Displaced people in Sudan 3.1 million

20 May 2015 description

UNEP Annual Report 2014 Highlights Many Environmental Successes

Global Cooperation Reversed Ozone Depletion, Renewables Reached New Heights and First UNEA Advanced Environmental Agenda

Nairobi, 19 May 2015 - The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) today released its Annual Report 2014, showcasing global environmental successes such as the recovery of the ozone layer, significant advances in renewables investments and the first-ever United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA).

20 May 2015 description
report Radio Dabanga

The majority of the population in the areas of Tabit, Shangil Tobaya, and Tawila in East Jebel Marra have left their houses in fear of more attacks by Sudanese paramilitary forces.

Witnesses, who have fled themselves, confirmed the displacement to Radio Dabanga. They said that the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) carry out a ‘scorched land policy’ since they are stationed in East Jebel Marra in the beginning of May. They impoverish, and force displacement during their attacks, the witnesses said.

20 May 2015 description


La communauté humanitaire au Tchad recherche USD 540millions pour répondre aux besoins humanitaires de 2,5 millions de personnes en 2015. Ces fonds permettront de répondre à quatre défis humanitaires principaux liés à l’insécurité alimentaire et la malnutrition (44% du total demande), aux réfugiés et personnes déplacées (48% du total), aux urgences sanitaires (6% du total) et aux catastrophes naturelles (1% du total).

20 May 2015 description
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Khartoum, 20 May 2015. Ireland contributed US $1.6 million to the Sudan Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) 2015. Ireland has been a committed supporter of the CHF, contributing some $36.9 million since 2006. This contribution comes at a critical time, when funding for humanitarian action in Sudan is limited and humanitarian needs are growing.

20 May 2015 description

This brief summarizes FEWS NET’s most forward-looking analysis of projected emergency food assistance needs in FEWS NET coverage countries. The projected size of each country’s acutely food insecure population is compared to last year and the recent five-year average. Countries where external emergency food assistance needs are anticipated are identified. Projected lean season months highlighted in red indicate either an early start or an extension to the typical lean season.

20 May 2015 description


By Mark Lattimer and Derek Verbakel

The 2015 release of the Peoples under Threat index marks the 10th year that Peoples under Threat has sought to identify those communities around the world that are most at risk of genocide, mass political killing or systematic violent repression.

A number of the countries which rose most sharply in the index last year, including Syria,
Yemen and Ukraine, saw escalating violence over the course of 2014–15 and the killing, in total, of tens of thousands of civilians.