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Mozambique Food Security Outlook October 2014 to March 2015

Minimal food insecurity outcomes expected through March

Key Messages

  • As the lean season sets in, the majority of rural households across the country are currently facing Minimal acute food insecurity outcomes (IPC Phase 1). The overall favorable food security outcomes are due largely to existing food stocks from this year’s above-average 2013/14 seasonal rainfall and crop production,including areas that are typically food deficit.

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Climate change and food insecurity multiplying risks of conflict and civil unrest in 32 countries


A combination of climate change vulnerability and food insecurity is amplifying the risks of conflict and civil unrest in 32 countries, including the emerging markets of Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria and the Philippines, according to the seventh annual Climate Change and Environmental Risk Atlas (CCERA) released by global risk analytics company Maplecroft.

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Them Belly Full (But We Hungry): Food Rights Struggles in Bangladesh, India, Kenya, and Mozambique

This report synthesises the findings from the four country case studies produced for the project. It is intended as a summary introduction to the main findings of the research, and a preliminary comparative analysis across the four cases.

Food rights or food riots?

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Food Assistance Outlook Brief, October 2014

Food shortages and weak purchasing power will limit food availability and access, particularly for the urban poor and for households with ill or deceased family members, in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

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Lessons from an agricultural extension experiment in Mozambique: Insights on teaching modalities and gender representation in extension and on productivity measurement

Over the last seven years, the government of Mozambique has invested in rebuilding the agricultural extension network in the Zambezi valley, an area with high agricultural potential.These investments were in the form of increasing the supply of extension agents, providing them with housing, and building their capacity through training, among others.

International Food Policy Research Institute:

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The Market Monitor - Trends and impacts of staple food prices in vulnerable countries, Issue 25 - October 2014

Global Highlights

  • During the third quarter of 2014, the global cereal price index decreased by 13% year-on-year, down by 11% compared to the previous quarter.

  • Real prices of maize have fallen by almost a third since last year. They are down 18% from Q2-2014, reaching levels seen in early 2010.

  • Real prices of wheat dropped by 18% from Q2 to Q3-2014, falling to mid-2010 levels.

  • Real prices of rice are up 7% since Q2-2014.

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European Union concerned with delays in tabulation of results

European Union

Maputo, 21 October 2014 - The European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) has been observing the counting and tabulation processes in all provinces of the country. Despite an orderly election day, these processes have encountered many difficulties and adversities, according to EU observers, stemming from lack of organizational and awareness of tabulation procedures, faulty handling of voting 'actas' and materials and lengthy tabulation methods. Tabulation was in many cases started at provincial level without finishing at district level.

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Mozambique opposition MDM party rejects disputed vote

10/19/2014 - 14:49 GMT

A Mozambican opposition party which came third in presidential and legislative polls said Sunday it rejected the results and would mount a legal challenge.

Partial results from Wednesday's polls saw the Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM) leader, Daviz Simango, trailing a distant third to the ruling Frelimo's presidential candidate Filipe Nyusi and Afonso Dhlakama from the main opposition Renamo.

Agence France-Presse:

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Humanitarian Assistance in Review Southern Africa | Fiscal Year (FY) 2005 – 2014

Cyclical drought, food insecurity, cyclones, floods, disease outbreaks, and complex emergencies present significant challenges to vulnerable populations throughout the Southern Africa region. Between FY 2005 and FY 2014, USAID’s Office of U.S.

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Mozambique opposition Renamo rejects election results

10/16/2014 - 18:12 GMT

by Susan NJANJI / Jinty JACKSON

Mozambique's main opposition party Renamo on Thursday claimed victory in the country's election, rejecting official tallies that appeared to show the ruling Frelimo party on course for a landslide victory.

"We are not accepting the results of these elections," party spokesman Antonio Muchanga said -- a move that raises the spectre of post-election violence.

"We can categorically say Renamo won these elections," Muchanga told a news conference.

Agence France-Presse:

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Rats Against Mines from Angola to Cambodia

They run, sniff and sense, though instead of cheese since they were little they were accustomed to TNT, the explosive used for anti-personnel mines. They are the giant African pouched rats, the light protagonists (weighing around 1.5kg, much less than the 5kg that would detonate the ordnances) of a mine clearing project that are helping communities devastated by war.

Agence France-Presse:

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For policy, suffer the little children of Mozambique

By Dr. Koenraad Vanormelingen, UNICEF Mozambique Representative

MAPUTO, 13 October 2014 - Mozambique needs to invest in its children if the resource curse is to be transformed into a mineral wealth dividend.


“I need more food, blankets, clothing, and support for schooling. I need more of everything”, says Melina*, who is in her late 70s. She fends for her three grandchildren, aged between two and 10, whose parents died in 2010.

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Global Food Security Update - Issue 15, October 2014


The Global Food Security Update provides a quarterly overview of key food security trends in vulnerable countries. Information is provided by WFP VAM field teams and partners.

In focus

• In conflict-affected south sudan, the food security situation is much worse than at harvest time in a typical year. Around 1.5 million people are expected to remain in Phase 3 (Crisis) and Phase 4 (Emergency) through December 2014.

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Crop Prospects and Food Situation, No. 3, October 2014


  • The forecast for global cereal production in 2014 has been raised closer to last year’s record, which is expected to boost inventories to a multi-year high.

  • Export prices of wheat and maize decreased further in September to multiyear lows, driven by expectations of large global supplies in 2014/15. Even rice prices, which had been rising in previous months, fell in September.

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IOM Mozambique concludes a two-week registration campaign for disaster response and recovery

In response to the flooding of 2013 and the subsequently displaced population of over 150,000 persons, the government of Mozambique established voluntary relocation sites for the most vulnerable districts in Gaza Province. These locations will offer refuge should the area be hit by another natural disaster.

International Organization for Migration:

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Bringing lifesaving HIV treatment closer to Mozambicans

New treatment sites reduce transportation costs, deaths

Oct. 2014—Access to lifesaving anti-retroviral treatment (ART) for HIV continues to be a major obstacle in Mozambique, where many rural clinics do not offer this service. Patients must travel long distances to health centers offering ART, incurring transportation costs to receive medicine and attend check-up visits. This leads to poor adherence to ART, withdrawal from treatment, and preventable deaths.

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CrisisWatch N°134 - 1 October 2014

The U.S. expanded its aerial campaign against Islamic State (IS) militants in late September with strikes in Syria’s north and east. The operation, which targets both IS and fighters linked to al-Qaeda’s central leadership and the affiliated group Jabhat al-Nusra, risks alienating other rebel groups in Syria and strengthening support for IS.

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Mozambique Price Bulletin September 2014

The Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) monitors trends in staple food prices in countries vulnerable to food insecurity. For each FEWS NET country and region, the Price Bulletin provides a set of charts showing monthly prices in the current marketing year in selected urban centers and allowing users to compare current trends with both five-year average prices, indicative of seasonal trends, and prices in the previous year.

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Price Watch September 2014 Prices

Key Messages

  • In West Africa, staple food markets were well-supplied in August, with carryover stocks and early grain, tuber, and legume harvests. Staple food prices were stable or declining, except in deficit areas of Niger, Chad, and Mauritania and conflict-affected areas of northeastern Nigeria. The Ebola outbreak has led to both official and voluntary restrictions on the movement of goods and people in affected countries, resulting in atypical market trends in some areas.