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Côte d'Ivoire + 7 others
West Africa: Humanitarian Situation Report No. 5, Jun 2004

Security Council Mission to West Africa

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

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Algeria + 6 others
FAO Desert Locust Update - 14 Jun 2004

General Situation as of 14 June 2004
The Desert Locust situation continues to remain extremely alarming despite intensive aerial and ground control operations against hopper bands in Northwest Africa. New groups of adults are forming in Morocco, Algeria and Libya. Several swarms were seen near the summer breeding areas in southern Mauritania. In the coming weeks, locust numbers are expected to increase dramatically in the Sahel in West Africa as swarms that form and escape current control operations in Northwest Africa move southwards and appear in areas of recent rainfall.
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Chad + 4 others
Sahel weather and crop situation report No. 1 - 9 Jun 2004

The rainy season has started against a backdrop of worrying desert locust situation


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Algeria + 10 others
FAO Desert Locust Bulletin No. 308 - 02 Jun 2004

General Situation during May 2004

Forecast until mid-July 2004

The Desert Locust situation is very worrying despite intensive control operations carried out in Northwest Africa during May. So far in 2004, more hectares have been treated than in any year since the last plague of 1987-89. Nevertheless, a significant redistribution of populations is expected to occur in June as swarms that form in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya move south and invade Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad and perhaps western Sudan. Although the scale of the invasion is difficult