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19 Jun 2017 description


Flood As a consequence of the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone, heavy rains poured Mindanao. The situation has triggered flooding in Maguindanao. Based on the latest report of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, 21 municipalities in Maguindanao Province were affected by flood. Nearly 303,000 people were reportedly affected by this situation.


18 Jun 2017 description


After battered by heavy rain, flash flood hit and inundated Hulu Langat, Selangor State and Batang Padang, Perak State. In Hulu Langat, 98 families or 398 people were evacuated by the local disaster response authority. Four evacuation centres were also established to serve the evacuees.

Meanwhile in Batang Padang, 12 families/48 people were also evacuated. One evacuation centre was set up to accommodate the evacuees.

Additional Data

Affected Families: 108
Affected Persons: 446

18 Jun 2017 description


Thunderstorm accompanied with strong wind battered Penaga in Penang. The thunderstorm damaged 100 houses in 12 areas in Penaga which included Taman Penaga, Bakar Kapur, Kampung Pasir Gebu, Kuala Muda and Permatang Rawa.

The local authority conducted the damage assessment and advised the residents to report any damage to the authority so that assistance can be provided in time.

Additional Data

Country: Malaysia
Affected Area / Region: Penaga
Affected Houses: 100

16 Jun 2017 description


The ASEAN Dengue Day is an advocacy event held every 15 June to increase public awareness of dengue; to mobilize resources for its prevention and control; and, to demonstrate the commitment of ASEAN in to tackling the disease.

15 Jun 2017 description

DREF update n° 1: 15 June 2017

Timeframe covered by this update: 31 March 2017 – 25 May 2017

This Operation Update informs the extension of the operation’s timeframe by two months (until 31 August 2017). The extension allows the chapter in providing support to the individuals who are not able to return within the initial timeframe of the operation due to issues on documentation and transportation.

A. Situation analysis

Description of the situation

12 Jun 2017 description

Denied access to the national education system, Shamshidha is among refugee children attending informal schools in Malaysia where refugees have no legal status.

By: Elisabet Diaz Sanmartin in Kuala Lumpur

Eighteen-year-old Rohingya refugee Shamshidah did not set foot inside a classroom until she was well into her teens, and today she is still beating the odds against her getting an education.

08 Jun 2017 description

This report is the collaboration of Save the Children and the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network with funding support from the Oak Foundation.

06 Jun 2017 description
report BioMed Central

Conflict and Health201711:9 DOI: 10.1186/s13031-017-0112-2©  The Author(s). 2017

Received: 1 November 2016Accepted: 26 March 2017Published: 31 May 2017



06 Jun 2017 description
  • 132.3 M required for 2017
  • 24.6 M contributions received, representing 19% of requirements
  • 107.7 M funding gap for South East Asia

All figures are displayed in USD

05 Jun 2017 description

Immigration Detention And Community Statistics Summary

At 30 April 2017, there were 1,392 people in immigration detention facilities, including 1,108 in immigration detention on the mainland and 284 in immigration detention on Christmas Island.

A further 556 people were living in the community after being approved for a residence determination and 23,573 were living in the community after grant of a Bridging Visa E.

02 Jun 2017 description

A Guide to Recovery Planning and Preparedness

The ASEAN Disaster Recovery Reference Guide (the Guide) aims to help the ASEAN Member States prepare for recovery; and deliver timely, efficient and effective recovery programmes.

The goal of the Guide is to improve the social and economic outcomes of disaster recovery programmes in the Member States. In particular, it aims to ensure that recovery improves disaster resilience and contributes to sustainable development.

26 May 2017 description


​The ECDC Communicable Disease Threats Report (CDTR) is a weekly bulletin for epidemiologists and health professionals on active public health threats. This issue covers the period 21 May - 27 May 2017 and includes updates on influenza, hepatitis A, cholera, Ebola virus disease and Legionnaires' disease.

26 May 2017 description


A key challenge faced by humanitarian agencies is how to ensure that limited available resources are allocated where they are most needed and are efficiently delivered in a principled manner. Decisions to allocate resources must strike a balance between meeting the immediate needs of crisis affected communities and supporting efforts to strengthen resilience and response preparedness to future emergencies.

22 May 2017 description
report UN General Assembly

Note by the Secretary-General

The Secretary-General has the honour to transmit to the General Assembly the report of the Director-General of the World Health Organization, submitted in accordance with General Assembly resolution 70/300.

Report of the Director-General of the World Health Organization on consolidating gains and accelerating efforts to control and eliminate malaria in developing countries, particularly in Africa, by 2030


19 May 2017 description


​The ECDC Communicable Disease Threats Report (CDTR) is a weekly bulletin for epidemiologists and health professionals on active public health threats. This issue covers the period 14 May - 20 May 2017 and includes updates on influenza, measles, hepatitis A, cholera, polio, Ebola virus disease and Legionnaires' disease.

19 May 2017 description
report The Guardian

Probe prompted by Guardian report on the deaths of 24 refugees and asylum seekers

Malaysia has launched an investigation into allegations of “torture-like” conditions inside immigration detention centres after the Guardian reported at least two dozen refugees and asylum seekers had died since 2015.

Read more in The Guardian.

19 May 2017 description
report The Guardian

At least two dozen refugees and asylum seekers have died in Malaysia immigration detention centres since 2015, the United Nations refugee agency has told the Guardian.

Living in fetid, overcrowded cells, inmates are so severely deprived of basic necessities such as food, water, and medical care that the Malaysian national human rights commission described conditions as “torture-like”.

Read more in The Guardian.

17 May 2017 description

Bangladeshi security forces have detained more than a dozen members of Myanmar’s persecuted Rohingya Muslim community and two men accused of attempting to smuggle them into Malaysia by boat on May 9, said the Office-in-Charge (OC), Mainuddin Khan from Teknaf police station.

The two Bangladeshis were charged with people smuggling offences after arranging the trip to Malaysia, the first time in two years would-be migrants have attempted to journey there by boat, said Teknaf police chief Mainuddin Khan.