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05 Feb 2016 description

The Myanmar Emergency Response Fund (ERF) mobilises resources for partners to respond to the critical humanitarian needs in Myanmar. It provides funding to both national and international humanitarian organizations for activities that are in line with the United Nations and Partners Humanitarian Response Plan. In 2015, US$ 5 million was allocated to partners for life-saving humanitarian work in Myanmar, including US$ 1.3 million for the emergency response to the floods and landslides in Chin, Magway, Sagaing and Rakhine.

01 Feb 2016 description

Currently, the humanitarian response plans and appeals for 2016 are seeking over $19.8 billion to meet the needs of 89.4 million people across 37 countries. The figures may increase in the course of 2016. As of 29 January, $50 million has been received for the appeals.

In January 2015, the UN-coordinated inter-agency appeals required $16.4 billion to meet the needs of 57.5 million people across 22 countries.

The year ended with requirements at $19.9 billion, an increase of $3.5 billion, to meet the needs of 82 million people in 38 countries.

01 Feb 2016 description
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Between 28 and 31 Jan, flooding was reported in both Sumatra and Java. Approximately 2,600 houses were inundated for days and at least six bridges connecting villages in Aceh were damaged. This is in addition to the 4,900 houses that were inundated the previous week and where water has now receded.
Local authorities reported no casualties and provided basic relief assistance.

2,600 houses inundadated

25 Jan 2016 description

Key displacement and population movement in 2015

Boat crisis: Around 30,000 people estimated to have departed from Bangladesh and Myanmar via the Bay of Bengal in 2015. Over 1,000 people rescued o the coast of Myanmar in 2015.

Floods: 1.7 million people temporarily displaced by floods and landslides in June-August 2015.
Most quickly returned. 9,000 people still in evacuation sites at the end of 2015.

25 Jan 2016 description


Between 19 and 23 Jan, local authorities reported floods in Sumatra (Jambi and South Sumatra provinces), Java (Central Java and East Java provinces), and Sulawesi (South Sulawesi and North Sulawesi provinces). Following torrential rains, landslides killed three people in Kerinci District, Jambi Province on 20 Jan and one person in Manado Regency, North Sulawesi Province on 21 Jan. This flooding inundated at least 4,900 houses. Local authorities have provided emergency assistance.

Four people killed

25 Jan 2016 description


  • Around 100,000 people were newly displaced in Kachin and Shan states in 2015; about 90 per cent have since returned home.

  • Almost 2,000 people remain displaced following armed conflict in southern Shan.

  • Six months on, humanitarian access to IDPs in the Sumprabum area of Kachin, remains restricted.

  • Cash grants are helping flood affected families in Rakhine recover.

  • Providing reproductive healthcare after the floods.

  • 146 children released from Myanmar army in 2015.

31 Dec 2015 description

As of 30 December, the funding gap of the 2015 UN-coordinated inter-agency appeals is US$9.6 billion which means that 48 per cent of the required funds remain unmet.

During December, newly reported contributions to FTS totalled $736 million for humanitarian response: for response plans specifically, $81.7 million for Iraq, $80.6 million for Yemen, and $41.4 million for Niger. As reported to FTS by 30 December, over $1.7 billion of humanitarian funding remain in outstanding pledges (of which $404 million is allocated for the coordinated response plans).

14 Dec 2015 description


Flood waters are receding in the six flood affected districts of Tamil Nadu, including Chennai, where public transportation service has resumed. The floods affected about 3 million people including 1 million children, damaged over 116,000 houses and 92,000 hectares of farmland, with over 400 fatalities. The government plans to construct 50,000 – 70,000 temporary houses for people rendered homeless. The estimated cost to India’s economy is $3 billion.

1 3 million people affected

116,000 houses damaged

11 Dec 2015 description


The humanitarian situation in Myanmar is characterized by a range of issues, including unresolved armed conflict, continued inter-communal tensions, and restrictive policies and practices affecting some people. There are over 1 million people in need of ongoing humanitarian assistance. This includes 460,000 people who were severely affected by the devastating floods in July/August 2015, who will require ongoing support, particularly in the food security sector for about 6 months.


08 Dec 2015 description


Frequent earthquakes in North Maluku Province from 16 Nov – 4 Dec have damaged nearly 1,600 houses and buildings across 19 villages and displaced over 10,000 people. The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) stated the frequent earthquakes were due to increased tectonic activity and was unlikely to trigger a major earthquake. Local authorities, supported by the National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB) have provided basic assistance to those affected.

10,000 people displaced

07 Dec 2015 description
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(Geneva, 7 December 2015): More than 125 million people in the world need humanitarian assistance. Through collective and coordinated action, aid organisations aim to bring urgent help to more than 87.6 million of the most vulnerable and marginalized of them in 2016. This will require a record US$20.1 billion in funding – five times the amount a decade ago.

07 Dec 2015 description
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