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OPT: Hundreds of Palestinians cross Egypt's reopened border

Al-Arish, Egypt_(dpa) _ After Egypt opened its border with the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, hundreds of stranded Palestinians started their crossings both ways.

Egypt opened the Rafah crossing with Gaza for two days after a truce agreement Cairo brokered between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

Among those, who crossed the border, were a group of Palestinian students and others with Egyptian residence permits, who have been trapped on the border.

Hundreds of Palestinian students enrolled in Egyptian universities have been waiting for the reopening of the border

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OPT: B'Tselem warns of grave water shortage in the West Bank

Average water consumption in Israel is 3.5 times that in West Bank

B'Tselem today (Tuesday, 1 July) warned of a grave water shortage this summer in large areas of the West Bank. The shortage will have serious repercussions on the economy and the health of tens of thousands of Palestinians. The chronic water shortage results in large part from Israel's discriminatory policy in distributing the joint water resources in the West Bank, and the limits it places on the Palestinian Authority's ability to drill new wells. The shortage will

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OPT: Special Committee on Israeli Practices concludes visit to Amman

Amman: Committee Members express serious concern about the continuing deterioration of the human rights and humanitarian situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), in particular the grave situation in the Gaza strip, the strangulation of the economy in the OPT, the impact of the separation wall on all aspects of human rights of Palestinian people, expanding settlements, and the condition of the Palestinians detained in Israeli prisons and detention centres.

The three-member Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian

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Israel closes crossings for goods to Gaza

JERUSALEM, July 1, 2008 (AFP) - Israel kept closed Tuesday three Gaza border crossings for commercial goods in retaliation for a rocket fired from the Palestinian territory in violation of a truce, a military spokesman said.

"The Sufa, Karni and Nahal Oz crossing points will remain closed Tuesday until a further order in reaction to a rocket fired on Monday evening," said Israeli military spokesman Peter Lerner.

"We'll review the situation at the end of the day and then take a decision," he added.

A rocket fired from the Hamas-controlled

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Russian aid plane for Palestinians lands at Amman

AMMAN, Jul 01, 2008 (Xinhua via COMTEX News Network) -- A Russian cargo plane, laden with 80 tons of food and medicine for the Palestinians, arrived at Amman Civil Airport on Tuesday.

The aid is the third batch of humanitarian assistance Russian government sent to the Palestinians in a week, according to Mohammed Majed Al Eitan, Secretary General of the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization.

It comes to alleviate the Palestinian people's suffering from the lack of food and medicine due to the Israeli siege imposed against them, Eitan added.

He also praised the Russian role in the

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Akron dinner raises fund for buying food for the needy in Palestine

LIFE hosted a fundraising in Akron, OH to benefit poverty-stricken families in the Gaza Palestinian orphans in refugee camps in Jordan.

LIFE for Relief and Development hosted a fundraising dinner on June 29, 20008 in Akron, Ohio to benefit poverty-stricken Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip as well as Palestinian orphans living in refugee camps in Jordan.

The dinner's keynote address was delivered by the new head of the Palestinian embassy in Washington, DC, Ambassador Nabil Abuznaid.

Fund was raised during the event as LIFE

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OPT: Protection of civilians weekly report 25 Jun - 01 Jul 2008

Of note this week

Gaza Strip:

- The IDF injured two Palestinians (unarmed civilians) near the border in Khan Younis governorate.

- On 1 July, approximately 25 patients and 130 other Palestinians on a list approved by the Egyptian government crossed from Gaza to Egypt via Rafah crossing. According to police officers at Rafah crossing, approximately 5,000 Gazans applied for permits to leave Gaza for medical treatment, schooling, trading and other reasons.

- On one occasion, IDF patrol boats opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats at sea. No injuries or damage were reported

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Israel did not increase fuel supplies to Gaza: Palestinian official

GAZA, Jun 30, 2008 (Xinhua via COMTEX News Network) -- Israel did not increase fuel shipments it allows into the Gaza Strip as an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire enters its 10th day, a Palestinian official said on Monday.

Mahmoud al-Khozendar, deputy director of the petrol stations owners union in Gaza, said the fuel shipments sent to Gaza Monday were even less than that before the ceasefire took hold.

On Monday, the Palestinian side received 200,000 liters of vehicle diesel, 250,000 liters of industrial diesel for power stations and 100 tons of cooking gas, al-Khozendar said, adding that

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OPT: Additional financing to World Bank water projects

World Bank
Ramallah, June 30, 2008 - The Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, Dr. Salam Fayyad, and the World Bank signed today additional financing of US$18.7million to Water and Wastewater projects.

Since the beginning of its operations in West and Gaza, the World Bank has committed significant part of its development portfolio to develop Palestinian water and wastewater services and worked with the Palestinian counterparts in improving the provision of these services in terms of quality, quantity and management. The World

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Israel + 1 other
OPT: Rocket lands in Israel, straining Gaza truce

JERUSALEM, June 30 (Reuters) - A rocket fired from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip landed in southern Israel on Monday, putting further strain on a ceasefire brokered by Egypt.

An Israeli police spokesman said the makeshift rocket had landed near a kibbutz bordering the coastal enclave, causing no damage or injuries.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for what was the fourth such attack since the truce went into effect on June 19.

A Palestinian official who coordinates with Israeli authorities the passage of goods into the Gaza Strip said

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Iraq + 2 others
Seaside break in Syria proves too much for young Palestinians

AL TANF, Syria, June 30 (UNHCR) - It seemed like a good idea. Take a group of Palestinian children to the seaside to help them escape the monotony and hardship of their lives in limbo on the arid Iraq-Syria border.

But it all proved a bit too much for most of the children taken to the Syrian city of Tartus on the Mediterranean Sea earlier this month from the Al Tanf camp, where they and their families have lived for months after fleeing their homes in the violence-plagued Iraqi capital of Baghdad.

The sudden freedom of movement, the cool

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OPT: New Swedish strategy for development assistance to the West Bank and Gaza

"Through the new strategy, Sweden is showing its support to Palestinian state-building and the ongoing peace process," says Minister for International Development Cooperation Gunilla Carlsson.

The Government has adopted a new strategy for development assistance to the West Bank and Gaza. According to the strategy, Palestinian priorities and the Palestinian Reform and Development Plan will serve as guidelines for Swedish development assistance.

The strategy has been adopted at a time when it is especially important that the rest of the world gives its full

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OPT: Humanitarian assistance to Gaza since Feb 27 escalation in terror - 30 Jun 2008

Ministry of Defense
Unit of Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT)

Total (June 16, 2007 - June 27, 2008): 25,402 trucks; 609,516 tons

The Unit for Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories reports daily on the general humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. The data for the supplies transferred via the Karni and Sufa crossings are based on the reports of Palestinian merchants.

Two-way traffic at the Erez Crossing of international organizations' staff, Gaza residents seeking medical treatment

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OCHA-oPt protection of civilians: Summary data tables - Reports to the end of Jun 2008

1. Overview

The Protection of Civilians database contains information collated from the published OCHA Protection of Civilians - Weekly Briefing Notes. OCHA-oPt has compiled and published these weekly reports since May 2003. The reporting format underwent several revisions since this time and the current content and structure was introduced in March 2005. From this time there has been comprehensive and detailed reporting of individual incidents, particularly those concerning physical protection. Quantifiable data from the Weekly Briefing Notes from 1st January 2005

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OPT: Gaza emergency water project - additional financing

World Bank
June 2008 - Since beginning operations in the West Bank & Gaza in 1994, the World Bank has committed a significant part of its development portfolio to develop Palestinian water and wastewater services. In 1996, the World Bank financed the first Gaza Water and Sanitation Services Improvement Project (GWSSIP) which was completed in 2001. The main objectives of this project were to improve the provision of water and sanitation services in terms of quality, quantity, and management and to explore appropriate institutional setups for the water service provision.
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OPT: Gaza Strip inter-agency humanitarian fact sheet, Jun 2008


The ceasefire that took effect on June created a sense of optimism that after more than a year of heavy restrictions on movement and economic activity, goods and fuel might be able to enter Gaza more freely. By the end of June, there was a small but irregular change in access restrictions.

Many farmers have returned to their fields close to the border fence. At least two were shot but many others were able to harvest crops. Other dangers included landmines and unexploded ordinance which put children at particular risk. The police unit responsible

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The Humanitarian Monitor Occupied Palestinian Territory No. 26, Jun 2008

Overview - Key Issues

Update on Gaza

The Ceasefire

On 19 June, a six-month ceasefire agreement took effect between Hamas in the Gaza Strip and the Government of Israel. The terms were not officially published, however, it was reported that the ceasefire would entail a suspension of hostilities from both sides and an Israeli commitment to gradually relax access restrictions on goods and people.

Reduction in casualties

The total number of Palestinians killed by the IDF in the Gaza Strip (26) declined in June compared to May (41).

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Iraq + 1 other
Iraq: The newsletter - 2nd Quarter 2008


Women's Income Generation Project in Baghdad and Faluja

The Italian Consortium of Solidarity (ICS), one of the IDP Programme implementing partners, partnered with a local Iraqi women's NGO for an income-generation project for women in Baghdad and Anbar. 36 women have started their own businesses in sewing, livestock, baking, internet services and photocopy services among other small projects.

More than 2,000 individuals benefit from PHSS Support

PHSS staff members are working alongside Ministry of Labour and Social A fairs (MoLSA) staff to better help individuals

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oPt: Extra-judicial executions as Israeli government policy


Israel's policy of extra-judicially executing Palestinians allegedly involved in armed resistance against the Israeli occupation of Palestine has been meticulously documented by the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR). The continuing silence of the international community, including High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention, has actively encouraged Israel to act as though it is above the law and to continue committing gross human rights violations against the Palestinian people, including hundreds of extra-judicial executions. IOF have carried

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Blood on their hands - Child killings by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) in the Gaza strip Jun 2007 - Jun 2008

Executive Summary

From the beginning of the Second Intifada, in September 2000, until 30 June 2008, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) killed almost five thousand Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian territory (OPT)1. The majority of victims were civilians, and 859 of them were children.2 In addition, hundreds of thousands of other Palestinian men, women and children have been injured during IOF military operations in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, some of them for life.

During international armed conflicts,