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03 Nov 2014 description

Regional Overview


Mozambique's ruling party Frelimo won the 15 October presidential elections, with their candidate, Filipe Nyusi, recieving 57.3 per cent of the votes. In the simultaneous parliamentary elections, Frelimo won 144 seats, Renamo won 89 seats and the Democratic Movement of Mozambique (MDM) 17 seats. Voter turnout was estimated at about 49 per cent.


22 Sep 2014 description

Overview 2013/14 Crop Production Season

Well distributed rains were received in most parts of the region facilitating good production in most countries

Late start of the season in north-eastern and some southern parts of the Region, including parts of Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe

09 Sep 2014 description

Regional Overview


The situation in Lesotho remains calm but tense. It is being reported that Lieutenant General Tlali Kamoli is refusing to negotiate an end to the political stalemate. South Africa and SADC are still very much committed to dialogue to resolve the current situation.

In Focus: Mozambique

02 Sep 2014 description

Regional Overview

The SADC Regional Climate Outlook for the rainfall season 2014/15 predicts normal to above-normal rainfall for most of the region this rainfall season (October 2014 to March 2015).


On 28 August a swarm of locusts invaded the capital Antananarivo. No significant crop damage has been reported, but the situation draws attention to the need for continued support for the three-year anti-locust campaign, which faces a funding gap of US$ 10 million.


01 Sep 2014 description

Situation Overview: HIV and AIDS

The SADC region accounts for some of the highest HIV prevalence levels in the world. An estimated 14.6 million people in the region, are living with HIV. Women account for more than 50% of those living with HIV in the region.

18 Aug 2014 description

Regional Overview

Southern Africa leaders are meeting in Zimbabwe for the 34th SADC Heads of State and Government Summit which begins today, 18 August 2014. The summit is expected to discuss how the region can achieve economic growth. The theme for the summit is 'SADC Strategy for Economic Transformation:
Leveraging the Region’s Diverse Resources for Sustainable Economic and Social Development through Beneficiation and Value Addition’.

In Focus: Malawi

25 Jul 2014 description


Malnutrition levels, particularly stunting levels, in the southern Africa region are very high, as is reflected in child nutritional status. All the countries in the region have stunting levels that are of concern, above the 20% World Health Organization (WHO) threshold for stunting.

11 Jul 2014 description


  • Resilience refers to the ability of a system, communities and households to endure stresses and shocks.

  • Southern Africa as a region is characterized by high levels of vulnerability.

  • Recent momentum around the resilience building agenda in Lesotho and Malawi shows great promise.

  • A groundbreaking resilience framework is being developed to guide future activities in the region

Figures (SADC)

02 Jun 2014 description


An earthquake measuring 4.4 on the Richter scale was recorded in Antananarivo on 27 May.
The epicenter of the quake was 45 km from the capital, but no damage was recorded.

Earthquakes occur almost daily in Madagascar, which recorded 1571 earthquakes since 2011, of which 28 measured more than 4 on the Richter scale.

Support is being provided to authorities in assisting the 1,400 people displaced by clashes between the two villages of Andranondambo and Ambatotsivala in Androy, southern Madagascar, which took place on 8 May.

27 May 2014 description

Situation Overview

During the 2013/2014 rainfall season (October 2013 - May 2014), severe weather events caused flooding in several Southern African countries, with almost all affected by some level of flooding. Nine tropical cyclones were recorded during the season, compared to the seasonal average of ten, of which three made landfall: Hellen, Amara and Deliwe. A total of 383,256 people were affected and 117 deaths reported. 195,000 USD was issued in the form of OCHA emergency cash grants to assist in response activities.

27 May 2014 description


  • An estimated 383,261 people were affected by floods or storms and at least 117 people lost their lives during the 2013/2014 rainfall season.

  • Tropical Cyclone Hellen, which impacted Mozambique, Comoros and Madagascar in late March, was one of the most powerful cyclones ever recorded in the Mozambique Channel.

  • In Zimbabwe, the more than 15,625 people evacuated remain in dire living conditions.

26 May 2014 description

Regional: Despite an erratic and delayed start to the rainy season, the regional consumption season is expected to be better than last year in terms of cereal supplies. Most rural households across the region will maintain Minimal (IPC Phase 1) food insecurity outcomes between April and September.

19 May 2014 description

On Tuesday 20 May 2014, Malawi will hold its fifth general elections since attaining multi-party democracy in 1994.

Attacks by armed bandits known as dahalo continue to be reported.

National cereal production is provisionally forecasted at 122,390 tons, reflecting an increase of 50% from last season's harvest but still 2% below average.

07 May 2014 description


  • A joint pre-harvest food security assessment conducted in March 2014 indicated that 10 of the 28 districts may face food shortages in 2014/15 as a result of prolonged dry spells and army worm attacks. Access to food will be further affected by low production of cotton which is a main cash crop in some of the affected districts. The number of people that will be food insecure in the new consumption year (April 2014 to March 2015) will be clearly known after the annual Malawi Vulnerability Assessment to be conducted in the month of June 2014.

29 Apr 2014 description

Floods are being reported in the northern district of Karonga. Assessments are still ongoing, but preliminary information indicates that around 2,200 households have been affected, with 600 houses destroyed. A red locust outbreak has been sighted over parts of Lake Chilwa in southern Malawi, which may impact food security. A joint response is ongoing.

21 Apr 2014 description

By November 2013, with 1.8 million people in need of food aid, Malawi’s humanitarian community faced a dilemma.

Read the full story on OCHA

08 Apr 2014 description

Moderate Tropical Cyclone Hellen reportedly affected around 8,800 people to date, according to ongoing assessments by the General Directorate of Civil Protection (DGSC) and the Red Crescent. Government is leading the response with the assistance of UN Agencies and the Red Crescent.

17 Mar 2014 description

Mozambique: Flood Update

As of 14 March:

  • 7 basins are on alert: Pungué, Zambeze, Limpopo, Messalo, Lugenda, Incomáti and Maputo
  • Maputo, Umbeluzi, Incomáti and Limpopo Basins in Southern Mozambique (and also covering Swaziland) are at risk of inflows due to rains.

Rains from 12 and 13 March affected most districts of Maputo province. In Maputo city, a total of 262 houses in informal settlements have flooded.

17 Mar 2014 description
  • The first round crop estimates from Ministry of Agriculture indicates prospects for a better harvest this year compared to last year and the overall rainfall so far has been good.

  • With the availability of maize in ADMARC markets and local markets, combined with the ongoing humanitarian assistance, prices are expected to decline in February 2014.

  • In January 2014, the national average maize price was MK147.21/kg compared to MK89.39/kg same time last year, showing an increase of 65 percent.

04 Mar 2014 description

The 2013/14 rain season has affected 10,856 households (54,280 people) as at 24 Feb 2014, mainly due to torrential rains and floods. DoDMA (Department of Disaster Management Affairs) has provided relief assistance to most affected districts with only preliminary reports from Rumphi and Blantyre remaining pending verification by the district councils.