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05 May 2016 description

The humanitarian need is increasing in terms of displaced persons, host communities. With the recent assessment conducted in April, some areas in Borno and Yobe classified under the Cadre Harmonise at phase 3 were refined and classified as phase 4. Some location in Northern Borno are still inaccessible to humanitarian partners due to insecurity.

03 May 2016 description
  • As of 30 April, global funding requirements to meet the needs of 89 million people across 39 countries through humanitarian response plans and appeals for 2016 amount to over US$20.3 billion. About $3.8 billion in funding has been received so far, leaving a shortfall of $16.5 billion. With the emergence of new humanitarian crises, global financial requirements have increased by around 2 per cent in the first trimester of the year.

29 Apr 2016 description


Poverty, demographic pressure and recurrent shocks (droughts, floods, epidemics, and high food prices) are among the key causes of vulnerability amongst households and communities.

Insecurity in neighboring countries, notably Mali and Nigeria, has led to displacements to Niger. In addition, the country is experiencing internal displacement of people due to armed attacks by insurgents that have been occurring in Diffa since Feb 2015.

11 Apr 2016 description

The security situation in south-eastern Niger continues to deteriorate due to a growing number of attacks by Boko Haram. Since the first Boko Haram attack on the Nigerien territory in February 2015 to date, several other incursions have been reported in the region. These attacks have caused the internal displacement of thousands of people. As a consequence, the humanitarian needs in the region have increased, in a context characterized by limited resources for an adequate response and by localized access challenges.

11 Apr 2016 description

From 4 January to 27 March 27, 979 cases of meningitis, including 74 deaths, were reported, compared to 293 cases and 41 deaths last year during the same period. The case fatality rate is however decreasing from 14 per cent in 2015 to 7.6 percent in 2016 during the same reporting period. Children 0-4 years account for 30 percent of those affected while those 5- 14 years account for 35 per cent of the total.

07 Apr 2016 description

Regional Highlights

  • Despite facing sustained military pressure, Boko Haram gunmen continue to carry out attacks targeting civilians in markets, mosques and even settlements hosting the displaced. Their strategy has changed, preferring the more unpredictable suicide bombings, improvised explosive devices, raids on villages to loot food, and abductions.

07 Apr 2016 description

An overlooked crisis

The violent conflict in the Lake Chad Basin has continuously deteriorated over the last two years. Boko Haram raids and suicide bombings targeting civilians are causing widespread trauma, preventing people from accessing essential services and destroying vital infrastructure.

06 Apr 2016 description
  • As at 31 March, the global funding requirements for humanitarian response plans and appeals for 2016 are over US$20.1 billion to meet the needs of 88.7 million people across 38 countries.
    About $1.5 billion in funding has been received so far, leaving a shortfall of $18.6 billion. The outstanding pledges amount to over $124.4 million as reported to the Financial Tracking Service (FTS).