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03 Mar 2017 description

The Principles on housing and property restitution for refugees and displaced persons articulated herein are designed to assist all relevant actors, national and international, in addressing the legal and technical issues surrounding housing, land and property restitution in situations where displacement has led to persons being arbitrarily or unlawfully deprived of their former homes, lands, properties or places of habitual residence.
– Principle 1.1 of the Pinheiro Principles


03 Mar 2017 description

This Interview with Saw B---, describes events occurring in Lu Thaw Township, Hpapun District, in October 2016, and includes information about the return of internally displaced persons (IDPs), existing army camps, a dam project, and social services such as healthcare, education, and employment.

  • Saw B--- expressed his concerns about the Burma/Myanmar government’s plan to return IDPs despite the continuous army occupation in his hometown.

03 Mar 2017 description
report Voice of America

By Paul Vrieze


Myanmar’s government is meeting with an alliance of ethnic rebel groups this week to try to revive a peace process that has stalled after months of increased fighting in the country’s north.

The violence has evaporated early optimism about Aung San Suu Kyi’s ability to control the army and promote peace. The instability near China’s southern border has prompted it to become directly involved in the peace process.

02 Mar 2017 description

Global harvests strong but hunger persists amid chronic conflict zones

Food security emergencies are likely to increase

2 March 2017, Rome - Global food supply conditions are robust, but access to food has been dramatically reduced in areas suffering civil conflicts, while drought conditions are worsening food security across swathes of East Africa, according to the new edition of FAO's Crop Prospects and Food Situation report.

02 Mar 2017 description

La faim persiste dans les zones de conflits chroniques malgré de bonnes récoltes mondiales

Les urgences liées à la sécurité alimentaire sont appelées à augmenter

28 Feb 2017 description
report Theirworld

Ten years ago world leaders agreed to work together to stop the use of child soldiers - progress has been made but there are still child recruits in countries around the world. As many as 300,000 children are believed to be serving as soldiers in armed conflicts around the world - depriving them of a normal childhood and education.

These boys and girls, some as young as seven, serve in government forces and armed opposition groups. They fight on front lines, participate in suicide missions and act as spies, messengers or lookouts.

28 Feb 2017 description

Many Rohingya say their young people are being pushed into crime because they cannot legally work or, in many cases, access aid

  • Methamphetamine use has risen sharply in Bangladesh

  • "Ya ba" pills smuggled from labs in lawless northeastern Myanmar

  • Bangladesh authorities say many drug mules are Rohingya refugees

  • Rohingya complain many cannot work or access aid in Bangladesh

  • Boom in ya ba use fuelling resentment against refugees

By Krishna N. Das

28 Feb 2017 description

This Situation Update describes events occurring in Dwe Lo Township, Hpapun District during the period between August and September 2016, including education, military activity, and illegal logging.

  • There are two types of schools in Dwe Lo Township; the Burma/Myanmar government schools and the Karen National Union (KNU) schools.

  • The Border Guard Force (BGF) now patrols the Taw Tho Lo Tatmadaw Army Camp; however, four Tatmadaw soldiers also operate with the BGF.

27 Feb 2017 description
report Radio Free Asia

A group of ethnic militias decided on Friday not to sign the Myanmar government’s nationwide peace pact on the last day of their three-day summit at the headquarters of the country’s strongest ethnic rebel force, but instead formed a committee to discuss a “new path to peace,” a military official from the conference said.

27 Feb 2017 description

Aid including food, water and commodities donated from Malaysia were distributed yesterday morning throughout Kyeekanpyin, Wabeik, Maungnama, Sanpyapharwutchaung, Nganchaung and Laungdone villages by Rakhine State Minister for Security and Border Affairs Col Htein Linn, officials from Regional, District and Township Administrative Committees, and officials from UN and UNHCR Departments. Rakhine State Minister for Security and Border Affairs Col Htein Linn went on to explain, “The aid we received today was received by the nation and handed over to the Rakhine Region Government.

27 Feb 2017 description
  • 132.3 M required for 2017
  • 4.9 M contributions received, representing 4% of requirements
  • 127.4 M funding gap for South East Asia

All figures are displayed in USD

26 Feb 2017 description
report IRIN

Paul Vrieze

MYAING GYI NGU/MYANMAR, 21 February 2017

The crops were almost ready to harvest when fighting forced Naw Tin Swe’s family to flee to this camp on Myanmar’s eastern frontier where food supplies always seem to be running low.

Read more on IRIN

25 Feb 2017 description

Missing Migrants Project tracks fatalities of migrants, including refugees, traveling along mixed migration routes around the world.

This map shows the different transit routes in Southeast Asia. #MissingMigrants

24 Feb 2017 description
report DanChurchAid

Our vision

All people in Myanmar enjoy a dignified life, and are able to know and exercise the full range of their human rights in a safe, just and peaceful way, based on a true appreciation for diversity of all kinds, and respect for democratic rules and principles.

About DCA-NCA Myanmar

DCA-NCA works in partnership with civil society organisations, includ­ ing faith-based networks and institutions, to strengthen their contribution to building a vibrant, safe and prosperous Myanmar, together with the public and private sectors.

24 Feb 2017 description
report Government of Japan
  1. On February 24, the Government of Japan decided to extend Emergency Grant Aid of 10 million US dollars to residents and displaced persons affected by the destabilized situation in northern Rakhine State, Republic of the Union of Myanmar.