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28 Aug 2015 description

Le septième numéro du Bulletin d’information IPC met en évidence des initiatives importantes et les majeurs développements au niveau mondial, parmi eux : un aperçu du 3ème Evénement Global de l’IPC, organisé dans le cadre de l' Expo Milano 2015, la nouvelle Stratégie d'assurance de la qualité, conformité et apprentissage de l'IPC de l’IPC, le prototype de l’Analyse Indicative IPC, et le partenariat renforcé entre l'IPC et la Commission Européenne.

28 Aug 2015 description

The seventh issue of the IPC Newsletter highlights important initiatives and developments undertaken at global level, among them: insights from the 3rd IPC Global Event, held in the framework of the EXPO Milano 2015, the new IPC Quality Assurance, Compliance and Learning Strategy, the prototype IPC Indicative Analysis, and the strengthened partnership between IPC and the European Commission.

This issue also features recent IPC impacts, results and progress achieved at regional and country level in Africa, Latin America, Asia & Near East.

28 Aug 2015 description

Mozambique - IOM, UNICEF and Mozambique’s National Institute for Disaster Management (INGC) yesterday (27/08) convened a workshop, attended by 35 government officials and NGO representatives, to revise the current system of assessing humanitarian needs in emergencies.

As one of the world’s most vulnerable countries to climate change and environmental hazards, Mozambique faces major humanitarian crises almost every year in the form of extreme floods and cyclones.

27 Aug 2015 description

The final evaluation covers WFP's country programme (CP) 200286 (2012-2015). It was intended for both accountability and learning purposes and focuses on assessing:

27 Aug 2015 description
report Insecurity Insight

Agency Reports and Open Source Data

Most of our knowledge about humanitarian security hot spots comes from publicly-reported events. This briefing summarizes confidential information from 10 agencies about a range of security events, from those that severely affect staff to those that affect agencies’ ability to deliver aid.

23 Aug 2015 description
report Tearfund

By Mark Lang

First the floods came, then the cholera but neither have stopped the local church saving lives in Mozambique.

Heavy rains in January left a huge swathe of the country under several feet of water, killing 158 people and affecting 160,000 others, with 50,000 being made homeless.

But training by Tearfund partner Codesa to make local churches more outward-looking and focused on people’s physical needs as well as their spiritual ones, has proved invaluable in limiting the suffering of survivors.

21 Aug 2015 description

Summary of WFP assistance: In Mozambique, WFP implements a Country Programme, a Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation and a Special Operation. WFP also implements a Bilateral Agreement designed to provide procurement and logistics services in support of the Nutrition Rehabilitation Programme established by the Government of Mozambique.

20 Aug 2015 description

Low regional cereal supplies and above-average staple prices expected


19 Aug 2015 description


18 Aug 2015 description
report UNAIDS


Communities were the first responders to HIV three decades ago, and they remain essential in advocating for a robust response to the epidemic, delivering services that can reach everyone in need and tackling HIV-related stigma and discrimination. Working alongside public health and other systems, community responses are critical to the success and sustainability of the global response to HIV.

16 Aug 2015 description


Displaced families in Mozambique’s Zambezia Province continue to search for stability after severe flooding in early 2015 caused mass evacuations in low-lying areas of the region. After coordinating initial relief operations, the Government of Mozambique has shifted its focus to the recovery phase of the emergency through the development of relocation communities housing internally displaced persons (IDP) throughout the province.

14 Aug 2015 description
report Voice of America

Lameck Masina
August 13, 2015 4:09 AM

BLANTYRE—Hundreds of Mozambicans have fled into Malawi because of fighting between government forces and the opposition party RENAMO. Many of the displaced people are resisting being relocated to a refugee camp.

The Mozambicans started entering Malawi in early July after RENAMO fighters carried out two attacks in Tete province.

RENAMO disputes the result of last year's elections and wants autonomy in northern Mozambique, where it has the most support.

12 Aug 2015 description

1 Introduction and methodology

1.1 Introduction to the research

In September 2013, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) contracted Oxford Policy Management and the University of East Anglia to conduct Strategic Research into National and Local Capacity Building for Disaster Risk Management.

11 Aug 2015 description
report Oxfam

Smallholder farmers, and particularly women, are on the frontline in the fight against hunger and climate change in southern Africa. Unequal access to resources, poor access to finance and limited linkages to markets to sell their produce impose critical constraints, and food insecurity and poverty are the direct outcomes of this failure. In countries such as Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique, between a quarter and half of the population are classified as being chronically undernourished.

07 Aug 2015 description


  • Regional maize supplies in southern Africa are expected to be below average over the remainder of the 2015/16 marketing year (Figure 1). Every country in the region is expected to have a deficit , except South Africa, Zambia, and Tanzania , which will have below - average exportable surpluses. As regional maize production is not adequate to meet requirements , large and atypical supply gaps are likely .

05 Aug 2015 description

Water is essential to human development and prosperity, but many people still live without reliable access to it. As the number of people in the world increases, water scarcity is forecast to worsen. The Safeguarding the World’s Water report documents USAID’s water sector activities that address key global challenges during fiscal year 2014. The report also shares progress made during the first year of implementing its Water and Development Strategy.

04 Aug 2015 description


IOM has rolled out a population census across 48 relocation communities and accommodation centres in Zambezia

With support from implementing partners, more than 7,200 displaced families have received shelter tool kits from IOM

160 community members and 50 government officials have been trained on Camp Coordination and Camp Management