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29 Jul 2016 description

From January to June 2016, Israeli authorities demolished 168 dwellings in Palestinian communities in the West Bank. As a result, 740 people – including 384 minors – were made homeless. According to B’Tselem’s figures, this six-month period alone saw more demolitions than any individual year over the past decade (with the exception of 2013, when authorities demolished 175 homes).

28 Jul 2016 description

July 28, 2016 Washington, DC

With a million Palestine refugees in the Gaza Strip facing food insecurity this year, Americans from all backgrounds and walks of life came together during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan to raise over half a million dollars to provide food assistance for 4,462 Palestine refugee families through the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

28 Jul 2016 description

The monthly dashboard summarizes the progress made by partners involved in the Lebanon Crisis Response and highlights trends aecting people in need. Partners in Lebanon are working to: 1) ensure humanitarian assistance and protection for the most vulnerable among the displaced from Syria and poorest Lebanese; 2) strengthen the capacity of national and local delivery systems to expand access to and quality of basic services; and 3) reinforce Lebanon’s economic, social, institutional and environmental stability.

28 Jul 2016 description

Latest developments

On 27 July, during a search and arrest operation in Surif village (Hebron), reportedly following fire exchange, Israeli forces killed a Palestinian man suspected of carrying out a shooting attack on 1 July, which killed an Israeli settler. During the operation, the forces shelled the three-story building where the suspect was hiding, destroying it entirely and displacing three families.

28 Jul 2016 description

Gaza, 28 July 2016 – The Ministry of Labour, represented by H.E. Mamoun Abu Shahla, and UNDP Special Representative of the Administrator, Roberto Valent, signed a USD 5 million Memorandum of Understanding to implement the Rapid Employment Generation project in the Gaza Strip, targeting recent graduates and unemployed youth.

28 Jul 2016 description

Israeli forces continue systematic crimes in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt)

· Israeli forces continued to use excessive force in the oPt - A Palestinian civilian was killed in Hebron and the house where he was holed up.

  • 10 Palestinian civilians were wounded, including a child and a young woman, in the West Bank.

· Israeli forces conducted 64 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and 6 limited ones in the southern Gaza Strip.

  • 94 civilians were arrested, including 22 children and 4 women.

28 Jul 2016 description

The Government of Austria has contributed EUR 1 million (US$ 1,109,878) to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) in support of the Agency’s health programme in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).

28 Jul 2016 description

Jerusalem, Undefined | AFP | Thursday 7/28/2016 - 04:18 GMT | 848 words

by Mike Smith

Israeli authorities who have faced a wave of lone-wolf attacks by Palestinians say they have made progress in identifying potential assailants in advance, a challenge now also confronting Western nations.

Recent attacks in Europe and the United States have brought renewed attention to lone assailants and what can be done to stop them or reduce their impact.

28 Jul 2016 description
report Human Rights Watch

Children Detained in War Zones

Thousands Held Without Charge, Tortured

(New York, July 28, 2016) – Thousands of children in conflict-affected countries have been detained without charge for months or even years as national security threats, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Untold numbers have been tortured or have died in custody. Governments should immediately stop detaining children without charge and appropriately punish those who mistreat them.

27 Jul 2016 description
report European Union

Israel's recent decision to advance plans for some 770 housing units in the settlement of Gilo, built on occupied Palestinian land in East Jerusalem, undermines the viability of a two-state solution. It contributes to the establishment of a ring of Israeli settlements around the city, thus further cutting East Jerusalem off from the southern West Bank.

27 Jul 2016 description

Jerusalem, Undefined | AFP | Wednesday 7/27/2016 - 05:51 GMT

A Palestinian man accused of killing an Israeli rabbi died on Tuesday in an exchange of fire with Israeli soldiers in the West Bank, the military said.

"A terrorist behind the attack in which Rabbi Michael Mark was assassinated on July 1 was killed on Tuesday night during exchanges of fire with soldiers," an army statement said.

"During the operation to stop Mohamed Fakih, who carried out the attack, he was killed in an exchange of fire with soldiers."

27 Jul 2016 description

Dahriya, Palestinian Territories | AFP | Wednesday 7/27/2016 - 03:10 GMT |

by Joe Dyke

When a Palestinian doctor stopped to help a family of Israelis targeted in a West Bank shooting, it was hailed as a rare moment of compassion in a bitter conflict.

Ten months of violence between Israelis and Palestinians have deepened suspicions between the two sides, with doctors and medics saying they come under greater scrutiny at times of increased tensions.

26 Jul 2016 description

Qalandiya, Palestinian Territories | AFP | Tuesday 7/26/2016 - 13:17 GMT

Israeli authorities early Tuesday destroyed 11 Palestinian homes in an area on the outskirts of Jerusalem divided from the city by Israel's separation wall, residents and an NGO said.

A convoy of Israeli security vehicles and bulldozers carried out the overnight demolitions in Qalandiya,presumably because authorities allege the owners did not have building permits.

Israeli authorities did not respond to requests for information on the demolitions.

26 Jul 2016 description
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Message from the Director

26 Jul 2016 description

Statement to the Third Preparatory Committee of Habitat 3, given by Hugo Slim, Head of Policy at the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

In an urbanizing world, armed conflict and violence are urbanizing too.

Cities like Aleppo and Fallujah are being destroyed. Their civilian populations are facing displacement, siege and impoverishment. In South Sudan, people in Juba, Wau, Bentiu and Leer are living in similarly desperate conditions.

26 Jul 2016 description


  • Lack of funding will force WFP to significantly reduce food assistance by 50-70 percent, affecting 89,000 people, three-quarters of whom are women and children.

  • In June, WFP assisted more than 481,500 food insecure non-refugees in Gaza and the West Bank through cash-based transfers and direct food assistance. Women and children accounted for 70 percent of those reached.

  • WFP continues upgrading its emergency preparedness response in coordination with other UN partners.

26 Jul 2016 description

The United States is contributing US$ 25 million to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) in response to the Agency’s 2016 Syria Regional Crisis Emergency Appeal. These funds will support UNRWA’s emergency operations in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. The announcement was made by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry during a ceremony in Washington D.C., on 12 July, as part of the country’s humanitarian response to the Syria crisis.

25 Jul 2016 description

Jerusalem, 25 July 2016

I strongly condemn the recent decision by Israeli authorities to advance plans to build some 770 housing units in the settlement of Gilo, built on the lands of occupied Palestinian towns and villages between Bethlehem and East Jerusalem.

I am also concerned about repeated efforts by a number of families to rebuild the Israeli outpost of Mitzpeh Avichai near Hebron in the occupied West Bank.