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26 Mar 2001 description

CWS is helping partners provide emergency assistance for 38,000 families affected by severe flooding in Mozambique. As in 2000, Mozambique once again faces serious flooding--this time in the Zambezi river basin, in the provinces of Zambezia, Tete, Sofala and Manica. This year's flooding has caused fewer casualties and displacements, but thousands of people have lost their homes, household goods, and almost all their crops. The food situation is desperate in the coastal areas of Zambezia, where thousands of acres of crops now lie under water. Many people are without food.

26 Mar 2001 description

Maputo (AIM) - Flooding in central Mozambique worsened again over the weekend, as the levels of the two major rivers, the Zambezi and the Pungue, rose sharply.

The rise of the Zambezi was largely due to the opening of a further floodgate on the Cahora Bassa dam.

25 Mar 2001 description
report InterAction

How YOU Can Help

Heavy rains in the region are causing flooding in Southern Africa. In Malawi 130,000 people have been displaced by the flooding, and 330,000 people have been affected. In Mozambique, 75 people have been killed, 90,000 have been displaced, and 490,000 have been affected by flooding in the provinces of Zambezia, Sofala, Manica, and Tete. In Zimbabwe

InterAction members listed here are accepting contributions for assistance they or their affiliates are providing to victims of the flooding in Southern Africa.

25 Mar 2001 description

Southern Africa Regional Flooding and Inundation, as of mid-March 2001

Although rainfall has eased somewhat in flood-affected parts of Mozambique, upstream rains in neighboring countries, high dam levels, and the forecast for more rain cause continued concern. In Zambia, localized heavy rains continue to fall, and much of the country is still covered by floodwaters. With continued rainfall, parts of southern Malawi reportedly remain submerged, limiting humanitarian access to the most seriously affected areas.

23 Mar 2001 description
report IRIN

ZIMBABWE: Fuel crisis deepens as trains cancelled

23 Mar 2001 description
report IRIN

Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Integrated Regional Information Network for Southern Africa
Tel: +27 11 880 4633
Fax: +27 11 880 1421
e-mail: irin-sa@irin.org.za

SOUTHERN AFRICA: Regional African trade court opens in Zambia

A regional trade court for 20 nations in eastern and southern Africa held its inaugural session in Lusaka on Monday, creating a new body that would have the power to overturn national laws and court rulings, news reports said.

23 Mar 2001 description

UMCOR has sent emergency grants in response to the flooding in Eastern Hungary and the Ukraine. Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated in what is the region's worst flooding in 100 years. Funds will help provide food, hygiene items, blankets, drinking water, medical supplies and other relief goods. In the long-term, UMCOR partners will work to rehabilitate homes that have been damaged or destroyed. To join in this response, please give to UMCOR's International Disaster Response, #982450-8.

23 Mar 2001 description


23 Mar 2001 description

Maputo (dpa) - Hungry crocodiles and hippos are making life even more difficult for flood victims with little or no food in Mozambique's Tete province, authorities said.

Relief workers were unable to reach about 4,000 people isolated in the province's northern Moatize district because roads were impassable and their fate remained unknown, they said.

23 Mar 2001 description

LWR is supporting immediate relief aid to 10,000 people who had to flee their homes in northern Sofala, Mozambique, through its partner agency, the National Ecumenical Committee for Rehabilitation Resettlement and Reintegration (CEDES).

23 Mar 2001 description

General Information
The INGC has reported that the number of people displaced in Mozambique's four flood-affected provinces has risen to 235,000, of whom 180,000 are in temporary accommodation centres. There are 124 accommodation centres but merging and consolidating smaller centres to facilitate logistics is reducing this number.

Care International has been given responsibility for the management of humanitarian assistance in Chinde district, Zambezia province.

22 Mar 2001 description

Maputo (AIM) - The Social Affairs Commission of the Mozambican parliament, the Assembly of the Republic, on Thursday gave the Assembly plenary a report on the floods in the Zambezi Valley - but it was of doubtful value, since the commission only managed to visit one of the four provinces affected, and the report, dated 17 February, is now completely out of date.

A brigade, formed by five members of the commission, visited Zambezia province for a week in February, and concluded that, although the provincial government had approved a contingency plan in November, "the failure …

22 Mar 2001 description
report Xinhua

2001.03.22 18:58:13

MAPUTO, March 22 (Xinhuanet) -- The Mutua-Tica stretch of the highway from the central Mozambican port of Beira to the landlocked Zimbabwe has reopened to traffic, Radio Mozambique here reported on Thursday.

It has been closed since last week till Wednesday when emergency repairs were done, due to the continuous floods from the Pungue River in the region.

Hundreds of vehicles, held up on either side of the flooded road, were thus able to resume their journeys.

At the Tica side there were many trucks from the landlocked neighboring countries of …

22 Mar 2001 description

The world's largest disaster response organisation, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies today marked World Water Day with a commitment to increase its efforts to provide disaster victims with access to clean water and sanitation.

22 Mar 2001 description
report IRIN

ZIMBABWE: Fuel pipeline resumes pumping

21 Mar 2001 description
report Oxfam

It was just a year ago that television screens were filled with pictures of families clinging to the tops of houses surrounded by dangerous rushing waters. Now, again, we are hearing about severe flooding in Mozambique that has already taken 77 lives and displaced 89,000 people in recent weeks. A total of 490,000 people have been affected this year, according to government estimates.