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26 May 2017 description

by Reuters
Friday, 26 May 2017 07:02 GMT

Asylum-seekers must voluntarily exchange a secure facility for an area where critics say they are likely to face violence and inadequate medical care

By Colin Packham

SYDNEY, May 26 (Reuters) - Asylum seekers at an Australian-run offshore detention centre in Papua New Guinea must move to a community facility in order to be eligible for a refugee swap deal with the United States, a notice posted at the camp and seen by Reuters shows.

26 May 2017 description


A key challenge faced by humanitarian agencies is how to ensure that limited available resources are allocated where they are most needed and are efficiently delivered in a principled manner. Decisions to allocate resources must strike a balance between meeting the immediate needs of crisis affected communities and supporting efforts to strengthen resilience and response preparedness to future emergencies.

24 May 2017 description


New report shows only a small fraction of official development assistance goes toward ending violence against children For the first time, a review of official development assistance (ODA) to end violence against children has been done. The report Counting Pennies found that in 2015, total ODA spending was $174 billion and of that, less than 0.6 per cent was allocated to ending violence against children.

23 May 2017 description

Benjamin Robinson-Drawbridge, Reporter

Men detained by Australia on Manus Island say they requested asylum from New Zealand as it is not safe for them to settle in Papua New Guinea.

Read more on Radio New Zealand International

22 May 2017 description

By political correspondent Louise Yaxley

Key points:

  • Immigration Department Secretary Mike Pezzullo says "quite a number of shots" were fired into the compound

  • An earlier statement originally said only one weapon was fired and no-one was injured

  • Mr Pezzullo stressed to Senate estimates that the original statement was based on the information available at the time

16 May 2017 description

By Papua New Guinea correspondent Eric Tlozek

Asylum seekers on Manus Island have been told they must leave the Australian-funded detention centre so it can be closed.

Papua New Guinea immigration officials told the more than 800 men in the detention centre that demolition work would start soon on parts of the accommodation.

16 May 2017 description

At 31 March 2017, there were 1,328 people in immigration detention facilities, including 1,048 in immigration detention on the mainland and 280 in immigration detention on Christmas Island.

A further 544 people were living in the community after being approved for a residence determination and 24,063 were living in the community after grant of a Bridging Visa E.

15 May 2017 description

China (No update)
As of 31 March 2017, there were 67 cases of dengue reported in China in 2017. This number is slightly lower than that reported during the same period in 2016 (91 cases) (Figure 1).

15 May 2017 description


Volcanic activity on Manam Island caused ash fall in Dugulava, on the northeast coast of the island. A Level 3 alert was triggered and 202 households were voluntarily evacuated to mainland Madang. Fuel for boats has been prepositioned on Manam Island as a contingency for a potential escalation of the situation which might trigger the need for additional emergency evacuation. A needs assessment of evacuated households is being conducted by provincial authorities.

200 households evacuated


15 May 2017 description

Port Moresby, 15 May 2017 – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is supporting the 2017 national election in Papua New Guinea (PNG) by coordinating and supporting over 100 international electoral observers.

Responding to a request from the PNG Electoral Commissioner, UNDP will coordinate international electoral observers from more than 12 groups including The Commonwealth, the Melanesian Spearhead Group, Australian National University, and the Australian High Commission and other diplomatic missions.

15 May 2017 description


  • IOM hosted a forum on Land and Property Rights for Internally Displaced Persons.

  • IOM facilitated a countrywide data collection exercise in IDP communities.

  • IOM developed and handed over to PNG National Disaster Centre the Disaster Risk Management - Information Management System database.

Situation Overview

15 May 2017 description

Digital verification of images and videos establishes that bullets were fired directly into the Manus refugee centre on 14 April, putting the lives of refugees and asylum-seekers there in danger, a new Amnesty International briefing says today.

The new briefing, In the Firing Line, directly contradicts initial claims made by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection and the Papua New Guinea Police, suggesting that the soldiers only fired bullets into the air.

12 May 2017 description

Port Moresby, May 12, 2017 - Key Government officials and representatives of the humanitarian community, met today at the National Disaster Centre to test a new framework designed for planning and managing recovery from disasters in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

As demonstrated by the ongoing volcanic eruption of Manam Island in Madang Province, PNG is prone to regular natural disasters. The country faces a steady threat from a wide range of hazards including floods, cyclones, landslides, drought, earthquakes, among others.

11 May 2017 description

Women’s Leadership in Humanitarian Action Gender inequalities constrain the influence and control that women and girls have over their own lives. Disasters and crises tend to exacerbate pre-existing gender-based discrimination, inequalities, and violence. As a consequence, women and girls are disproportionally impacted before, during, and after disasters. However, in the Asia Pacific region, evidence has shown that women and girls are among the first responders to a crisis and play crucial roles in building resilience of families and communities.

10 May 2017 description

Despite a rainy season that never ends, a limited infrastructure and near-inaccessible geography, Papua New Guinea has made major strides against malaria. Credit goes to its focus on preventive tools, including bednets.

09 May 2017 description

Note by the Secretariat

The Secretariat has the honour to transmit to the Human Rights Council the report of the Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, François Crépeau, on his mission to Australia and the regional processing centres in Nauru from 1 to 18 November 2016.

08 May 2017 description

08/05/2017 Suva, Fiji Preparing for and responding to natural disasters as they affect access to food for millions of people in the Pacific Islands was a major theme at the first-ever meeting of the Regional Pacific Food Security Cluster Forum in Nadi, Fiji that took place from 26 to 28 April.

The joint FAO/WFP meeting of some 50 representatives from governments, non-governmental and UN organizations, was jointly hosted by the FAO and WFP Food Security Cluster co-lead Coordinators.

08 May 2017 description


On 8 May, Tropical Cyclone Donna intensified into a Category 5 storm (winds of up to 215 km/h near the centre and gusts of 300 km/h) as it continues to move across Vanuatu towards New Caledonia. Over the weekend, Torba Province, with a population of about 10,000 people, was severely hit. Provincial authorities have conducted a rapid assessment with Community Disaster Committees on Loh, Hui, Tegua and Toga islands.

03 May 2017 description

Key figures

  • 43,000 Rohingya refugees estimated to have crossed from northern Rakhine State into Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh in 2016

  • 168,500 Rohingya refugees who have led Myanmar since 2012, including 44,000 in 2016

  • 112,500 Rohingya refugees believed to have travelled by sea to Malaysia from 2012 to 2015

  • 18% Percentage of surveyed Rohingya refugee women and girls married before the age of 16

03 May 2017 description

Executive summary

This report summarises the performance of the Australian aid program in 2014-15. It reviews progress with implementation of the Government’s policy and performance framework for the aid program.
Chapter 1 reviews progress towards the 10 strategic targets set by the Government to assess the performance of the aid program as a whole. Good progress has been made against the strategic targets.