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29 Apr 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • In March, 7 incidents were registered in Diffa region with 22 casualties (16 civilians), including 3 girls between ages 12-15 with explosive belts who were killed by security forces before they were able to detonate their explosives.

27 Apr 2016 description


  • UN estimates that Boko Haram exploits children for 20 percent of bombing attacks

  • ASYG/RHC Lanzer advocates for additional assistance for the Lake Chad Basin

  • Ambassador Power announces more than $40 million in new USG assistance for the Lake Chad Basin response


23 Apr 2016 description

Facts & Figures

  • Niger is the lowest ranking country in the UN’s Human Development Index
  • Almost 25% of the population is food insecure
  • 1.9 million acutely malnourished children
  • 15% of children under age 5 suffer from Global Acute Malnutrition and every second child suffers from chronic malnutrition
  • 154 000 Malian and Nigerian refugees and 153 000 IDPs (UNOCHA)

Key messages

22 Apr 2016 description


  • During the reporting period, IOM assisted the Turkish Coast Guard in Çeşme by providing food, water and non-food items (including blankets, clothing and shoes) to 151 migrants and refugees who were rescued at sea. The majority of those rescued at sea in Çeşme were from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

20 Apr 2016 description


  • Du 31 mars au 1er avril 2016, IRC a réalisé une évaluation multisectorielle (MSA) dans le village d’Adjeri dans le département de Nguigmi. L’évaluation fait ressortir un besoin crucial en NFI, en eau, et en hygiène et assainissement. Le rapport final a été transmis à OCHA pour partage aux différents clusters.

20 Apr 2016 description

Date: L’évaluation s’est déroulée du 31 mars au 1 avril 2016

Zone d’évaluation: Le village de Adjeri dans le département de N’Guigimi situé à 25 km au Sud de N’Guigmi et difficilement accessible par véhicule surtout pendant la saison de pluie compte tenu de l’état de dégradation de la route. Le village d’Adjeri a fait l’objet de cette évaluation multi - sectorielle.

Population: La population d’Adjeri compte 450 ménages et environ 1650 personnes selon le Service de l’Etat Civil, mars 2016.

20 Apr 2016 description

Key messages

  • In seven years of conflict with brutal attacks on the civilian population in north-eastern Nigeria, over 20 000 people have been killed and 2.3 million are displaced within the country.

  • Many internally displaced (IDPs) live in dire conditions in informal settlements. They need shelter, food, water and healthcare. Indiscriminate violence has forced over 190 000 people to flee to neighbouring Niger, Cameroon and Chad.

20 Apr 2016 description

Media Note
Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
April 19, 2016

19 Apr 2016 description

Syria: In recent weeks, clashes between Islamic State and other non-government forces over the border area between Turkey and Syria have intensified. IDPs in camps located along the border are at risk: over 35,000 have fled the area since 14 April and are in need of protection. Additional displacement is likely.

12 Apr 2016 description

Iraq: The humanitarian situation in besieged Fallujah continues to deteriorate. Supply lines have been cut off since December, when government forces surrounded the city. Islamic State is reportedly preventing people from leaving. Prices of basic food stuffs are 500% above December prices for the third consecutive month. Acute shortages of food, medicine and fuel, as well as cases of starvation and suicide, have been reported.

12 Apr 2016 description
Nigeria + 3 others
Beyond Chibok
report UN Children's Fund

Nigeria regional conflict: Ten-fold increase in number of children used in ‘suicide’ attacks

DAKAR/NEW YORK/GENEVA, 12 April 2016 – The number of children involved in ‘suicide’ attacks in Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger has risen sharply over the past year, from 4 in 2014 to 44 in 2015, according to UNICEF data released today. More than 75 per cent of the children involved in the attacks are girls.

08 Apr 2016 description


  • To date, IOM Turkey has provided ten prefabricated cabins that are installed at reception points in Küçükkuyu, Dikili, Çeşme, Alaçatı, Kuşadası, Mordoğan. The cabins are used as changing rooms for female migrants and refugees, as well as children, rescued at sea. The cabins also provide storage space for NFIs, including hygiene kits, which are then distributed to those who have been rescued at sea.

05 Apr 2016 description
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Summary Table of Funding Requirements


In 2016 over 125 million people living in crisis-affected countries are in need of humanitarian assistance. The humanitarian community is committed to providing aid to over 87 million of those in need. The risks to health posed by humanitarian emergencies are at an all-time high. Developments such as climate change, urbanization, population growth and worsening civil conflict are increasing the frequency and severity of many types of emergencies. Attacks on health workers and health facilities are also on the rise.

05 Apr 2016 description

Snapshot 31 March–5 April 2016

Syria: The most serious violation of the cessation of hostilities occurred on 2 April around Aleppo, when fighting broke out between government forces and non-government forces. In addition, eight of 18 besieged areas were not reached by humanitarian assistance in February and March, including around 250,000 people in Darayya and Eastern Ghouta in Rural Damascus.

01 Apr 2016 description
report Caritas

Cáritas. 1 de abril de 2016.- Cáritas Española está respondiendo a los llamamientos de ayuda de emergencia lanzados por las Cáritas de Etiopía, Sudán del Sur y Níger para garantizar asistencia humanitaria de urgencia a los cientos de miles de damnificados por la crisis de alimentos que asola el Cuerno de Africa y por la violencia terrorista en el Sahel.