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Australia + 1 other
Three contract dengue fever at Nauru detention centre

Australia's Immigration Minister confirms three people at the Nauru detention centre have dengue fever.

Australia's Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed three people at the government's offshore processing centre on Nauru have dengue fever.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the minister said two asylum seekers and a staff member have contracted the disease.

None of those affected were pregnant women.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation:


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Australia + 2 others
Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says refugees will be temporarily resettled on Nauru

Some asylum seekers held in detention on Nauru will be able to temporarily settle on the island if they are found to be refugees.

Some asylum seekers held in detention on Nauru will be able to temporarily resettle on the island if they are found to be refugees.

The Australian Government has offshore detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island in Papua New Guinea for asylum seekers intercepted while trying to arrive in Australia by boat.

More than 900 asylum seekers are in detention on Nauru.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation:


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World + 13 others
US Government Launches Grant Program to Support Climate Change Initiatives in the Pacific Islands Region

The U.S. Government today launched the five-year Pacific-American Climate Fund in Suva to help communities in Pacific Island countries adapt to effects of climate change.

The US$24-million (approx. FJ$44 million) grant program will provide grants to qualifying civil society organizations (CSOs) which will implement climate change adaptation activities in twelve countries in the Pacific: Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI), Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu.

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Marshall Islands + 5 others
In celebration of World Water Day – adapting to climate change through better water management

As the world observes World Water Day on 21 March this year, six projects under the Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC) programme have their own good reasons for celebrating. Each has contributed to major improvements in their nation’s water management, making their communities much more resilient to the future climate.

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World + 20 others
Climate change threatening small island countries and posing a danger to food security in landlocked states

Mongolia Ministry of Industry and Agriculture convenes high-level forum to discuss remedial action – 10 Government Ministers attend

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 12 Mar 2014 -- While the environments of small islands in the Pacific and landlocked countries with no access to the sea may seem polar opposites, they share common problems that need collaborative efforts to address and resolve if food security is to be guaranteed for future generations, a specially convened meeting in the Mongolian capital has heard.

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Fiji + 14 others
European Union and Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) sign a €35.5 (FJ$90.8) million financing agreement on climate change and sustainable energy

The programme will help 15 Pacific countries to address three main challenges: adapting to climate change; reducing their reliance on fossil fuels; and capacity building.

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Charity voices concern over conditions on Nauru for children

The head of the charity Save the Children Australia says there is clear evidence of the damaging impact of holding families and children in Nauru for long periods.

Paul Ronalds has been inside the Australian-run detention centre in Nauru, monitoring the work of his organisation and gauging the mood inside the camp.

Interviewer: Richard Ewart

Speaker: Paul Ronalds, CEO of Save the Children Australia

Australian Broadcasting Corporation:


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Nauru + 1 other
Insight - Crisis in tiny Nauru puts spotlight on Australia's asylum seeker policy

By Matt Siegel

SYDNEY, Feb 19 (Reuters) - It was mid-morning when the knock came at Rod Henshaw's door. He had 30 minutes to pack, police told him, then straight to the plane that would deport him from the home he'd made on the tiny Pacific island nation of Nauru.

Read the full story in AlertNet

Reuters - AlertNet:

For more humanitarian news and analysis, please visit

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Nauru + 1 other
Refugee advocates warn of mental health risks for unaccompanied children sent to Nauru

By Felicity Ogilvie, staff

Refugee advocates say the Government's decision to send 10 unaccompanied children to a detention centre on Nauru has put the children at serious risk of mental health issues.

Advocates from Save the Children, the charity employed to look after the children, say the minors arrived on Sunday morning and will be held in a detention centre that houses family groups.

Save the Children says research shows the longer the children are kept in detention the more it impacts their physical wellbeing and mental health.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation:


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Nauru + 4 others
His Excellency Ratu Epeli Nailatikau- Address at a Function on His State Visit to Nauru



Menen Hotel
Wednesday 12th February 2014

Your Excellency Baron Waqa, President of the Republic of Nauru, The first lady, Madam Louisa Waqa, Honourable Speaker, Honourable Ministers, Your Excellencies the High Commissioners and Ambassadors, Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen

Bula vinaka, good evening and mo yebum

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Nauru + 1 other
Ten unaccompanied children have been sent to the Australian-run asylum seeker processing centre on Nauru

Listen to the News

Save the Children is looking after the teenagers, who arrived on the island over the weekend and will be held in the family camp.

But one of the charity's leaders says vulnerable children should never have been sent offshore in the first place.

Reporter: Felicity Ogilvie

Australian Broadcasting Corporation:


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Tonga + 1 other
The Government and the People of Nauru donated $25,000 (Australia Dollars) towards the recovery effords following the devastations caused by cyclone Ian

03 February 2014 The High Commissioner of the Kingdom of Tonga to Australia accepted a donation from the Government and the people of Nauru regarding recovery effors following the devastations caused by cyclone Ian.

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World + 10 others
Information for Action Special Issue - Climate Change and Health [EN/FR]

Inform'ACTION is the bilingual bulletin of the Pacific Public Health Surveillance Network (PPHSN) produced by the Research, Evidence and Information Programme (REI) of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC). It contains news and information about public health surveillance and response activities in the Pacific Island Countries and Territories. The first priorities of the PPHSN are communicable diseases, especially the outbreak-prone ones.

Produced at SPC (Noumea) with the support of AusAid, New Zealand Aid Programme and France.

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Nauru Department of Education; Emergency Evacuation Policy (2012)

The Emergency Evacuation Policy of Nauru. In any event such as fire, earthquake, severe accident, tsunami evacuation of school buildings will be required to ensure the safe of all students, staff, parents and visitors.

The aim of the policy is to evacuate all students, staff, parents and visitors in an organised and controlled movement from a threatened danger area to a safe area; evacuate everyone from school buildings to the safe area in the minimum possible time: and to ensure that exposure to danger and the possible risk of injury are minimised.

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Nauru National Disaster Risk Management Plan 2008 (Final Draft)

This National Plan supports the Government's Disaster Risk Management Policy and is intended to assist the process of effectively managing hazards and risks in Nauru. It is not intended for use in its entirety during a response to a disaster. It is constructed in such a fashion that agencies and individuals can refer to relevant parts to assist the development of associated hazard mitigation, preparedness and emergency response plans.

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World + 21 others
Technical paper: The risk of disaster-induced displacement - South Pacific island states

A new paper aims to assess the risk of disaster-induced displacement in 21 island states in the South Pacific to guide development and preparedness planning.

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Cook Islands + 16 others
Traditional Knowledge for Adapting to Climate Change


Strengthening resilience to natural disasters and combating climate change through culture Pacific islanders have been dealing with a changing environment for centuries.

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World + 16 others
Emergency Preparedness & Response Plan: A guide to inter-agency humanitarian action in the Pacific

The Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan aims to provide more support to Pacific Island governments to minimise the consequences of disasters.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit

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Papua New Guinea + 2 others
Australia's Pacific asylum-seeker camps to cost $2 bn

12/17/2013 04:18 GMT

SYDNEY, December 17, 2013 (AFP) - Australia's policy of sending asylum-seekers offshore to camps in Papua New Guinea and Nauru will weigh on the budget and cost Aus$2 billion (US$1.79 billion) over four years, officials said Tuesday.

In releasing a mid-year economic outlook, Treasurer Joe Hockey said there were several issues left over by the previous Labor administration, including a Aus$1.2 billion shortfall in funding for offshore processing.

Agence France-Presse:

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