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29 Apr 2016 description

New Report “Assessment of the Early Warning Systems for inland and coastal flooding in Papua New Guinea” was presented today by Climate Change Development Authority (CCDA) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The Report elaborates the current status of early warning systems in PNG and what needs to be done to set up an effective early warning systems for flooding.

29 Apr 2016 description

By Jamie Tahana, RNZ International

The fate of hundreds of people detained illegally on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island remains uncertain, after a PNG court struck a blow to Canberra's policy of sending asylum seekers abroad.

850 asylum seekers and refugees have been languishing in the Manus compounds for up to three years, having been transferred there under Australia's offshore processing policy.

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27 Apr 2016 description


• Severe drought and associated food insecurity, flooding, rains and temperature rises due to El Niño 2015-2016 are causing a wide range of health problems, including disease outbreaks, malnutrition and disruption of health services.

• El Niño 2015-2016 is affecting more than 60 million people, especially in Eastern and Southern Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and Asia-Pacific.

27 Apr 2016 description
infographic World Health Organization

El Niño 2015-2016 is affecting more than 60 million people worldwide, and the health consequences, such as disease outbreaks and malnutrition, are expected to increase throughout 2016.

Funding is required to support activities by Ministries of Health, WHO, Health Cluster and partners to prepare for, and respond to, the health problems of those most affected by El Niño.

These funding figures are taken from individual country plans as well as WHO and interagency Humanitarian Response Plans (HRP) for 2016.

27 Apr 2016 description
report UN General Assembly


Le présent rapport, qui porte sur la période allant de janvier à décembre 2015, est soumis en application de la résolution 63/282 de l’Assemblée générale, dans laquelle celle-ci a prié le Secrétaire général de lui présenter chaque année un rapport sur le Fonds pour la consolidation de la paix.

27 Apr 2016 description
report UN General Assembly


The present report, which covers the period from January to December 2015, is submitted pursuant to General Assembly resolution 63/282, in which the Assembly requested the Secretary-General to submit an annual report on the Peacebuilding Fund.

27 Apr 2016 description

Sydney, AUSTRALIA | AFP | Wednesday 4/27/2016 - 06:25 GMT

Papua New Guinea on Wednesday said a controversial asylum-seeker camp on Manus island will close, throwing Australia's border protection policy into disarray.

It follows a Supreme Court ruling on Tuesday that detaining people at the Australian-funded facility was unconstitutional and illegal.

27 Apr 2016 description

Sydney, AUSTRALIA | AFP | Wednesday 4/27/2016 - 04:25 GMT

Australia Wednesday insisted its controversial border protection policy remains valid despite a Papua New Guinea court ruling the detention of asylum-seekers in the country was unconstitutional and illegal.

Canberra has been criticised internationally for sending asylum-seekers who attempt to enter the country by boat to remote processing centres on Manus island or the tiny Pacific outpost of Nauru.

It says its actions deter others wanting to make the risky journey, often from Indonesia.

26 Apr 2016 description

WHO report highlights health impacts of climate change

The health sector has a vital role to play in order to respond and minimize the threats that climate change poses to human health

MANILA, 26 APRIL - The World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for the Western Pacific has released a new report with scientific evidence of climate change affecting health and recommended actions for countries in the Region.

25 Apr 2016 description

East Sepik Province in partnership with UNDP and Climate Change and Development Authority is geared to reduce disaster and climate risk and thus protect development gains. A two-day training on disaster risk management (DRM) planning was held on 12-13 April 2016 at Wewak with the objective to develop the Provincial DRM Plan in a wider-consultative mode.

25 Apr 2016 description

Background and purpose

The impact of the 2015‒2016 El Niño weather phenomenon has been one of the most intense and widespread in the past one hundred years. The agriculture, food security and nutritional status of 60 million people around the globe is affected by El Niño-related droughts, floods and extreme hot and cold weather. While the El Niño itself has passed its peak and is now declining, its impact is still growing. Harvests in several parts of the world have already failed and are forecast to fail in other areas.

24 Apr 2016 description
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English version

Food Security in PNG related to El Nino Climate Events, 2015

23 Apr 2016 description

On 11 March 2016, the National Department of Health of Papua New Guinea reported that 6 cases of Zika virus infection had been confirmed through retrospective testing of samples taken from patients presenting with a febrile illness between July 2014 and March 2016. Cases were confirmed by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The following are the results by year:

  • no Zika virus positive results were identified among 64 samples tested in 2014,

  • 1 sample collected during a malaria outbreak in Morobe in May 2015 (a total of 34 samples were tested),

22 Apr 2016 description


The current El Niño started in Asia and the Pacific region from as early as March 2015. It reached strong levels in some countries in July 2015. In many countries the effects of the phenomenon remained strong throughout the first quarter of 2016. However, the humanitarian impacts have now become critical in many countries and humanitarian response have been ramping up.

21 Apr 2016 description


From 1 January 2007 to 20 April 2016, Zika virus transmission was documented in a total of 66 countries and territories.

Mosquito-borne transmission:

  • 42 countries are experiencing a first outbreak of Zika virus since 2015, with no previous evidence of circulation, and with ongoing transmission by mosquitos.

  • 17 countries have reported evidence of Zika virus transmission prior to 2015, with or without ongoing transmission or have reported an outbreak since 2015 that is now over.

21 Apr 2016 description

Globally, millions of vulnerable people are experiencing increased hunger and poverty due to droughts and floods as a result of a climatic occurrence: El Niño. This phenomenon is not an individual weather event but a climate pattern which occurs every two to seven years and lasts 9-12 months. This particular occurrence is one of the most severe in a half-century and the strongest El Niño since 1997/1998 which killed some 21,000 people and caused damage to infrastructure worth US$ 36 billion.

21 Apr 2016 description

In Papua New Guinea, eighty percent of the population is semi-dependent on rain-fed subsistence farming, and more than three quarters of the food consumed in the country is locally grown. As a result, any disruption to household food production has an immediate, severe and lasting impact on food security in the country. The highlands, with approximately 2.2 million people in many thousands of small and isolated villages, are more vulnerable to these weather extremes.