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Afghanistan + 9 others
CrisisWatch No. 61, 01 Sep 2008

Twelve actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated in August 2008 and only one improved, according to the new issue of the International Crisis Group's monthly bulletin CrisisWatch, released today.

The outbreak of war between Russia and Georgia over the breakaway region of South Ossetia had enormous geopolitical implications. Tbilisi's early August offensive in South Ossetia prompted a massive ground, aerial and naval response from Russia, whose forces later advanced further into Georgia. The crisis also sparked violence in Abkhazia,

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Pakistan Floods Health Situation Report #4-F-2008 (15-30 Aug 2008)



- NWPF Government has officially organized the clusters at provincial level

- Approximately 260,011 people have been displaced. A return movement in view of cease-fire and Ramadan is being announced

- 104,241 people are living in 44 IDP Camps situated in 5 districts of NWFP

- 33 camps have been established in Lower Dir in which 96,003 people are living

- Outbreak of AWD in Pirpai camp, district Nowshera has been contained by timely and effective interventions of WHO, WASH cluster and DoH


North West Frontier Province (NWFP)

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Afghanistan + 22 others
Recent food price developments in most vulnerable countries - Issue No 1, Aug 2008

The objective of this briefing note is to provide early warning information on recent price developments and their potential contribution to the cost of the food basket, using staple food commodities that are essential in terms of calorie contribution to households' food basket at individual country-level. The note is not meant for crosscountry comparison as the main staple food items and their calorie contributions to the food basket are different. As a working paper to be updated on a quarterly basis, further fine-tuning of the approach (see annex 2) will
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Pakistan: Floods and Civil Conflict Fact Sheet #1 (FY) 2008



Unusually heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan have affected large parts of Peshawar District in Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP) and Rajanpur District in Punjab Province. USAID/OFDA has provided an initial $50,000 for the immediate distribution of humanitarian relief supplies.

Since early August, renewed fighting

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Pakistan: Weekly Morbidity and Mortality Report No. 35, 23-29 Aug 2008

The Weekly Morbidity and Mortality Report (WMMR) is published by the Ministry of Health of Pakistan (MOH) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The WMMR is built on surveillance data that health service providers and NGOs transmit on a weekly basis from health facilities and hospitals in those areas affected by the earthquake that struck Pakistan on 8 October 2005.

The WMMR objectives are to monitor the trend of health conditions over a period of time and provide vital information to all health partners. The WMMR is only a snapshot of the

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Pakistan: Floods and IDPs (as of 28 Aug 2008)

Note: Map production date is estimated
UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit

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UNHCR chief ends Pakistan visit to review protracted Afghan situation

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, August 28 (UNHCR) - UN refugee agency chief António Guterres today completed a three-day visit to Pakistan during which the government agreed to revise its Afghan repatriation strategy beyond 2009. Both parties also reached a strong consensus on projects to develop refugee-hosting areas in Pakistan.

After arriving in Islamabad on Tuesday, High Commissioner Guterres met with Pakistan's leaders, including Prime Minister Syed Yousef Raza Gilani and Minister of States and Frontier Regions Najmuddin Khan. Guterres also met with top officials in the interior and

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OHCHR calls for restraint in Indian-administered Kashmir

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights is concerned about the recent violent protests in Indian-administered Kashmir that have reportedly led to civilian casualties as well as restrictions to the right to freedom of assembly and expression.

OHCHR calls on the Indian authorities and in particular security forces to respect the right to freedom of assembly and expression, and comply with international human rights principles in controlling the demonstrators. The use of force should be proportionate to the threat posed and firearms must only be used in dispersing a violent

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Afghanistan + 4 others
Southeast Asia Appeal no. MAA51001 Programme Update

This report covers the period 01/01/08 to 30/06/08.

In brief

Programme purpose: As outlined in the 2008-09 Plan, the aim of the International Federation South Asia regional delegation (SARD) is to increase the capacity of South Asian national societies to provide services that improve the lives of vulnerable people.

Programme(s) summary: The key areas of support in the first half of 2008 were conducting a midterm evaluation of the regional HIV/AIDS programme and final evaluation of the disaster risk reduction (DRR) DFID II programme; and constant promotion of a regional

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South Asia: Building safer communities

By Teresita P Usapdin, IFRC communications coordinator

Red Cross Red Crescent workshop helps colleagues share their knowledge on how best to protect and support those in disaster-prone areas.

Abdul Jalil Basiri left his job as chief editor of one of Afghanistan's major newspapers and joined the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement "to touch base with the people".

Now, more than a year after becoming the Afghanistan Red Crescent's community-based disaster preparedness manager, Basiri says he is happy with his career shift. He now feels, in a very

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At least 49 killed as fighting flares in Pakistan

Pakistan, Aug 27, 2008 - Across Pakistan's wild tribal belt, security forces battled with militants on Wednesday (August 27), killing at least 49 insurgents, the army said. While the Associated Press said 49 insurgents had been killed, the BBC reported the deaths of 47 insurgents. Military spokesman Maj. Murad Khan reported the most serious incident occurring in the Bajaur region, where troops fired guns and artillery on militants in a health center, killing at least 30 and wounding many more. The death toll was assessed by security forces
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Pakistan: Displaced populations in extreme need

Fighting between Pakistan's government forces and the armed opposition on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan has intensified recently with many thousands of people forced to flee their homes. The ICRC's head of delegation in Islamabad, Pascal Cuttat, clarifies the humanitarian situation and explains what the ICRC is doing to help.

How serious is the humanitarian situation on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan in Bajaur Agency?

We are very concerned for the victims of this latest sudden upsurge of the armed conflict. Around 200'000 persons

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Nigeria + 11 others
Monthly Situation Reports Aug 2008

All data as of 26 August. For latest news and polio case data by country, updated every week:


- Nigeria outbreak increases global eradication budget: The Global Polio Eradication Initiative has published, revised increased budget figures for 2008-2009. The budgetary increases relate primarily to emergency outbreak response activities in Nigeria and across west and central Africa, due to the new type 1 polio outbreak spreading from northern Nigeria (see 'Nigeria' section below, for more). As at August

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Nigeria + 11 others
Rapport de situation mensuel - août 2008

Données au 26 août 2008. F our les informations détaillées et les derniers chiffres concernant les cas de poliomyélite par pays mis à jour chaque semaine :

Faits marquants

- La flambée au Nigéria entraîne une augmentation du budget pour l éradication mondiale : L Initiative mondiale pour l éradication de la poliomyélite a publié des chiffres révisés pour le budget 2008-2009. L augmentation budgétaire est principalement due aux activités de riposte d urgence consécutives à la flambée au Nigéria ainsi

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Georgia + 3 others
CWS Hotline - 25 Aug 2008: Georgia, Pakistan, Myanmar, USA


Republic of Georgia

Bombing and hostilities in and around the disputed region of South Ossetia, in the Republic of Georgia, has led to a humanitarian emergency. Tens of thousands of people are without homes, food, and other basics, and in need of immediate help. CWS is assisting displaced and refugee families in coalition with partners in the region

CWS is providing partner International Orthodox Christian Charities with a 40 ft. shipping container of material resources--CWS Blankets and Hygiene and Baby Kits--valued at $200,000.

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Afghanistan + 1 other
Afghanistan: Displaced families receive aid

Kabul (ICRC) - Emergency aid is starting to get through to over 2,000 Pakistani and Afghan families (about 14,000 people) in the Shegal district of Kunar province, eastern Afghanistan, who have been displaced by the armed conflict in Bajaur Agency, in Pakistan.

The emergency relief supplies are being distributed by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and include basic food items, blankets, plastic sheets, kitchenware and soap. The food parcels are expected to meet needs for up to three weeks, after which another distribution could take place, if required.

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Pakistan: Multilateral contribution, 25 Aug 2008

Rome August 25, 2008 - "The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Directorate General for Cooperation and Development has contributed with a financial amount of 200.000 euros to UNICEF in response to urgent humanitarian assistance for the population of Pakistan facing the seasonal flooding,following the UNICEF Pakistan - IMMEDIATE NEEDS 13 August 2008;.

The donation will cover needs identified by UNICEF."

POC: Alessandro Pirrone- MoFA Rome - Emergency Office on +39 3691 8153

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Pakistan: Swat Valley - Clashes escalate between army and Taliban

At least eight people were killed today in a rocket attack against the home of a government official in the Kabal district of the Swat Valley, in the North West Frontier Province, where clashes have been underway for days between the army and Taliban militants. The victims included five bodyguards, the brother and two nephews of the lawmaker Waqar Ahmed Khan of the ruling Awami national party. Khan was not home at the time of the attack, attributed by police to the Taliban. In the same district, the military said that between Saturday and Sunday
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Iraq + 12 others
IMC 2007 Annual Report


Dear Friend of International Medical Corps,

As International Medical Corps approaches the quarter century milestone of delivering lifesaving emergency programs around the globe, we look back at 2007 with great pride in our achievements: helping millions of people in the 25 countries and regions where we operate to recover from crisis and live healthier, more productive lives.

Yet the challenges to providing health care through training remain significant. Existing conflicts intensified this past year across Africa, in places like Sudan, Chad, and the Central