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06 Mar 2001 description

Maputo (dpa) - A cyclone which has formed off the coast of Madagascar could reach the Mozambican channel by the weekend, bringing heavy rains to the already flood-stricken central province of Zambezia, an aid agency spokesman said Tuesday.

After a relatively moderate week for rainfall, Mozambicans in Zambezia province would have to brace themselves for downpours over the weekend, Inyene Udoyen, reporting officer of the World Food Programme (WFP), said.

06 Mar 2001 description

BEIJING, March 6 (AFP) - China's Red Cross Society has donated 30,000 US dollars in aid to flood-stricken Mozambique, state media reported Tuesday.

The donation was delivered to the Mozambique Red Cross Society by the Chinese Embassy in Mozambique, the official Xinhua news agency said.

Mozambique, which has been battered by floods since the end of January, has appealed for 30 million dollars in aid to cope with the disaster, and so far received about two million dollars' worth.

06 Mar 2001 description

Maputo, 6 Mar (AIM) - Operations began on Monday to evacuate the last 17,000 people from the flood stricken central Mozambican locality of Inhangoma.

Inhangoma is the easternmost locality in Mutarara district, and is at the confluence of the Zambezi and Shire rivers, both of which are in flood.

The evacuation is regarded as urgent, since the flood waters are now reaching areas that had earlier been regarded as safe.

06 Mar 2001 description
report Reuters - AlertNet

By Jeff Koinange

BEIRA, Mozambique (Reuters) - Thousands of people may have to be evacuated if a tropical storm building in the Indian Ocean sweeps over flood-stricken areas of Mozambique this weekend, officials said on Tuesday.

Mozambican Transport Minister Tomaz Salomao said relief teams planned to rush emergency supplies to the Inhangoma area where up to 50,000 people were at most risk from the storm.

"Inhangoma is the most serious and the most threatened area where we need to concentrate our attention," Salomao told a news conference in the port of …

06 Mar 2001 description

Maputo, 6 Mar (AIM) - The number of people displaced from their homes by the current floods in the central Mozambican province of Zambezia has risen from 23,600 in late February to about 69,000 now, according to provincial governor Lucas Chomera.

Speaking to AIM, Chomera said that, while most attention has been focused on the Zambezi, several other rivers in the province, including the Licungo and the Boas Sinais, have also broken their banks.

Rescue and relief operations are underway in 11 districts in Zambezia affected by flooding or torrential rains - namely the provincial …

06 Mar 2001 description
report IRIN

JOHANNESBURG, 6 March (IRIN) - Mozambique's flood disaster could worsen in the next week, with a cyclone looming in the Indian Ocean and possibly heading into the Mozambique channel. WFP reporting officer in Mozambique, Inyene Udoyen, told IRIN on Tuesday that a tropical depression forming off the coast of Madagascar could develop into a cyclone, but that even if it did not, Mozambique was headed for more rain. The weather system could affect Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi and parts of Zimbabwe if it struck land, he said.

06 Mar 2001 description

Los =FAltimos datos de la misión exploratoria que ha realizado Acción contra el Hambre en Mozambique, con motivo de las inundaciones que han puesto el país en situación de alarma, desvelan que cerca de 22.000 personas del distrito de Caia, procedentes del valle del río Zambeze (zona totalmente inundada), se encuentran en situación de extrema necesidad y otras 30.000 -de una población de 93.000- se encuentran en situación precaria, amenazadas por otra posible subida de las aguas.

06 Mar 2001 description

1- Water
Zambezi River - Caia 8,00 at 17h00, 10cm up in 2hours at 21h00

Marromeu - 7,58 at 6h00, being 8mts de maximum level. Airstrip under water.

Mutarara - scale broken

Pungue River - 8,70 at 12h00 (was 8,52 yesterday). 3km road cut. ARA Centro informs worsening situation during the night. Road cut. Attention needed south.

Save River - 5,94 at 18h (was 5,84 yesterday). In 24 hours submerges Machaje and Mongoro

Metuchira River - 4,75. Bridge under water

Kariba - 3rd sloth opens 12h00, 7 March, 4,850 M3/sec

05 Mar 2001 description
report IRIN

JOHANNESBURG, 5 March (IRIN) - Heavy rains and severe floods are continuing to wreak havoc across large parts of Southern Africa, leaving thousands displaced and homeless.

05 Mar 2001 description
report Save the Children

Renewed flooding continues following unusually heavy rains in central parts of Mozambique. On Wednesday 21st February the Government of Mozambique launched an appeal for international assistance of US$36m to help with immediate shelter needs, provision of health services, clean water supplies and transport to move stocks of relief items to the areas where they are most needed.

05 Mar 2001 description
report DisasterRelief

Written by Christina Ward, Staff Writer, DisasterRelief.org, with news reports
As torrential rains continue in Mozambique and neighboring Malawi, severe floods are threatening the homes and lives of thousands of families. Forecasts indicate that March will bring further storms and more heavy rain. With river levels already dangerously high, government officials are ordering widespread evacuations, and international humanitarian groups are moving fast to get relief to those who need it.

05 Mar 2001 description
report Government of Italy

Courtesy translation

Rome, 5 March 2001 - The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Lamberto Dini, has given orders for a team of experts, headed by the Deputy Director General for Development Cooperation, Massimo Iannucci, to be sent to Mozambique, in order to address the new emergency resulting from the recent flooding in the north of the country.

The team will leave for Maputo this evening. Once they have made contact with the competent members of the Mozambican government, they will head for Beira where along with the local authorities, they will carry out an assessment of …

05 Mar 2001 description
report Reuters - AlertNet

By Emelia Sithole

BEIRA, Mozambique (Reuters) - South African and aid agency helicopters airlifted some 440 people stranded on grassy knolls in central Mozambique Monday, and witnesses said many more waited to be rescued from rising flood waters.

Women with children tied with blankets to their backs and small bundles of possessions balanced on their heads waded through water to reach the waiting helicopters.

A Reuters cameraman said several dogs wailed as helicopters took off with their owners.

''People seemed prepared to leave.

04 Mar 2001 description

by Griffin Shea

CAIA, Mozambique, March 4 (AFP) - Rescue teams in flood-swamped central Mozambique focused on getting food to thousands of stranded people Sunday, planning to airlift only the relative few willing to leave their diminishing islands amid the rising waters.

04 Mar 2001 description

Two DFID funded Puma helicopters continued to support the relief effort. The DFID funded helicopter in Quelimane, covering the north bank of the lower Zambezi, evacuated 71 people (from Mopeia) and delivered 2 tonnes of food.

03 Mar 2001 description

At present, based on today's assessment, by the His Excellency the Provincial Governor, INGC Director Mr. Silvano Langa, OCHA and DFID, it is concluded and supported by WFP and UNICEF the present rescue assets are sufficient to contain the present situation. Should the situation, however, significantly deteriorate, additional assets might be required. The river system in question is mainly governed by the outflow of the dams and should an increase in the water flow from the dams become necessary there will be some warning time to be able to respond for the possible consequences.

02 Mar 2001 description
report Food for the Hungry

Food for the Hungry is assisting flood victims in Mozambique, who are suffering through a second year of high water.