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Israel to build new homes in occupied West Bank

JERUSALEM, June 1 (Reuters) - Israel announced plans on Sunday to build hundreds of new homes in an area of the occupied West Bank the Israeli government considers part of Jerusalem, despite U.S. and Palestinian calls to halt settlement expansion.

There was no immediate Palestinian comment on the announcement, issued two days before Olmert embarks on a three-day visit to Washington.

The 2003 peace "road map", reaffirmed by Israeli and Palestinian leaders at a conference hosted by U.S. President George W. Bush in November, requires a halt to all settlement

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EU supports Palestinian private sector through PEGASE PA arrears repayment scheme

European Union
The European Union has provided €3.7 million (just over NIS 20 million) to settle unpaid bills of small and medium sized companies that provide services to the Palestinian Authority. The scheme helps to improve the fiscal position of the government and helps the private sector to operate.

This is the third transfer of its kind under the new European mechanism for assistance to the Palestinians, PEGASE, bringing the total amount to over €15 million this year. 94 companies will benefit from the payment, mostly small and medium sized enterprises, both in the West Bank and in Gaza.

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Israel/OPT: Committee seeks to help Palestinian students

JERUSALEM/GAZA, 1 June 2008 (IRIN) - Hundreds of students in the Gaza Strip are unable to leave and travel to universities outside the enclave due to the tight restrictions on entry and exit, the Israeli rights group Gisha said.

The matter was brought before the Israeli Knesset's (parliament) Education Committee on 28 May, which convened and heard student testimonies.

"Preventing students in Gaza from studying is reminiscent of a painful point in Jewish history," said Rabbi Michael Malchior, the committee chairman.

"Trapping hundreds of students in


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WFP's operational requirements, shortfalls and priorities for 2008

Part I: Operational Requirements and Shortfalls

Overview of the 2008 Programme of Work

As the second semester of 2008 begins, the World Food Programme continues to focus its attention on the more than 81 million beneficiaries requiring food assistance. The total cost of 2008 activities is just over US$4.78 billion. Considering carry-over stocks and resources mobilized so far in 2008, and considering US$1 billion for prepositioning of food stocks for 2009, the total shortfall at this time of the year is US$2.71 billion.

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The Humanitarian Monitor Occupied Palestinian Territory No. 25, May 2008

Overview- Key Issues

Update on Gaza


Forty Palestinians were killed during May in the Gaza Strip in direct conflict related incidents, compared with 70 in April. The total includes six child fatalities compared to 21 in April. At least one-third of those killed (14) were unarmed civili+ans. An additional 107 Palestinians were injured in May, among whom 11 were children. Most casualties occurred as a result of Israeli Air Force (IAF) attacks.

Two Israeli civilians were killed and 20 injured, including 16 civilians and four IDF soldiers, by rockets and

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UNHCR Sudan Operations: Sudan situation update 86, May 2008


The surprise assault on the capital by the rebel Justice and Equality Movement in early May had affected on UNHCR operations in Khartoum and Darfur due to the consequent closure of the airports for several days as well as restrictions on staff movement. In Khartoum, a curfew was imposed temporarily and staff movement restricted by UNDSS, with the effect of hindering-for UNHCR along with other UN agencies and NGOs-steady presence in the field for some weeks.

UNHCR-together with other UN agencies- supported a process of observation led by UNMIS Human Rights-to assess

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OPT: Qatar Charity collects Q.R.711.000 for specialized pediatric hospital in Gaza

Qatar Charity
Revenues of the humanitarian Campaign launched by the Charity and its branches inside the State of Qatar for the "Specialized Pediatric Hospital" in Gaza amounted to Q.R.711.000. It targeted to completely furnish the sections of kidneys and speculums, neurology and cardiology.

On his part, Mr. 'Abdullah Husain al-Ni'mah, the Charity's General Manager, thanked benefactors for their generous support to Gaza Appeal. He also urged the benefactors to continue their support of good work.

It is expected that this program may

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IHL Primer #3 - "Targeted killings"

Since its declaration of a "War on Terror," the United States has launched a number of strikes within the territory of another state, specifically targeting an individual or group within that state. Often referred to as "targeted killings," these strikes pose numerous challenges to both international humanitarian law and international law more generally, touching on such issues as the sanctity of state sovereignty, the role of non-state actors in international law and the application of the Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols to contemporary conflict.
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OPT: CAFOD helps IR support Gaza's traumatised children

Islamic Relief
CAFOD staff paid a trip to Islamic Relief (IR) Palestine this month, visiting a new project which will provide psychological support to Gaza's traumatised children.

CAFOD's Head of International Programmes, Pauline McKeown, and Middle East Programme Officer, Charlotte Ashley, visited IR's Gaza office on May 12 2008 and the pair were optimistic regarding the project, which is being funded by CAFOD and implemented by IR and four other local NGOs.

'The first preparations by Islamic Relief for the project seem very good,' said Ashley.

McKeown said that CAFOD had worked with

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OPT: Israel seeks international peace talks amid political uncertainty

by P. Parameswaran

WASHINGTON, May 30, 2008 (AFP) - Amid political uncertainty in Israel and the United States, the Jewish state's deputy prime minister Haim Ramon called Friday for an international conference to forge an interim Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.

Ramon, a close associate of embattled Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, said he was confident the two sides could reach a 'parameters' agreement on such key issues as refugees, Jerusalem, borders and security.

The international conference could be a sequel to peace talks formally relaunched in November at a US-hosted

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Cisjordanie : Les effets du mur de séparation

Le 28 septembre 2000 débute la seconde Intifada, aussi appelée Al-Aksa, dans les territoires Palestiniens. Simultanément, en réaction, Israël entreprend la construction d'un mur de séparation destiné à protéger sa population des attaques et des attentats suicides perpétrés par les Palestiniens. Cette barrière, qui annexe de larges pans du territoire Cisjordanien, provoque des conséquences désastreuses pour les populations qu'elle enclave.

Des villages entiers n'ont plus accès ni à l'éducation, ni à la santé, ni au travail et dépendent en grande partie

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OCHA-oPt protection of civilians: Summary data tables - Reports to the end of May 2008

1. Overview

The Protection of Civilians database contains information collated from the published OCHA Protection of Civilians - Weekly Briefing Notes. OCHA-oPt has compiled and published these weekly reports since May 2003. The reporting format underwent several revisions since this time and the current content and structure was introduced in March 2005. From this time there has been comprehensive and detailed reporting of individual incidents, particularly those concerning physical protection. Quantifiable data from the Weekly Briefing Notes from 1st January 2005

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

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Strengthening of the coordination of emergency humanitarian assistance of the United Nations - Report of the Secretary-General (A/63/81-E/2008/71)

General Assembly
Sixty-third session
Item 68 (a) of the preliminary list*
Strengthening of the coordination of
humanitarian and disaster relief assistance
of the United Nations, including special
economic assistance: strengthening of the
coordination of emergency humanitarian
assistance of the United Nations

Economic and Social Council
Substantive session of 2008
New York, 30 June-25 July 2008
Item 5 of the provisional agenda**
Special economic, humanitarian and disaster
relief assistance


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Japan gives 5.7 million US dollars for food aid to Palestine refugees

Amman, 29 May 2008 - Japan today announced that it will contribute 5.7 million US dollars (Yen 600 million) to UNRWA's regular food programme for 2008 to 2009. The programme caters to the needs of the most vulnerable Palestine refugees in the five fields of UNRWA operations (the Gaza Strip, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and the West Bank).

"With this contribution, Japan and its people are once again demonstrating their strong commitment to the well-being of Palestine refugees", said UNRWA Commissioner-General, Karen AbuZayd. "The food that these funds purchase will cater to the

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OPT: Archbishop Tutu: "Gaza siege must end"

Gaza - Ma'an - Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, speaking in Gaza on Wednesday, said that what he has seen in the Gaza Strip is beyond human comprehension, and that "the siege on the Gaza Strip is illegal and must end immediately."

Tutu is heading a high-level UN Fact-Finding Mission to investigate a massacre committed by the Israeli military in November 2006 in the town of Beit Hanoun, in which 19 Palestinian civilians were killed.

As a part of his investigation, Tutu held a meeting with the mayor of Beit Hanoun, Muhammad Kafarna.

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OPT: Bishop Tutu shocked at living conditions in Gaza

UN Radio
Listen to the News

Nobel Peace laureate Desmond Tutu says he's shocked at the living conditions in Gaza.

The South African Archbishop in Gaza as head of a team of UN human rights observers tells UN Radio the Israeli blockade of Gaza is illegal and must end.

"The blockade by Israel is an abominable act; it is totally unacceptable, it is a crude violation of human rights and we need to call to the international community to stop its complicity and speak out on behalf of the people who are suffering so much."

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Iraq: NCCI's Weekly Highlight - 29 May 2008

Fearing for the Future of the Humanitarian Enterprise

The Humanitarian Agenda 2015: Principles, Power and Perceptions research project of the Feinstein International Center recently issued its final report. Since early 2006, a multi-disciplinary team from the Center canvassed perceptions of the work of humanitarian agencies from the bottom up - focusing on the perceptions of communities and individuals who benefit from or observe the functioning of, the humanitarian enterprise.

The State of the Humanitarian Enterprise,

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OPT: Al Mezan meets with UN fact finding mission concerning November 2006 massacre in Beit Hanoun

Reference: 27/2008

On 28 May 2008, a delegation from Al Mezan Center for Human Rights met with a UN High Level Fact-Finding Mission led by the Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Professor Christine Chinkin in Gaza City. The Mission arrived in Gaza nearly a year and a half late because of Israeli restrictions. They entered the Strip via Rafah Crossing on Tuesday, 27 May 2008. Al Mezan's delegation included the Center's Director, Mr. Issam Younis, Field Work Unit Coordinator, Mr. Samir Zaqout, and Communications Coordinator, Mr. Mahmoud Abu Rahma. The Human Rights Council adopted a

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OPT: Justice Ministry skews facts in response to World Bank report

On 30 March 2008, the Justice Ministry published a response to a World Bank report on the effects on the Palestinian economy of Israel's restrictions on movement in the West Bank. In an attempt to counter the report's findings, the Ministry distorted a considerable amount of data and even falsified certain details.

Forbidden roads

A marked example of such falsification is the Justice Ministry's claim that 'on occasion, access to certain roads is restricted in the face of a real security threat. However, as soon as such a threat no longer exists, such restrictions are lifted.'

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UN SC express deepest concern at continued civilian suffering during conflict, condemns all violations of humanitarian law threatening non-combatants


Security Council
5898th Meeting (AM & PM)

Presidential Statement on Civilian Protection Follows Day-Long Debate; Emergency Relief Coordinator Supports Creation of Informal Expert Group on Issue

Expressing its deepest concern that civilians continued to suffer the brunt of the violence during armed conflicts, the Security Council this afternoon condemned all violations of international law that threatened non-combatants and reaffirmed the responsibility of States and other parties of conflicts to protect them.

In a statement read by Council President