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19 Dec 2014 description
report UN News Service

18 December 2014 – Condemning “ongoing systematic, widespread and gross violations of human rights” in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution today by which it would transmit a UN-backed report probing such violations to the Security Council.

17 Dec 2014 description
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The ‘MSF in North Korea 1995-1998’ case study is describing the constraints and dilemmas that lead MSF to speak out publicly while its teams were trying to bring assistance to the North Korean population on its territory between 1995 and 1998 and to the North Korean refugees in Asia in the following years: Until which limit, could MSF, in order to draw closer to a population in distress, accept to work without being able to apply the basic principles of humanitarian action: access to populations, free evaluation of needs and supervision of the destination of our assistance?

17 Dec 2014 description
report Human Rights Watch

A Legacy of Mass Atrocity, Famine, Executions, Forced Labor

(Seoul) – On the third anniversary of his death, former North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Il should be remembered for presiding over systematic crimes against humanity against his own people, including a catastrophic famine, Human Rights Watch said today. Kim Jong-Il held power for a total of 17 years as head of one of the most closed and repressive governments in the world.

16 Dec 2014 description

Snapshot 10–16 December

Iraq: 700,000 IDPs, mostly in Dahuk and Anbar governorates, are living in shelters that are not adapted for winter temperatures. 945,000 IDPs are in dire need of kerosene for heating.

Afghanistan: Kabul has been hit by at least 12 suicide attacks since early November, with more attacks also carried out elsewhere, fuelling concerns about the protection of civilians.

12 Dec 2014 description

Washington, United States | AFP | Friday 12/12/2014 - 02:02 GMT

by Jo Biddle

When Yeon-Mi Park was just nine, she and her North Korean village were forced to watch in horror as a friend's mother was publicly executed for the crime of watching illegal DVDs, she says.

As a boy, Joseph Kim could only watch helplessly, he says, as he saw his father "wither and die" in the isolated country's devastating famine in the 1990s, which led to the tragic disintegration of his once "loving" family.

11 Dec 2014 description


  • World cereal production in 2014 is forecast to surpass last year’s record, boosting stocks to a 15-year high.

  • Maize export prices increased significantly in November supported by lower than previously expected yields of the 2014 crop in the United States of America. Wheat export prices strengthened in general, while rice quotations declined. Overall, however, cereal export prices persisted at levels below those of a year earlier, reflecting ample global supplies.

09 Dec 2014 description


· In 2014, the monsoon rains were late across most of East Asia, leading to delays in the start of the growing season. Improved rainfall from August onwards, allowed for a good recovery across most of the region.

· Though most countries avoided significant impacts on national aggregate crop production, DPRK suffered from a very poor rainfall season with significant reductions in agricultural production.

· Elsewhere, localised impacts are noted in Pakistan, India, Vietnam, China, Myanmar.

02 Dec 2014 description

Niger: 10,000 refugees arrived in Diffa region from Damasack, Nigeria. Most were fleeing forced recruitment by Boko Haram, and some unaccompanied children were reported. More than 105,000 people have arrived from Nigeria since May 2013, and the rate is increasing. The newly displaced are in a critical situation, and Diffa faces serious gaps in service provision.

25 Nov 2014 description

Pakistan: Drought conditions in Sindh have affected nearly 1.7 million people; nearly 500 have died in Tharparkar, including 296 children. In FATA, the number of people displaced by the military’s operation Khyber One in the Tirah Valley has grown to 440,000 people, adding to 993,000 displaced by operations in North Waziristan.

Liberia: Two million children are thought to be affected by the consequences of the Ebola epidemic. High levels of unemployment are affecting income: 70% of households in a recent survey said they do not have enough money to afford food.

24 Nov 2014 description

11/24/2014 - 06:11 GMT

South Korean lawmakers opened formal discussions Monday on long-stalled bills regarding human rights in North Korea, galvanised by the adoption of a landmark UN resolution condemning Pyongyang's rights abuses.

The bills submitted to the 23-member foreign affairs and unification committee have been pending since as long ago as 2005.

Past efforts to have them tabled have been undermined by lawmakers arguing that their passage would unnecessarily antagonise Pyongyang and raise inter-Korean tensions.

23 Nov 2014 description

Seoul, South Korea | AFP | Sunday 11/23/2014 - 02:46 GMT | 537 words

by Jung Ha-Won

North Korea's top military body warned Sunday of "catastrophic consequences" for supporters of a UN resolution censuring its human rights record, as state media reported its leader presiding over a fresh military exercise.

20 Nov 2014 description

Pyongyang, November 19 (KCNA) -- The DPRK delegate categorically rejected the "draft resolution" (A/C.3/69/L.28.Rev.1) in its entirety submitted by the European Union and Japan at the meeting of the Third Committee of the 69th UN General Assembly held in New York on Nov. 18.

In a statement before vote he said:

The "draft resolution" constitutes a product of political and military confrontation and plot against the DPRK and has no relevance with genuine promotion and protection of human rights.

19 Nov 2014 description

S*EOUL / ROME – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has received US$7 million from the government of the Republic of Korea for WFP’s operations in support of the nutritional needs of women and children in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).*

18 Nov 2014 description
report UN General Assembly


Sixty-ninth session,
46th & 47th Meetings (AM & PM)

Dialogue, Not Politically Driven Actions, Triggers Human Rights Advancements, Delegates Hear During Day-Long Discussions

18 Nov 2014 description
report Human Rights Watch

Security Council Should Refer “Unspeakable Crimes” to International Criminal Court

(New York) – The United Nations Security Council should act on a historic General Assembly resolution by referring the situation in North Korea to the International Criminal Court, Human Rights Watch said today. On November 18, 2014, the General Assembly endorsed a recent UN Commission of Inquiry report detailing crimes against humanity in North Korea and recommended that the Security Council discuss the report and consider an ICC referral.

18 Nov 2014 description

Snapshot 12–18 November

Ethiopia: Waters have begun to recede from Leitchuor refugee camp in Gambella, but few refugees have returned to the camps so far, where alarming rates of severe malnutrition persist: 5.7% in Leitchuor, 7.8% in Kule, and 10% in Tierkidi. In SNNPR, flooding was reported, while in Oromia, water trucking has begun for populations affected by drought.

17 Nov 2014 description
report Human Rights Watch

General Assembly Should Adopt Resolution Seeking Justice for Crimes Against Humanity

(New York, November 17, 2014) – United Nations member countries should vote for a landmark resolution on the human rights situation in North Korea and advance justice for crimes against humanity there, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights said today. The General Assembly will consider the resolution, which has been cosponsored by more than 50 UN members, in its third committee on November 18, 2014.

14 Nov 2014 description

SEOUL (14 November 2014) – This is the fourth visit to the Republic of Korea (RoK) in my capacity as UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). I thank the RoK Government for its excellent collaboration with my mandate, and generally all those who expressed support throughout the visit.

11 Nov 2014 description

Snapshot 5–11 November

Central African Republic: About 20,000 displaced people are seeking refuge in isolated rural areas in Ouham province following the arrival of armed groups in Boguila, Kouki and Nana Bakassa on 25 October. Nearly 1,000 people have been displaced since July in Bambari following violence in Batobadja and Matchika, and 4,000 have been displaced since January to Berberati town in Mambere province.

07 Nov 2014 description

GENEVA / SEOUL (7 November 2014) – The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Marzuki Darusman, will visit the Republic of Korea (RoK) from 10 to 14 November 2014 to gather the latest information on inter-Korean relations that can affect the human rights of the North Korean people.

This is the first visit by the Special Rapporteur since the special commission of inquiry on the situation of human rights in DPRK submitted its landmark report* to the UN Human Rights Council in March 2014.