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13 Mar 2001 description

Enhanced Thematic Mapper (TM) Scenes - provided by USGS Landsat7
-Map compares two images taken on December 30, 2000 and March 4, 2001 to highlight flood areas along the Zambezi and Shire Rivers in Mozambique.

12 Mar 2001 description
report World Vision

Concern that the international community is not reacting fully and fast enough to the flooding in the Zambezi valley in Mozambique has been expressed by World Vision.

12 Mar 2001 description


Signed by the Rev. John L. McCullough, CWS Executive Director

12 Mar 2001 description

Maputo, Mozambique - La circulation a repris sur la route Beira-Zimbabwe qui avait été fermée avec le débordement de la rivière Pungue sur le tronçon Mutua-Tica, dans le district de Nhamatanda, dans la provincde centrale mozambicaine de Sofala.

12 Mar 2001 description

Ottawa - Maria Minna, Canada's Minister for International Cooperation, today announced that the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) will contribute $2 million to help the flood victims in Mozambique and Malawi.

"Canada is prepared to assist the flood victims in Southern Africa," Minister Minna said. "We must get food and other essential relief supplies immediately to the people affected by the disaster in Mozambique and Malawi to alleviate their suffering."

12 Mar 2001 description
report UN Volunteers

MAPUTO/BONN, 12 March 2001 -- More than 20 UN Volunteers in Mozambique have stepped up efforts to assess emergency needs and coordinate relief efforts in the country's central region where an estimated 80,000 people have been displaced by ongoing flooding, the Bonn-based United Nations Volunteers (UNV) announced today.

12 Mar 2001 description

Appeal Target: US$ 1,985,873
Balance Requested from ACT Network: US$ 1,283,864

Geneva, 12 March 2001

Dear Colleagues,

12 Mar 2001 description

by Claire Keeton

BEIRA, Mozambique, March 12 (AFP) - The Zambezi river level in flooded Mozambique was stable Monday and the road to Caia, the base for relief work in the valley, was effectively open again, UN officials said Monday.

Meanwhile, weather forecasters said that a tropical cyclone which had threatened the southern African country had cleared it.

At least 77 people have died this year in the flooding, which has affected almost half a million people, in the wake of the country's most severe floods in living memory in 2000.

12 Mar 2001 description

Cambodia and Vietnam - CWS is continuing to assist the most vulnerable communities in Cambodia, following severe flooding that affected vast areas of Southeast Asia in Fall 2000.

12 Mar 2001 description
report IRIN

JOHANNESBURG, 12 March (IRIN) - Heavy rains and floods have continued over large parts of Zimbabwe, affecting more than 30,000 people, the UN's Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said on Monday. The Zimbabwean government has appealed for US $2.34 million in emergency assistance, OCHA said in its latest situation report.

12 Mar 2001 description

Ref: OCHA/GVA-2001/0063
OCHA Situation Report No. 9
Mozambique - Floods

12 Mar 2001 description

- See UN System site for higher resolution image - 370k
- Source INGC/OCHA
- IDP figures are to be considered rough estimates.
- See map for additional details.

11 Mar 2001 description

BEIRA, Mozambique, March 11 (AFP) - The massive Zambezi River which has flooded vast areas of Mozambique over the past several weeks is still rising, posing the threat of further flooding, a UN official said Sunday.

"The river was still going up on the weekend at Caia and Morromeu," said Isabelle Ramos, the representative of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Sofala, the region worst hit by the flooding.

11 Mar 2001 description

Maputo, Mozambique - Attempts to persuade the Zambezi river Authority (ZRA) to close one of the floodgates on the Kariba dam in order to lessen the volume of water flowing into flood-stricken Mozambique have so far proved unsuccessful.

10 Mar 2001 description

Cahora Bassa reduces discharges

Maputo, 10 Mar (AIM) - In an attempt to mitigate flooding on the lower Zambezi, the Cahora Bassa dam in the western Mozambican province of Tete has reduced its discharges from over 8,000 to 6,400 cubic metres of water a second, according to Saturday's issue of the Maputo daily "Noticias".

One of the directors of the dam operating company, HCB, Goncalves Guedes, told the paper that the amount of discharges inevitably depends on how full the dam lake is.

10 Mar 2001 description

General Information
The United Nations System in Mozambique has launched an inter-agency appeal amounting to US$10.7 million to meet some of the needs expressed in the Mozambique Government's appeal for US$30 million published on 21 February. The table below shows a summary of the requirements detailed in the appeal by UN agency.

UN Inter-Agency Appeal for Mozambique: Summary of requirements by agency

Agency and Requirements (US$)

UNICEF: 4,700,000
WFP: 2,633,000
FAO: 2,410,000
OCHA: 684,000
UNFPA: 200,000
WHO: 116,751

10 Mar 2001 description

Maputo (dpa) - Authorities on Saturday said the Cahora Bassa dam in Mozambique's western Tete province has reduced water discharges from over 8,000 cubic metres a second to 6,400 cubic metres a second in a bid aimed at mitigating flooding on the lower Zambezi river.

''The amount of discharges inevitably depends on how full the dam is. If we receive more water, then logically we will be obliged to open more floodgates, but we will do everything in coordination with the National Water Board (DNA),'' Gonsalves Guedes of the dam's operating company, HCB, said.

10 Mar 2001 description

MAPUTO, March 10 (AFP) - A tropical depression which left two people dead in northern Mozambique is now a cyclone but is not expected to affect inland areas of the flood-ravaged nation, the National Meteorology Institute said Saturday.

"The tropical depression has just become a cyclone and is closer to Madagascar than our coast," INAM spokesman Mussa Mustafa told AFP.

Cyclone Dera is currently at latitude 23.6 and longitude 4.6, has sustained winds of up to 135 kilometres (85 miles) an hour and is moving southwards.