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31 Oct 2008 description

Journées locales de vaccination Polio au Niger en 2008

L'éradication mondiale de la poliomyélite reste plus que jamais d'actualité.

31 Oct 2008 description

Objectif et sommaire

Ce document vise à fournir une vision d'ensemble de la situation alimentaire, y inclus les conséquences des tendances des marchés internationaux et sous régionaux aux membres du Groupe de Travail sur la Sécurité Alimentaire et la Nutrition. L'information contenue dans ce rapport provient des rapports du CILSS, de FEWS-NET, du RESIMAO, du Club du Sahel et des Systèmes d'Information des Marchés (SIM).

31 Oct 2008 description

La poursuite des récoltes, la reconstitution de stocks, et le début de la campagne de commercialisation des produits agricoles continuent. Les résultats provisoires de la campagne agricole sont nettement supérieurs à la moyenne (2003- 2007), mais avec des poches localisées de mauvaises productions suite au démarrage tardif de la saison et son arrêt précoce.

31 Oct 2008 description

Tunis, 29 October 2008 - The African Development Fund (ADF), the concessionary window of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group, has approved a combined loan and grant of 40 million Units of Account (UA*), equivalent to US$ 62 million, to finance the Kandadji Ecosystems Regeneration and the Niger Valley Development programme (KERNVDP).

The loan and grant of UA 20 Million (US$31 million) each were approved by the ADF Board on Wednesday in Tunis, to help provide solutions to the recurrent drought in Niger and the degradation of natural resources by regenerating the riverine …

31 Oct 2008 description
report IRIN

DAKAR, 31 October 2008 (IRIN) - West Africa's rainy season is coming to a close, but the yearly cholera outbreak continues to claim lives throughout the region.

In the hardest-hit country, Guinea-Bissau, the World Health Organization (WHO) says the situation is still "out of control" with 834 new cases and 15 deaths in the third week of October.

31 Oct 2008 description


- Guinea-Bissau: Cholera on the decline

- West Africa: West Africa holds first major conference on drug trafficking

- Côte d'Ivoire/Niger: Medecins Sans Frontères stops its activities

- Liberia: Monrovia school canteens reopen


1.1 Food Security and Nutrition

Regional overview

According to a CRS, CILSS, FAO, FEWS-NET and WFP joint report, a decline in the price of millet and maize began in September 2008, however there is no indication how far prices will drop, or for how long the trend will last.

31 Oct 2008 description


Guinée-Bissau : Le choléra enfin en baisse

Afrique de l'Ouest : 1ère rencontre ouest africaine contre le trafic de drogue

Côte d'Ivoire/Niger : MSF-France arrête ces activités

Libéria : Réouverture des cantines scolaires à Monrovia


1.1 Sécurité alimentaire et nutrition

Aperçu régional

Selon un rapport conjoint CRS, CILSS, FAO, FEWS-NET et le PAM, une baisse du prix du mil et du maïs a été constatée depuis le mois de septembre 2008 sur les marchés ouest africains, cependant il est difficile de prédire …

31 Oct 2008 description

Can the record harvests expected in West Africa ease the effects of soaring food prices?

Rainfall forecasts for the 2008 rainy season by the PRESAO1 11 forum projected normal to above? normal precipitation (based on the 1961? 1990 historical average) across virtually all farming areas of the West African countries, Chad and Cameroon. These predictions utilized country? level monitoring data for the current growing season.

The 2008 rainy season got off to a normal start, producing regular, evenly distributed rainfall in most of the Sahelian and West African countries.

31 Oct 2008 description

Les récoltes record attendues au Sahel et en Afrique de l'Ouest pourront? elles atténuer les effets des niveaux très élevés des prix des denrées alimentaires?

Les prévisions pluviométriques issues du forum PRESAO1 11 laissaient présager pour l'hivernage 2008 des pluies équivalentes ou supérieures à la normale (1961? 1990) dans la quasi? totalité de la zone agricole des pays de l'Afrique de l'Ouest, du Tchad, et du Cameroun.

31 Oct 2008 description

From the Editor

Issue 34 of Field Exchange has a special focus on infant and young child feeding in emergencies (IFE) and is dedicated to the memory of Tom Marchione.

Leading the IFE 'show' is an extended field article from the UNICEF team in Indonesia, sharing their IFE experiences in the aftermath of the earthquake in 2006. On reading the piece you may well get that 'deja-vu' feeling - mass arrival and untargeted distribution of infant formula, milk powder, and commercial baby foods to mothers and children. Monitoring was almost non-existent.

31 Oct 2008 description

Purpose and Summary

This paper provides members of the regional-level Food Security and Nutrition Working Group and other decision-makers in West Africa with an overview of the food security situation, including the implications of international and sub-regional market trends.

On West African markets, a decline in the price of millet and maize began in September 2008. It is not known how far prices will drop, or for how long the trend will last.

31 Oct 2008 description

Harvesting and stock-building activities and the crop marketing season continue. Preliminary crop performance figures for this growing season are well above the fiveaverage (2003-2007), but reflect localized pockets of production shortfalls where the season got off to a late start and ended earlier than usual.

30 Oct 2008 description

MSF calls on the Niger Government, UNICEF and the World Food Program (WFP) to take action in Maradi and ensure that malnourished children receive treatment to the extent.

MSF and MSF Podcasts: Paris/Niamey - On July 18, 2008, the Niger government terminated, suddenly and without explanation, the medical and nutritional activities of the French section of MSF in the Maradi region.

29 Oct 2008 description

Executive summary

The Federation's West and Central Africa Zone (WCAZ) priorities are guided by the following strategic initiatives intended to support the development and work of National Societies: the Global Agenda Goals and the Framework for Action, Strategy 2010, the African Red Cross and Red Crescent Health Initiative (ARCHI) 2010 and the Algiers Plan of Action.

Working within these initiatives, the Zone's immediate focus is to support National Societies in providing assistance to address the needs of vulnerable people.

27 Oct 2008 description

Contexte général -

Cette semaine, le contexte général de notre région est dominé par les combats dans l'est de la RDC conduisant à des déplacements très importants des populations. D'autres crises politiques conduisant à l'insécurité, aux déplacements des populations dans certains pays continuent. Les épidémies frappent toujours plusieurs pays. L'OMS continue son appui technique aux pays en crises.

Situation dans les pays

Crises aigues

- Ethiopie: La malnutrition continue de progresser.

27 Oct 2008 description

General Context

The general context of our Region this week is dominated by the fighting in the eastern DRC causing a huge population displacement. Other Political crises leading to insecurity, displacement of populations in some countries are still ongoing. Diseases outbreaks continue to strike several countries. WHO continue to provide technical support in many countries in crisis.

Countries Situations

Acute Crises

- CAR: Security situation relatively calm. In the North-east, this lull coincides with a slight return of IDPs to their homes.

24 Oct 2008 description
report World Bank

Le Groupe de la Banque mondiale a lancé un mécanisme de financement rapide doté de 1,2 milliard de dollars - le Programme d'intervention en réponse à la crise alimentaire mondiale (GFRP) - afin d'accélérer les apports d'aide aux pays qui en ont le plus besoin. Le GFRP a approuvé et commencé à décaisser, en date du 24 octobre 2008, 200 millions de dollars pour des projets dans 21 pays. Trois projets de 159 millions sont en cours d'approbation.

21 Oct 2008 description

When MSF's work was suspended, nearly 3,400 malnourished children were under treatment and 500 new children were being admitted weekly. This interruption occurred during the most critical time of year - the lean period.

21 Oct 2008 description

By Abdoulaye Massalatchi

NIAMEY, Oct 21 (Reuters) - French charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) appealed to Niger on Tuesday to allow it to resume treating thousands of malnourished children in a southern region, three months after the government halted its work.

Niger's health authorities have accused the French medical charity of exaggerating the numbers of under-nourished infants requiring help in the Maradi region, and of failing to cooperate with the …