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03 Feb 2015 description

The year opened with a worsening of the ongoing conflicts in Yemen, Nigeria and Ukraine, each with potentially major regional implications. Violence escalated in Sudan, as well as in Lebanon's Tripoli and along its southern border with Israel, and a deadly clash between police and militants in the southern Philippines threatened to derail the peace process there. In South Asia, both Bangladesh and Nepal saw political tensions intensify.

02 Sep 2014 description

The fight for control of Libya between the Misrata-led Islamist-leaning coalition and the Zintan-led forces is escalating by the day. Hundreds have been killed and thousands displaced in over six weeks of clashes and heavy artillery fire. The Misrata side emerged victorious in the battle over Tripoli’s international airport, taking control of the capital, and made advances around Benghazi, but the larger political divide remains unresolved.

02 Jun 2014 description
report Geneva Call

The recent War Report describes 27 on-going non-international armed conflicts in 24 States or territories, all involving armed non-State actors (ANSAs), most of them unequivocally subject to International Humanitarian Law (IHL). Violations of international humanitarian norms are widespread in all of these conflicts, with civilians consistently suffering the most. Many IHL violations – though not all – are committed by ANSAs.

04 Feb 2014 description

Situation préoccupante le long de la côte de la mer Rouge et de la Corne de l’Afrique

07 Jan 2014 description

La situation relative au Criquet pèlerin est restée critique en décembre le long des deux rives de la mer Rouge. Des groupes de larves et d’ailés, des bandes larvaires et des essaims se sont formés au Yémen, en Arabie saoudite et en Érythrée. Des infestations plus petites étaient présentes au Soudan. Des opérations de lutte ont été réalisées dans tous ces pays.

03 Jan 2014 description

General Situation during December 2013
Forecast until mid-February 2014

03 Dec 2013 description
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General Situation during November 2013
Forecast until mid-January 2014

03 Oct 2013 description

General Situation during September 2013
Forecast until mid-November 2013

11 Jun 2013 description


Having regard to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union,

Having regard to Council Regulation (EC) No 1257/96 of 20 June 1996 concerning humanitarian aid ("the Humanitarian Aid Regulation"), and in particular Article 2, notably 2 (c), Article 4 and Article 15(2) and (3) thereof,

05 Mar 2013 description

La situation relative au Criquet pèlerin est restée préoccupante en février dans les aires de reproduction hivernale le long des deux rives de la mer Rouge, où les infestations acridiennes ont continué à augmenter.

04 Mar 2013 description

The Desert Locust situation remained worrisome during February in the winter breeding areas along both sides of the Red Sea where locust infestations continued to increase. Adults formed groups and swarms in Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea and Saudi Arabia. Some of these moved into crops along the Nile River in northern Sudan, laid eggs and caused damage, while a limited number of groups and swarms moved north along the Egyptian coast where they could eventually threaten the Nile Delta. Substantial control operations were carried out by the three countries.

22 Feb 2013 description


  • Despite good agricultural production in 2012 and good conditions for pastoralists, the situation in the Sahel remains critical, mostly due to the impact of the 2012 crisis (food insecurity, floods and Mali conflict) as well as previous recent crises. Approximately 10.3 million people remain food insecure in 2013 and over 1.4 million children are at risk of severe acute malnutrition.

05 Feb 2013 description

Situation préoccupante le long des deux rives de la mer Rouge

04 Feb 2013 description

Situation remains serious along both sides of the Red Sea

03 Feb 2013 description

The Desert Locust situation deteriorated further in the winter breeding areas along the Red Sea during January. Locust numbers increased substantially as eggs hatched and hoppers formed numerous groups and bands in southeast Egypt, Sudan, northeast Eritrea and in Saudi Arabia. Swarms were also reported in these countries.
Control operations were undertaken, including aerial operations in Sudan and Saudi Arabia.

31 Jan 2013 description

Key Points

  • The resumption of hostilities in northern Mali leads to an influx of displaced people in an ever more difficult context for affected populations
  • Prices of millet are still high in the Sahel despite a good harvest
  • Food insecurity still persists because of the 2011-2012 crises which resulted from natural disasters, high malnutrition rates and prices still high for the poorest Sahelian households
  • Locust invasions are decreasing