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05 Apr 2001 description
report UN Children's Fund

Large increase in number of people in accommodation centres due to Government policy to restrict assistance to those refusing to leave their homes and finalisation of agreed population figures.

  • Total population displaced:- 211,000
  • No. of centres:- 79
  • Total affected:- 500,000
  • Total rescued (air):- 1,074

Area, No. Displaced and No. of Temporary Centres

Sofala:- 69,000 (17)

05 Apr 2001 description

Ref: OCHA/GVA-2001/0083
OCHA Situation Report No. 15
Mozambique - Floods

05 Apr 2001 description

For the second year in a row Mozambique has been hit by major flooding. In February and March 2000 the southern part of the country was hit hard by flood waters killing hundreds of people and destroying large areas of crop land.

05 Apr 2001 description

MADAL, Mozambique. - The 9-mile-long road from Quelimane to Madal is filled with hundreds of potholes. The rides takes 45-minutes, even in 4-wheel-drive Toyota. Along the way we splash through deep pools of water and pass hundreds of people walking - some with bags of cornmeal on their heads. The land, filled with rice paddies and thousands of beautiful coconut palms, is flooded.

05 Apr 2001 description

Recent flooding in central and northern Mozambique and Malawi has forced more than 400,000 people to flee their homes for drier ground.

04 Apr 2001 description

Maputo, Mozambique - The government of Mozambique and the Norwegian Development Fund have signed two agreements under which the latter is to make available 10 million Euros (about 8.8 million US dollars), and four million SDRs (Special Drawing Rights).

03 Apr 2001 description

Medicine Boxes continue to be needed in many places throughout the world. Current requests have been received from Mexico, Serbia, Mozambique, the Philippines, and Vietnam.
United Methodists have shown great enthusiasm for this project, but there is some confusion over the contents of a Medicine Box, and we need your help to clear it up. Many churches are still using the old Medicine Box Assembly guide--and there are significant differences:

03 Apr 2001 description

Maputo (AIM) - The confirmed death toll from the floods in central Mozambique now stands at 84, Prime Minister Pascoal Mocumbi told the country's parliament, the Assembly of the Republic, on Tuesday.

Speaking at the start of a three day question and answer session between the Assembly and the government, Mocumbi said that 42,000 hectares of crops have been lost, affecting the livelihoods of 60,000 households.

The floods have forced the temporary closure of 183 primary schools, disrupting the education of 52,500 pupils. Health units, bridges, and wells have also been …

03 Apr 2001 description

Maputo, Mozambique - The confirmed death toll from the floods in central Mozambique now stands at 84, Prime Minister Pascoal Mocumbi told parliament in Maputo Tuesday.

03 Apr 2001 description
report Medair

MEDAIR sent a team to access the recent flooding in the Zambezi Province and to identify where help was needed. Their findings were as follows:

02 Apr 2001 description
report IRIN

NAMIBIA: New protests against attacks on Namibian gays

02 Apr 2001 description

March 21- 31, 2001
Regional Early Warning Unit, Harare, Zimbabwe


Heavy rainfall mainly confined to eastern and western Angola, most of Democratic Republic of Congo, western, northern and eastern Zambia and northern Malawi and Mozambique...

In the southern half of the region, moderate to light rainfall conditions still prevail in most areas of Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique...

31 Mar 2001 description

Gender, Biodiversity and Local Knowledge Systems (LinKS) to strengthen agricultural and rural development

Prepared by
Trygve Berg, Noragric
Fernando Dava, ARPAC
Judite Muchanga, DNDR

Summary of findings from visits to affected villages and suggestions for action research

30 Mar 2001 description

Rejecting 'business as usual' for Malaria Control in Emergencies by David Alnwick, Project Manager, Roll Back Malaria