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05 Sep 2014 description
report UN Children's Fund

De nouvelles données recueillies au niveau mondial mettent en évidence la prévalence de la violence envers les enfants, déclare l’UNICEF

NEW YORK, 4 septembre 2014 – La plus importante collecte de données jamais effectuée sur la violence envers les enfants révèle l’ampleur stupéfiante des sévices physiques, sexuels et psychologiques qu’ils subissent et met en évidence les attitudes qui perpétuent et justifient cette violence, véritablement « cachée sous nos yeux » dans chaque pays et communauté du monde.

15 Aug 2014 description
report ACT Alliance

Rapid Response Fund Payment for US$ 47,473. ACT member AIDRom is aiming at alleviating the suffering of the affected people and mitigating the effects of flooding on the small rural communities through distribution of food parcels, mineral water, personal hygiene and clothing parcels.

Emergency: Relief support to people affected by flooding in Southern and South Western Romania

Date of Emergency: 28 July – 02 August 2014

ACT Requesting Member: Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania - AIDRom

13 Aug 2014 description
report ACT Alliance

Geneva, 12 August 2014

1. Brief description of the emergency and impact

01 Aug 2014 description

Local communities in the Tisza River basin have recently been confronted with several serious toxic spills and ecological disasters along the river. Regional scientists, within a NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) project, have therefore started to develop a monitoring system to increase the chances of predicting environmental crises and improving disaster response.

From one disaster to another

30 Jul 2014 description

07/31/2014 15:04 GMT

BUCHAREST, July 31, 2014 (AFP) - Two men reported missing in southern Romania following floods in Eastern Europe were found dead Thursday, taking the regional toll to five, official sources said.

The two bodies were found miles downstream from the area where they were swept away by floodwaters as high as two metres (six and a half feet), in Valcea county, the emergency inspectorate told AFP.

A further two men are still missing in Romania, where a first death was reported Wednesday.

22 Jul 2014 description

Nine Balkan militaries agree to jointly assist the civilian population in times of disasters.

By Miki Trajkovski for Southeast European Times in Skopje -- 22/07/14

In the wake of damaging flooding in Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) this year, military leaders of nine countries in southeast Europe are promising to work together to co-ordinate emergency response to future natural disasters.

10 Jul 2014 description

HIGHLIGHTS - The number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) reached over 79,000 across Ukraine.

  • The Ukrainian authorities nominated Mr Volodymyr Groysman, Deputy Prime Minister as the coordinator on all IDP matters.

  • During the last coordination meeting on IDP matters, the authorities decided on the establishment of a registration system and on the drafting of new legislation on IDPs in line with international standards.

03 Jul 2014 description

Further degradation of law and order and localised military operations in the east of Ukraine,
Donbas region, since March has caused a deterioration in the situation. UNHCR is aware of more than 59,600* internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Crimea and Donbas, as of 1 July; with additional unconfirmed reports of several thousand IDPs still within the eastern region itself.

25 Jun 2014 description

Further degradation of law and order and localised military operations in the east of Ukraine, Donbas region, since March has caused a deterioration in the situation. UNHCR is aware of more than 46,100 * internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Crimea and Donbas, as of 23 June; with additional unconfirmed reports of several thousand IDPs still within the eastern region itself.

24 May 2014 description


1. Severity of crisis

Disaster regional overview:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia were the most affected, with several major cities completely flooded, and landslides in mountainous regions.

  • Eastern Croatia and southern Romania also experienced flooding, while Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Slovakia were affected by the storm.

15 million Number of people living in affected countries

3.1 million Number of affected people

05 May 2014 description

In this issue:
UN-SPIDER at a glance
- Call for Experts: UN-SPIDER Technical Advisory Mission to Mongolia
- UN-SPIDER and LAPAN successfully organise ASEAN workshop
- El Salvador: UN-SPIDER conducts Technical Advisory Mission
- Chile Earthquake: UN-SPIDER compiles data
- UN-SPIDER participates in ISDR Asia Platform
- UN-SPIDER participates in training for International Charter Space and Major Disasters
- UN-SPIDER to conduct Technical Advisory Mission to Bhutan

24 Apr 2014 description
  • SERBIA: As of 24 April, due to the recent floods, six municipalities in southern Serbia are most affected (see map). Currently the most vulnerable locations are the villages near Krusevac in the Rasina County. Forecast: According to national information, water levels are decreasing within the Velica Morava River near Ćuprije and Bagrdan below the first alarm level (out of three alarm levels). A new rise of water level is expected in the South Morava (Juzua Morava) River and its tributaries, the upper course of the Western Morava (Zapadna Morava), Ibar,

23 Apr 2014 description


SERBIA: Floods caused by heavy rainfall affected seven municipalities in six districts in southern Serbia (see map), blocking roads and damaging water supply networks, residences and local industries. As of 23 April the situation was most critical near the city of Krusevac. Since 18 April a total of 508 people have been evacuated from the affected areas. Water levels of most rivers were stagnating or decreasing on 23 April (National Authorities)

22 Apr 2014 description

Romania - Floods - UPDATE (International Media, Government)

The severe flood situation by heavy rainfall and swollen rivers continues in southern Romania; on 21 April international media reported three people killed by the floods and another two missing. As of the same day emergency services had carried out around 550 rescue operations.

According to the Hydrological Bulletin of 21 April, flow rates were increasing in major southern rivers (Buzau, Prut) and their tributaries.

17 Feb 2014 description

Summary: Due to heavy rainfalls in Romania that started on 12 September 2013 and lasted for more than 48 hours, many villages in several municipalities from the counties of Galati, Tulcea and Vaslui were flooded.

30 Jan 2014 description


In the last few days severe weather conditions (heavy snowfalls, low temperatures, rainfall) have hit parts of central and eastern Europe, in particular Romania and Bulgaria, causing power outages and transportation problems.