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30 Oct 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund


 There has been a sharp increase in the number of refugees and migrants arriving in Greece during the second half of October with as many as 85 boats arriving daily on Greek shores. Border police in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia have also registered an increased influx of people.

16 Oct 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • Refugees and migrants have continued to steadily enter Europe at levels not seen since World World II, primarily through Greece from Turkey, continuing north through Western Balkans and then onwards to Western Europe.

  • There is an urgent need to ensure children and their families are protected from the cold and rainy weather, improve child nutrition, and increase national capacities to effectively identify and address child protection risks and act in the best interests of children on the move.

07 Oct 2015 description
report European Union

Latest asylum trends and main countries of origin........................2
Five Years of EASO: Results and Perspectives................................4
EASO call for experts to assist in Italy and Greece.........................4
Kick-off meeting of the COI Specialist Network on the Ukraine....5
EASO publishes COI report on Pakistan.........................................5
Conference on Home Affairs Funds...............................................6
EASO reports to the European Parliament on the hotspots..........6

01 Oct 2015 description

According to the Council decision on 22/09, 66 000 out of 120,000 persons will be relocated from Italy and Greece (15,600 from Italy and 50,400 from Greece). The remaining 54,000 persons will be relocated from Italy and Greece in the same proportion after one year of the entry into force of the decision.

ECHO contribution in the Western Balkans

16 Sep 2015 description
report CARE

How does it feel to have no choice but to run? It has been three weeks since Syrian refugee Mohammed and his family left home in order to survive. Once a small business owner providing his family with a comfortable life, they now face an uncertain future.

14 Sep 2015 description

Röszke, Hungary | AFP | Sunday 9/13/2015 - 17:35 GMT

by Eric Randolph with Danny Kemp in Brussels

Hungary closed the main border crossing for migrants entering from Serbia on Monday as Europe's passport-free zone creaked under the reinstatement of border controls by Austria, Slovakia and Germany.

The growing tensions at the heart of the EU's flagship Schengen area ramped up the pressure on interior ministers holding emergency talks in Brussels on the unprecedented flood of people fleeing Syria and other war zones.

11 Sep 2015 description

Röszke, Hongrie | AFP | vendredi 11/09/2015 - 01:27 GMT

par Philippe SCHWAB et les bureaux européens de l'AFP

Les tensions croissantes entre Européens sur la crise migratoire seront au coeur d'une réunion vendredi à Prague entre l'Allemagne et plusieurs pays frontalement opposés à la politique de Berlin en faveur de l'accueil des réfugiés, qui continuent d'affluer sur les routes d'Europe.

10 Sep 2015 description

Prague, Czech Republic | AFP | Friday 9/11/2015 - 04:15 GMT

Germany on Friday will seek to mend bitter divisions over how to handle Europe's spiralling migrant crisis, pushing eastern states to accept a quota system it says is still only a "drop in the ocean".

Foreign ministers from Germany and Luxembourg are set to meet their counterparts from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia in Prague for talks on a controversial system to distribute 160,000 new arrivals around the bloc.

08 Sep 2015 description

Press Releases, 8 September 2015

We have met the authorities here in Budapest and have offered UNHCR's assistance to deal with the increasing number of refugees and migrants arriving in Hungary.

We have repeated our call for simplifying and streamlining registration, reception at the collection points, registration centres and reception centres and care for those who come to seek international protection.

04 Sep 2015 description

Budapest, Hungary | AFP | Friday 9/4/2015 - 19:23 GMT

A 51-year-old Pakistani has died after he was found lying close to a railway track in Hungary on Friday following the escape of 350 migrants from a train blocked for more than a day near Budapest.

Emergency workers tried to revive the man for 50 minutes near the Bicske railway station, the official MTI news agency said.

"A 51-year-old man has died in Bicske after ambulance staff were unable to resuscitate him," Pal Gyorfi, a spokesperson for Hungary's National Ambulance Service, told MTI.

04 Sep 2015 description

Western Balkan - Regional Overview

• Currently Greece, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia are transit countries for migrants and refugees trying to re-enter the Schengen area in Hungary.

• Due to the construction of the fence in the Hungarian southern border with Serbia, migrants/refugees may seek alternative routes: for example from Albania to Italy or through Croatia to the Schengen area.

ECHO involvement

28 Aug 2015 description

GENEVA, Aug 28 (UNHCR) – The UN refugee agency said it was "deeply shocked and saddened" at the grim discovery yesterday of the bodies of 71 people inside a truck abandoned near the Austrian border with Hungary.

"This tragedy underscores the ruthlessness of people smugglers who have expanded their business from the Mediterranean sea to the highways of Europe. It shows they have no regard for human life and are only after profit," UNHCR spokesperson Melissa Fleming told a press briefing in Geneva.

26 Aug 2015 description

Heidenau, Germany | AFP | Thursday 8/26/2015 - 10:28 GM

by Coralie FEBVRE with Csaba RANKS in Roeszke, Hungary

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and western Balkan leaders will gather in Vienna Thursday in a bid to find a coherent approach to tackling the biggest migration crisis to hit Europe since World War II.

The meeting comes a day after Merkel vowed zero tolerance for "vile" anti-migrant violence and as criticism grows against the European Union for failing to coordinate a solution.

30 Jun 2015 description
report European Union
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I. Situational overview

Situation at the border

Border surveillance

Illegal border-crossings

20 Jun 2015 description
report UN News Service

19 June 2015 – Two United Nations agencies today expressed strong concerns over Hungary’s plans to build a four-metre high fence along its border with Serbia, with the UN refugee agency saying the wall will “be a further obstacle for people who have fled from war zones like Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq and who desperately need safety and protection.”

17 Jun 2013 description

Nicaragua – Earthquake (GDACS, USGS, SINAPRED, Local Media)

A strong 6.5M earthquake at a depth of 35km hit in the Pacific Ocean, ca. 40km off the coasts of Leon province, Nicaragua on 15 June at 17:34 UTC. USGS indicates 80,000 people exposed to "Strong" shaking, Local media report one person dead and light damage in the capital Managua and in the provinces of Chinandega and Leon.

Pakistan – Severe weather (Pakistan Government, Local Media)

04 Jan 2012 description
report UN Children's Fund

Islamabad, January 4, 2012 – The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and partners today welcomed the opening of 35 new schools in Muzaffargah, Rajanpur and Rahimyar Khan in Southern Punjab, three districts hit by the 2010 monsoon floods. These schools have been constructed by the children’s agency at locations where schools were damaged or completely destroyed by the floods that devastated Pakistan from July to September 2010.

More than 4,500 children are now attending these schools which have been handed over to the Punjab Education Department.

18 Aug 2002 description

BERLIN, Aug 18 (AFP) - Torrential rains and flooding rivers have devastated large areas of Europe, Asia and central America in the past two weeks, killing hundreds and sending panicked governments scrambling to take action.

About 100 people have died as flood waters continue to rage through some of Europe's historic cities while in Asia, the traditional monsoon season has left hundreds dead and millions more without shelter.

The freak weather has revived concerns that modern civilisation is at fault, with some environmental groups and politicians blaming global climate …