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Polio this week - as of 26 March 2014

The data table below is as of 26 March 2014

World’s most populous region certified polio-free: the WHO South East Asia Region was certified polio-free at a ceremony in India this week, meaning that transmission of wild poliovirus has been interrupted in this bloc of 11 countries stretching from Indonesia to India. This achievement marks a significant leap forward in global eradication, with 80% of the world’s population now living in certified polio-free regions.

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Iraq + 5 others
Complex Coverage - 25 September 2012

Comprehensive Information on Complex Crises

This document provides complex coverage of global events, with hyper-links to source material highlighted in blue and underlined in the text. For more information on the topics below or other issues pertaining to events in the region, contact the members of the Complex Coverage Team, or visit our website at www.cimicweb.org.


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Explosive Violence: June 2012


Multiple IED attacks in Iraq

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Somalia, Mauritania, Sudan and Niger have world's most vulnerable water supplies

Report says cross border tensions will increase globally as climate change affects water resources

A new report evaluating the water security of 165 countries has rated the African nations of Somalia, Mauritania, Sudan and Niger as being most at risk.

The Water Security Risk Index has been developed by Maplecroft, a firm specialising in corporate risk intelligence, to identify risks to the supply chains and operations of multinational companies. The index uses seven indicators to measure the four key areas surrounding the issue. These include: access to improved drinking water

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Iraq + 3 others
Egypt makes the most progress and Iraq the least in reducing child deaths, report finds

Millions of Children Still Dying Each Year Despite Availability of Proven, Low-Cost Interventions that Could Save Their Lives

WESTPORT, Conn. (May 8, 2007) - Egypt has made the most progress since 1990 - and Iraq the least - in saving the lives of children under 5, according to the eighth annual State of the World's Mothers Report issued today by Save the Children, a U.S.-based global independent humanitarian organization.

The report includes the first-ever Child