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24 Apr 2015 description

SRP REQUIREMENTS US$ 1,986 million

SRP FUNDING US$ 327 million



24 Apr 2015 description
report ACMAD

Climate conditions are favorable for a high vigilance for meningitis cases over eastern Senegal and Gambia, extreme north of Guinea, extreme south of Mauritania, southern Mali and Niger, the whole of Burkina Faso, extreme north of Nigeria and Cameroon, central south of Chad and southeast Sudan.

Moderate vigilance is detected over western Senegal and Gambia, the whole of Guinea Bissau, southern Guinea, northern Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana, central north of Nigeria and Cameroon, south of Chad, extreme south of Sudan, northern South Sudan and CAR, and western Ethiopia .

21 Apr 2015 description

Snapshot 15–21 April 2015

Iraq Violence has displaced 14,000 families in and around Ramadi: 7,000 in Anbar; 5,000 in Baghdad, 2,000 on their way to Baghdad. Checkpoints and insecurity hamper IDP movement. UNICEF estimates 8.29 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, up from 5.2 million in February.

21 Apr 2015 description
report Qatar Charity

Qatar Charity established its office in Mauritania in 2007 as it previously implemented activities solely through national partners. Its ambitious relief program is working to enhance the readiness and preparedness of the office and partners in emergency response for the benefit of millions of refugees and displaced populations in eastern Mauritania, via the provision of food and medical aid, clothes and blankets.

21 Apr 2015 description
report European Union

Council conclusions on the Sahel Regional Action Plan 2015-2020

20 Apr 2015 description

KAYES, Mali, April 20 (UNHCR) A quarter century after his grandfather fled from Mauritania to escape bitter inter-communal violence, 13-year-old Oumar stood with other young Mauritanian refugees to receive birth certificates in Mali – a step that opens the door to basic rights enjoyed by Malians.

20 Apr 2015 description


16 Apr 2015 description

Le mercredi 08 avril 2015, l’hôtel Wissal de Nouakchott a abrité les travaux de l’atelier de validation des comptes nationaux de la Santé (CNS) pour les années 2011, 2012 et 2013.

La cérémonie d’ouverture, présidée par M. Ahmed Ould Sid Ahmed Ould Dié, Secrétaire Général du Ministère de la Santé, s’est déroulée en présence du secrétaire Général du Ministère des Finances et des Représentants de l’OMS et du PNUD.

14 Apr 2015 description

Snapshot 9–14 April 2015

Afghanistan: Security incidents have spiked in early April, after the announcement that more NATO troops would remain in the country than originally scheduled. NATO convoys were targeted in Nangarhar and Kabul on 10 April. On the same day, five NGO staff were found dead, having been abducted in Uruzgan province in early March.

13 Apr 2015 description

Points Saillants

Globalement, la production de biomasse au Sahel est excédentaire à la moyenne des dernières 16 années. Mais la production de 2014 montre un déclin considérable comparée à l’année 2013. En plus, des bandes sévèrement déficitaires indiquent une période de soudure (mars-juillet) difficile pour les pasteurs de ces zones.

 La saison des pluies en 2014 n’a pas été favorable pour la zone pastorale. Un début tardif combiné avec des anomalies pluviales négatives a eu un impact négatif sur la production de biomasse dans les zones pastorales.

13 Apr 2015 description

Hypothèses pour l’analyse trimestrielle de la sécurité alimentaire

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12 Apr 2015 description

Niger - IOM has launched a regional border management project to support security in the Sahel countries of Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali and Mauritania with the specific aim of enhancing cross-country knowledge and capacities at the countries’ national borders.

11 Apr 2015 description


 On 19 March, UNHCR and partner UN agencies organized a high-level consultation meeting in« Nouakchott on the humanitarian situation in Mberra camp and host villages.
During the meeting, the Representatives of UNHCR and partner UN agencies presented the existing interventions in Mberra camp and in the host community and their impact on beneficiaries.

 Between 25 and 26 March, UNHCR participated in a visit of a delegation composed of representatives from ECHO and DFID in Mberra camp and surrounding villages.