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27 Sep 2016 description

In the period from 16 to 22 September, 2,294 families have returned to South Waziristan, Khyber and North Waziristan Agencies.

According to FDMA, the final phase of South Waziristan Agency returns will begin shortly, with the denotification of 110 villages, followed by the return of approximately 40,000 families.

26 Sep 2016 description

The deadline issued by the Government of Pakistan remains 31 Dec. for the return of registered Afghan refugees. Although there has been no mention of an official deadline for the return of undocumented Afghans, the pace of returns is also significant. The amount of all returns has increased substantially in the past three months, interrupted only by a slow period during Eid. It is expected this pace will continue until the winter season begins.

19 Sep 2016 description


• The Brussels Conference will provide a platform for the government of Afghanistan to set out its vision, development strategy and planned reforms by gathering together up to 70 countries and 30 international organizations and agencies.

• ACF released a report, “Afghanistan: Where Humanitarian Concerns Do Not Match International Action” to point out how the current management of aid in Afghanistan have real consequences on the impact of service delivery.

19 Sep 2016 description

As communicated by the Government of Pakistan the deadline for the return of refugees is 31 March, 2017 and 15 November, 2016 for undocumented Afghans . It is expected the pace of all returns will increase after Eid.

19 Sep 2016 description

As, communicated by the Government of Pakistan deadline for the return of Refugees is 31 March, 2017 and for undocumented Afghans is 15 November, 2016. It is expected that the pace of return of refugees and undocumented afghans will increase after EID.

A flash appeal of US$152 million has been launched by the humanitarian community in Afghanistan covering September to December 2016.

02 Sep 2016 description

In 2010, the humanitarian community established the Emergency Response Fund (ERF) as a pooled fund mechanism to provide rapid and flexible funds in country at the onset of an emergency.

The majority of PHPF funding acts as a bridge to cover gaps in humanitarian service provision of urgent humanitarian needs. In many cases, this has been the only funding available to meet critical humanitarian needs.

02 Sep 2016 description

Contexte actuel

La planification humanitaire pour 2016 prévoit 4,3 millions de personnes dans le besoin dont 1,5 million ciblées pour une assistance humanitaire, reflétant des niveaux élevés de vulnérabilité dans tout le pays.

01 Sep 2016 description

As of 31 August 2016, UN-coordinated appeals and refugee response plans as covered by the Global Humanitarian Overview (GHO) require US$21.7 billion to meet the needs of 95.4 million people affected by humanitarian crises in 40 countries. Global requirements are adjusted throughout the year as response plans are revised, both upwards and downwards, to reflect up-to-date needs.
The current decrease has resulted from revisions of plans for Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Yemen.

28 Aug 2016 description


• Malnutrition affects 2.7 million people including a million children under the age of five.
Only 35 per cent of children with severe acute malnutrition are being reached and of those, only 25 per cent are actually cured.

• Despite access constraints, conflict and displacement, Medair delivers critical nutrition support in the South

• More than 5,000 people Afghans are returning from Pakistan per day

23 Aug 2016 description

In the period from 12 to 18 August, 694 families have returned to South Waziristan and North Waziristan Agencies.

The latest phase of returns of 5,798 registered families to the 88 villages of Orakzai Agency was completed on 5 Aug.

Families returned this week - 694

Families returned in 2016 - 64,915

Families returned total* - 177,688 * since 16 March 2015

Families remaining in displacement - 126,103

Total returned female-headed households* - 16%

16 Aug 2016 description


Key Findings and Recommendations:

An inter-cluster assessment mission (ICAM) was conducted to South Waziristan Agency from 18 to 22 July 2016 to assess the situation of 14 recently de-notified villages in Sarvakai, Sararogha, Ladha and Makin tehsils. Approximately 2,000 families as well as the remaining caseload of the previously de-notified areas are to be assisted in this phase of returns to South Waziristan Agency.

16 Aug 2016 description

Families returned this week - 1,835

Families returned in 2016 - 62,233

Families returned total* - 175,006 * since 16 March 2015

Families remaining in displacement - 128,785

Total returned female-headed households* - 16%

% Returned & displaced: 58% Returned, 42% Displaced

Estimated houses damaged* - 29% Partially, 71% Fully * as of 04 August 2016