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China + 8 others
A Tangle of Nations and Conflicts

National, bilateral and multilateral conflicts overlap in Central Asia. Moscow's influence has waned, especially in Afghanistan, where the Taliban came to power with the support of Washington. In the east and south, the various border disputes between India, China and Pakistan make the region even more dangerous, because of the presence of nuclear weapons.
Sources : The Military Balance 1999-2000, IISS, Brassey's, London, 1999; The World Bank Atlas 1999-2000, World Bank, Washington, 1999.
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Afghanistan + 7 others
OXFAM Emergencies Bulletin Dec 1999 Asia

Afghanistan has suffered appallingly through 19 years of civil war and subsequently has some of the worst indicators of human development in the world. The Taliban, an Islamic Fundamentalist party currently control 90% of the country, including the capital Kabul. Their government is not officially internationally recognised and President Rabbani, overthrown by the Taliban, still has a seat at the UN. In the north and the east of the country, warlords have joined together to form the Northern Alliance, fighting the Taliban before each rainy season.