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26 Oct 2016 description

SUVA, 26 October 2016 – Pacific countries have pledged to step up efforts to deal with the challenge posed by climate change and the threat of disasters, in order to ensure that their development is sustainable.

In a joint declaration wrapping up the three-day Pacific Platform for Disaster Risk Management, hosted by Fiji, the 17 countries reaffirmed their commitment to build a stronger and more resilient region in the face of rising climate impacts.

25 Oct 2016 description

A refugee advocacy group says teachers should also be exempt from the threat of imprisonment as punishment for speaking out on Australia's detention centres.

Read the full story on Radio New Zealand International

24 Oct 2016 description

24-10-2016 -

An initial review of Amnesty International’s report ‘Nauru: Island of Despair’ has confirmed it contains a wide range of false claims and allegations previously debunked by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

The Department was not approached during the development of this report or given a copy of the final report prior to its publication.

The Department was offered no opportunity to respond in a meaningful way to the alleged concerns raised in the report or to make a contribution to it.

20 Oct 2016 description

Amnesty International stands by its evidence that people, including children, are suffering insurmountable long-term damage and are attempting suicide while on Nauru.

Amnesty International’s report ‘Island of Despair’: Australia’s “processing” of refugees in Nauru provides evidence of mental health deterioration, evidence of the lack of appropriate medical care and evidence of the length to which the Australian Government has gone to to cover up what’s really going on in Nauru.

17 Oct 2016 description

Amnesty International’s latest report on Australia’s regional processing arrangements in Nauru entitled ‘Nauru: Island of Despair’ repeats claims that have been refuted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, and its service providers, on numerous occasions.

17 Oct 2016 description

NEW REPORT: Australia’s regime of cruelty has turned Nauru into an open-air prison

  • Australia is flagrantly violating international law and encouraging others to do the same

  • Amnesty International found that the system to which refugees and asylum seekers on Nauru are subjected amount to torture

  • Australia will do everything it can to make sure refugees don’t reach its shores and to punish people who dared to try, Amnesty International says

16 Oct 2016 description

Suicide attempts and self harm by refugee children on Nauru have prompted a forensic psychiatrist to expose the damage caused by Australia's offshore detention.

Read the full story at Radio New Zealand International.

16 Oct 2016 description

An Australian review has found that 19 cases of alleged violence or sexual assault on Australia's detainees in Nauru were reported to police but none led to prosecution or conviction.

Read the full story at Radio New Zealand International.

12 Oct 2016 description

Recurrent earthquakes, floods, typhoons, and volcanoes present significant challenges to vulnerable populations in the East Asia and the Pacific (EAP) region. Some countries also face civil unrest and associated humanitarian impacts, as well as limited government capacity to respond to disasters. Between FY 2007 and FY 2016, USAID’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/ OFDA) and USAID’s Office of Food for Peace (USAID/ FFP) provided humanitarian assistance in response to a diverse range of natural and complex emergencies in the region.

29 Sep 2016 description

Immigration Detention And Community Statistics Summary

At 31 August 2016, there were 1602 people in immigration detention facilities, including 1355 in immigration detention on the mainland and 247 in immigration detention on Christmas Island.

A further 619 people were living in the community after being approved for a residence determination and 27,453 were living in the community after grant of a Bridging Visa E.

The table below reflects figures based on records in Department of Immigration and Border Protection systems.

22 Sep 2016 description
report UN News Service

21 September 2016 – Small island Pacific States threatened with disappearing under the flood of rising oceans took the podium at the General Assembly today to warn that the United Nations remains their last best hope as climate change outpaces efforts to counter it.

22 Sep 2016 description

Nauru's Baron Waqa tells the UN his country's remote processing centre damages the people smuggling trade, but Fiji's PM says more is needed to help displaced people.

Nauru's President Baron Waqa has defended his country's involvement in Australia's offshore detention centre, in a speech to the United Nations summit on refugees.

But he called on the international community to help find permanent homes for more than 900 refugees.

21 Sep 2016 description

27SM Niue News: 2015 SPREP Annual Report is now launched

The SPREP Annual Report for 2015 is now available online having been presented at the 27th SPREP Meeting in Niue on Day one. The Report, available in both English and French outlines the activities and project implemented with members and partners in 2015 as the region strives to achieve the SPREP vision - a Pacific environment that sustains our livelihoods and natural heritage in harmony with our cultures.

16 Sep 2016 description

GENEVA (14 September 2016) - The Committee on the Rights of the Child today concluded its consideration of the combined initial to sixth periodic report of Nauru on its implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

14 Sep 2016 description

Executive summary

Background to the project The aim of this paper is to start a conversation about how we can answer the question: What is a rights-based alternative to the current model of third country processing in Nauru and Papua New Guinea?

The Commission has endeavoured to identify options for responding to flight by sea which are consistent with Australia’s international human rights obligations.

11 Sep 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund

TC Winston Highlights

  • The Fiji Government held a series of lessons learned workshops for the overall response that culminated in a national workshop attended by partners involved in the humanitarian response. The Education and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) clusters also held their separate lessons learned review workshops.

  • UNICEF completed its internal After Action Review.

  • A school-feeding programme is running in 38 schools in worstaffected areas, benefitting nearly 6,000 students.

26 Aug 2016 description

Jesuit Refugee Service Australia urges the Prime Minister to exercise moral and political leadership by immediately closing the offshore processing centres on Nauru and Manus Island.

JRS endorses the renewed call by the United Nations’ refugee agency (UNHCR) for the Australian government to move without delay all refugees and asylum seekers on Nauru to “humane conditions with adequate support and services.”

25 Aug 2016 description
report Women Under Siege

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean lies the tiny, remote island of Nauru, which has come under scrutiny recently by the media and human rights groups.

19 Aug 2016 description
infographic Insecurity Insight

Open sources reported damage to, loss of or the destruction of a wide range of humanitarian infrastructure on 160 occasions between January 2015 and June 2016.