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27 Apr 2017 description
infographic Insecurity Insight

This document provides an overview of open-source-reported new laws or regulations affecting NGOs, and a summary of reported administrative decisions that affected their ability to operate. Links to the relevant Aid in Danger Monthly News Brief (in brackets in each sentence) provide further information.

27 Apr 2017 description


  • WFP together with UNDP organised a Partnerships Coordination Meeting to enhance synergies around humanitarian and development interventions of partners in Tavush Province. The event followed WFP’s initiative on a Framework of Cooperation in Tavush which mobilized USD 400,000 for school infrastructure development.

  • WFP launched CBT reaching 74 schools and 7500 primary school-age children in the Tavush Province

20 Apr 2017 description

In 2014, the ICRC started assisting refugees flowing out of the East of Ukraine into Russia due to the ongoing conflict. Many of those displaced had left behind their homes to start from scratch in new cities.

Some of these refugees settled down in the South of Russia. For the past three years, ICRC, together with local authorities and the local Russian Red Cross branches, offered assistance to those who were particularly vulnerable.


14 Apr 2017 description
report Government of Cuba

La nación europea refrendó este jueves dos documentos que permitirán continuar trabajando en la recuperación de la provincia, afectada tras el paso de Matthew.

Rusia siempre está dispuesta a ayudar a sus amigos, expresó el embajador de esa nación europea en Cuba, Mikhail L. Kamynin, tras la firma de dos documentos que facilitarán la entrega de recursos destinados a la recuperación de la provincia de Guantánamo, afectada por el huracán Matthew.

12 Apr 2017 description
infographic Insecurity Insight

Between January 2015 and December 2016, 183 aid workers were reportedly arrested, charged, detained, or imprisoned in 27 events, based on Insecurity Insight’s monitoring of open sources.

10 Apr 2017 description

The Commissioner-General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), Pierre Krähenbühl, concluded a two-day mission to Moscow on Friday. He met with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Mikhail L. Bogdanov, who is also the Special Presidential Representative for the Middle East and Africa. The visit follows an announcement by the Russian Federation of a multi-year funding agreement worth US$ 10 million for the 2017-2021 period, in recognition of the Agency’s essential role for Palestine refugees.

07 Apr 2017 description


21,000 people
Reached through Shelter/NFI assistance from UNHCR and partners in 2017

40 tonnes
of humanitarian assistance delivered in government-controlled areas in response to the Avdiivka situation

3,875 households
received coal briquettes or winter clothing through UNHCR’s 2016/2017 winterization programme


USD 37.7 million
requested for 2017
Gap 83%
Funded 17%

07 Apr 2017 description


  • Cereal production in 2017 is forecast slightly below last year’s record level

  • Cereal exports set to reach a record high in 2016/17 marketing year

  • Export prices for wheat increased over the last six months

Early indicators point to a small reduction in 2017 harvest from last year’s record level

31 Mar 2017 description
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Screenshot of the interactive content as of 31 Mar 2017.

One out of ten respondents in a global survey said they would welcome refugees in their homes, while 80% overall said they would want their country to provide shelter.Respondents in China, Germany and the UK emerged as overall the most welcoming countries in the world.

Refugees Welcome Survey 2016 - Views of Citizens Across 27 Countries

09 Mar 2017 description

BISHKEK – On International School Meals Day, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), the Kyrgyz Ministry of Education and Bishkek City Hall today launched a hot meals programme in city schools, thanks to valuable support from the Russian Federation and expertise from the Russian Social and Industrial Foodservice Institute (SIFI).

Thanks to the programme, more than 1,200 primary school students in Bishkek Gymnasium #64 will be enjoying freshly cooked hot meals every day. This school was chosen as the first city school to pilot the improved school meals model.

07 Mar 2017 description
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78 per cent
of people crossing the line of contact are concerned about long queues at checkpoints

47 per cent
of people crossing the line of contact are concerned about shelling

38 per cent
travel to visit relatives

26 per cent
are concerned about difficult conditions while queuing at checkpoints

8 per cent
of people travelling by car were unable to cross due to long queues

01 Mar 2017 description
report Human Rights Watch

Ensure Procedure Access; Halt Summary Returns

(Budapest, March 1, 2017) – Polish authorities routinely deny asylum seekers at the Belarus-Poland border the right to apply for asylum and instead summarily return them to Belarus, Human Rights Watch said today. Since 2016, large numbers of asylum seekers, mostly from the Russian Republic of Chechnya, but also from Tajikistan and Georgia, have tried to apply for asylum in Poland at the border with Belarus.

27 Feb 2017 description

An analysis based on actual persons registered in the UNHCR refugee database (proGres)

22 Feb 2017 description
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‘Politics of demonization’ breeding division and fear

21 Feb 2017 description

A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

Between 4-10 June 2016, heavy rains caused severe flooding in the Republic of Dagestan, the Republic of North Ossetia and the Chechen Republic of the Russian Federation in the Northern Caucasus. According to the data from the respective local governments, EMERCOM and the local branches of The Russian Red Cross Society (RRC), the following damages were observed.

Republic of Dagestan