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25 Feb 2002 description

Map data: MOPIC, June 2002.
Roadblock data: UNRWA/OCHA
October 2002.
Cartography: Humanitarian Information
Center, 25 November 2002.
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22 Feb 2002 description

U.S., Israeli and Palestinian officials met on February 21 to discuss security issues, State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said at the regular State Department noon briefing February 22.

"It's extremely important and significant, we think, that the parties have committed to that kind of cooperation in the days ahead.

21 Feb 2002 description
report UN Security Council

General Assembly
Tenth emergency special session
Agenda item 5
Illegal Israeli actions in Occupied East Jerusalem and the rest of the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Security Council

21 Feb 2002 description

In its meeting today, February 20, the German cabinet discussed the situation in the Middle East and expressed its concern at the events taking place there. Government spokesman Uwe-Karsten Heye reported that Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer expressed grave concern over the escalation of the conflict, noting that in the end no one will emerge victorious from this cycle of violence. As such, Fischer appealed to the parties involved - the Palestinians and the Israelis - to engage in serious negotiations on a ceasefire.

21 Feb 2002 description

In an unprecedented upsurge of violence, 30 Palestinians and 12 Israelis have been killed throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip during these past three days. This most recent escalation follows an already significant increase in fatalities in the first part of February, in which approximately 30 Palestinians and 14 Israelis died in Intifada-related incidents.

21 Feb 2002 description

With more than 60 killings this week, strategic questions arise.

By Cameron W. Barr | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

JERUSALEM - Even by the grim, repetitive standards of this intractable dispute, the events of the past few days constitute a precipitous shift toward a deeper, bloodier level of violence between Israelis and Palestinians.

21 Feb 2002 description

By Evelyn Leopold

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Responding to a Palestinian request, the U.N Security Council scheduled rare consultations on the Middle East Thursday, with Arab nations demanding Israel be condemned for escalating attacks against civilians and the Palestinian Authority.

20 Feb 2002 description

PARIS, Feb 20 (Reuters) - France called on Wednesday for the U.N.

20 Feb 2002 description


State Department spokesman Richard Boucher told journalists at the State Department briefing on February 20 that the U.S.

20 Feb 2002 description
report UN News Service

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan and the head of the UN agency assisting Palestinian refugees voiced their grave concern today at the ongoing violence in the Middle East after last night's Israeli bombardment of Gaza City resulted in damage to a UN-run school.

20 Feb 2002 description

By Wafa Amr

RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) - Israel launched fierce reprisal attacks by air and sea Wednesday, killing 15 Palestinians and firing a missile near Yasser Arafat's office in one of the bloodiest phases in 17 months of conflict.

A Palestinian raid which killed six Israeli soldiers the night before drew the pre-dawn retaliation by Israeli warplanes, warships and helicopter gunships on Palestinian security installations across the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

19 Feb 2002 description

Gaza (dpa) - Israeli combst helicopters and fighter planes blasted the offices of the militant Hamas Islamic movement in the Jebaliya refugee camp in the Gaza Strip early Tuesday afternoon, killing two people and wounding several others, Palestinians said.

The deaths bring to eight the number of Palestinians killed in Israeli retaliations for two suicide attacks Monday night, which killed an Israeli policeman, two soldiers and a woman settler. Two Palestinians were also killed in these attacks.

19 Feb 2002 description

By Nidal al-Mughrabi

GAZA, Feb 19 (Reuters) - An Israeli air strike killed two Palestinian militants and wounded several school children on Tuesday, raising the death toll to 15 in one of the worst outbreaks of violence in nearly 17 months of conflict.

The missile attack on an office of the Islamic Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip followed air strikes in Gaza and the West Bank overnight and took to 11 the number of Palestinians killed in 24 hours, drawing vows of revenge from the group.

"The answer for the killing of children and civilians can never be …

19 Feb 2002 description

GAZA, Feb 19 (Reuters) - Israel's High Court issued a temporary order on Tuesday halting in mid-demolition the army's planned destruction of 18 Palestinian homes near the scene of a gun attack that killed three Israelis in the Gaza Strip.

Witnesses said bulldozers knocked down four of the homes near the Kissufim Junction before the injunction was issued at the request of 15 Palestinian families, pending a hearing later in the week.

The army said the demolitions were necessary for security reasons after a Palestinian militant killed a Jewish settler and two other …

19 Feb 2002 description

Cairo (dpa) - Arab League Secretary General Amr Mussa on Tuesday declared the Middle East peace process over, saying that judging from the situation on the ground, there was no peace process in progress.

"We have stopped using the term peace process and gone back to the term Arab-Israeli conflict", said Mussa, addressing the closing session of a two-day conference at the Arab League on German-Arab dialogue.

19 Feb 2002 description


State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said the U.S.

18 Feb 2002 description


February 18, 2002 - Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz gave an interview in Riyadh to American columnist Thomas Friedman, published in an article in yesterday's New York Times, in which he spoke of plans he had had to deliver a speech at the upcoming Arab Summit focusing on the idea of full Israeli withdrawal from all occupied territories in accordance with the relevant UN resolutions, including Al-Quds, in exchange for complete normalization of relations with …