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Azerbaijan + 30 others
The ICRC's activities in favour of the displaced: 2008 overview

In 2008, armed conflicts and other situations of violence shattered the lives of large numbers of children, women and men in many countries among which the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Georgia, Pakistan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Chad and Colombia. Direct attacks on civilian communities, general insecurity and the destruction of livelihoods forced innumerable civilians to flee their homes. Assisting and protecting internally displaced people (IDPs), who are protected under international humanitarian law (IHL) and other relevant international law,
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Azerbaijan + 12 others
In women's commission, Deputy Secretary-General launches pledge to end female genital mutilation, says practice unacceptable by any moral, ethical standard


Commission on the Status of Women
Fifty-second Session
6th & 7th Meetings (AM & PM)

Commission Also Hears from Nearly 50 Speakers in Continued Debate, With Focus on National Programmes, Budgets Aimed at Empowering Women

Launching an appeal by 10 United Nations agencies to eliminate female genital mutilation, Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro called on Member States to join the Organization as full partners in the fight to end the practice, respond to its consequences and hold those who perpetrated it criminally responsible for inflicting