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Humanitarian Action Plan for the Conflict-Affected Provinces of Mindanao: Mid-Year Review 2011


The cessation of hostilities between the Government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) continued to be respected in the first half of the year, furthering the return and resettlement of the internally displaced people. However, the conflict-affected populations’ high level of vulnerability and the perseverance of violence connected to other armed groups and to clan violence (locally referred to as rido) have contributed to the persistence of humanitarian needs. Furthermore, an unusually heavy

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Poverty 180: Seven ways women and girls are especially vulnerable during emergencies

I always sort of had an idea that women and girls living in extreme poverty suffered a bit more than men from disasters like war, a flood, an earthquake or a drought -- it just seems logical, if you think about it. But I had no idea how much more acutely they feel pain from these events until I started to research it.