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24 Jul 2017 description


Le Centre européen de gestion des politiques de développement (ECDPM) est un centre indépendant de réflexion et d’action œuvrant dans le domaine de la coopération internationale et de la politique de développement en Europe et en Afrique.

24 Jul 2017 description


The European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) is an independent ‘think and do tank’ working on international cooperation and development policy in Europe and Africa.
Our staff members provide research and analysis, advice and practical support to policymakers and practitioners in Europe,

Africa and beyond – to make policies work for sustainable and inclusive global development. We bring people together and collaborate with a broad range of partners to address policy implementation challenges.

18 Jul 2017 description
report UN Population Fund

This document aims to bring clarity on the multiplicity of the underlying dynamics, which gives pertinence to this alternative and which justifies the implementation of a targeted action that extends beyond military action, within which demography is an essential and structuring variable.

18 Jul 2017 description

La résilience urbaine est un produit de la capacité des ménages à absorber le stress, à s’adapter et à transformer la marge d’action en gestion du risque. Cette note politique décrit dans ses grandes lignes une nouvelle méthodologie mise au point pour explorer divers aspects de la résilience dans des contextes urbains très pauvres où les biens économiques sont connus limités. La méthode a été développée en réponse à des demandes de Save the Children pour explorer les possibilités d’adaptation d’un outil de suivi de la sécurité alimentaire en zones rurales.

13 Jul 2017 description

Insights from the Mixed Migration Monitoring Mechanism initiative (4Mi) in Mali and Niger

Executive Summary

• The Mixed Migration Monitoring Mechanism initiative (4Mi) collects data on the conditions of mixed migration movements across various regions. It is implemented by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and the Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat.

07 Jul 2017 description

On 2 July 2017 leaders of the G5 Sahel, which consists of Chad, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Mali and Niger, officially launched the new G5 Sahel force, in the presence of French President Emmanuel Macron. This followed a meeting in February 2017 in which the G5 Sahel heads of state announced that a new force would be set up to fight terrorism in the sub-region. This announcement followed the creation of the Liptako Gourma securitisation force by Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger in late January to combat instability in this border region.

06 Jul 2017 description

July 2017

Desmidt, S., Hauck, V. 2017. Gestion des conflits dans le cadre de l'Architecture africaine de la paix et de sécurité (APSA). (Document de réflexion 211). Maastricht : ECDPM.

05 Jul 2017 description

President's message

04 Jul 2017 description

For farmers in the Sahel, innovating and adapting to variable environmental conditions have been part of life for centuries. This paper examines innovative approaches that have been adopted in four BRACED projects to build resilience to current and future climate risks.

Key messages:

27 Jun 2017 description

The AU should encourage regional efforts to prevent violent extremism in the Lake Chad Basin.

The 29th African Union (AU) summit that starts this week will no doubt consider the threat of terrorism and how member states, supported by the AU, can respond. In the Lake Chad Basin – now a major conflict zone – the battle against Boko Haram is progressing, albeit at an unsteady pace.

26 Jun 2017 description

The African Union and its partners are a vital part in combating the continent’s crises.

Now more than ever, Africa needs the help of the African Union (AU) and its partners in tackling security threats and other ongoing crises – particularly in the Sahel region and the Horn of Africa.

It’s these and other issues that are going to keep Africa’s leaders busy at the 29th AU summit in Addis Ababa from 27 June to 4 July, and more specifically the AU Assembly meeting of heads of state on 3 and 4 July.

21 Jun 2017 description
report European Commission


This publication reproduces the first test on the production of Migration Profile. It includes an example for Mali for the Structural Migration Profile (2015) and the Flash Migration Profile for the period August – October 2016.

21 Jun 2017 description


Stephen O’Brien, Secrétaire général des Nations Unies aux affaires humanitaires et Coordonnateur des secours d’urgence

21 Jun 2017 description
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Humanitarian Response Plans and Flash Appeals