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15 Dec 2014 description

The current situation and the SDC’s commitment

  • The situation in the three worst affected countries - Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea - remains critical. The epidemic is not only having a severe impact on the entire healthcare system of the countries affected but also has serious implications for security, food supplies and the overall economic situation.

12 Sep 2014 description

Grâce à son programme d’appui à la relance socio-économique, la Direction du développement et de la coopération DDC vient de contribuer à remettre en état infrastructures administratives et écoles à Tombouctou.

30 Jun 2014 description

Gender equality is a matter of social justice. It is of particular importance when it comes to rural development due to the repercussions on food security. In its seminal report of 2011 the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)1 estimated that if women had the same access to resources as men their total production would increase by 20% to 30%. This would mean a reduction of 12% to 17% in the number of persons suffering from hunger worldwide.

21 May 2014 description

La Suisse vient de contribuer à la publication de la revue bande dessinée dans le but de promouvoir l’éducation citoyenne et la lecture auprès des jeunes.

30 May 2013 description

27.05.2013 - Press release

2012 Annual Report on Switzerland’s International Cooperation

27 May 2013 description

Une stratégie unique qui englobe pour la première fois l’aide humanitaire, la coopération technique et financière, les mesures de politique économique et commerciale et la coopération avec les pays de l’Est : ce tournant important a été salué aussi bien par le Parlement que par l’opinion publique, soulignent le directeur de la DDC Martin Dahinden et Marie-Gabrielle Ineichen-Fleisch, Secrétaire d’Etat et directrice du SECO, dans le rapport annuel 2012 sur la coopération internationale de la Suisse qui vient de sortir de presse.

27 May 2013 description

The just-published 2012 Annual Report on Switzerland's International Cooperation sets out a unified strategy that encompasses – for the first time – humanitarian aid, technical and financial cooperation, economic and trade policy measures, and cooperation with the countries of Eastern Europe. SDC Director-General Martin Dahinden and State Secretary and Director of SECO Marie-Gabrielle Ineichen-Fleisch stress that this important milestone has been welcomed both by Parliament and by public opinion.

16 May 2013 description

One year after the food crisis and the takeover of northern territories of the country by armed groups in Mali, the humanitarian situation is critical and its effects are making themselves felt throughout the region. The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has been in the country for 35 years, and has had to adapt to these successive crises. Since mid-February 2013, Lucas Riegger, a member of the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit, has been providing support for the activities of the SDC’s Cooperation Office (Coof).

31 Oct 2012 description

In western Africa, the problems linked to food security are very often attributed to the capriciousness of the climate and to meteorological factors. Even if the decline in the amount of rain and the phenomenon of global warming do indeed severely impact the situation of the men, women, and children, the recurring food crises in the Sahel region are also to be explained by human factors, factors which are often attributed with playing a merely secondary role.

20 Mar 2012 description

Food crisis in West Africa

In the Sahel region of West Africa more than 10 million people are facing serious food shortages due to drought and the after-effects of the 2010 food crisis. Drawing from the experiences made in the Horn of Africa, Switzerland and other donors have reacted quickly in order to avert famine.

Niger, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Northern Cameroon and Northern Nigeria: in all of these countries and regions millions of people are suffering from hunger and malnutrition.

16 Mar 2012 description

Crise alimentaire en Afrique de l'Ouest

En Afrique de l'Ouest, dans la région du Sahel, la sécheresse et les suites de la crise alimentaire de 2010 exposent plus de 10 millions de personnes à de graves pénuries de nourriture. Tirant profit de l'expérience réalisée dans la Corne de l'Afrique, la Suisse ainsi que d'autres pays donateurs ont réagi très vite pour éviter une famine.

13 Feb 2012 description

On 2 and 3 February 2012 in Bamako, Switzerland and its cooperation partner Mali met to take stock of the ongoing cooperation between the two countries and to launch their new strategy for the years 2012 to 2015. This new strategy formulates Swiss cooperation’s major points of thrust in this west African country over the next four years. The Memorandum of Understanding signed on this occasion paves the way to a new period of cooperation between Mali and Switzerland and defines their common perspectives for the coming years.

10 Feb 2012 description

Coopération suisse avec le Mali: Les perspectives communes 2012-2015 sont définies

24 Jan 2011 description


Today half of the world's population is under threat from the forces of nature - one fifth of the earth's surface is regularly affected by earthquakes, vol-canic eruptions, floods, drought, landslides and storms. There are indications that such events are increasingly frequent. Moreover, the effects of cli-mate change are becoming evident.

The negative impacts of such natural events affect increasing numbers of people: 6.9 billion people live on our planet today and, according to UN esti-mates, this number will have grown to over 9 billion by 2050.

01 Jun 2009 description



Quand l'Afrique nourrira le monde

(gn) Il y a longtemps que le riz n'est plus exclusivement l'aliment de base du continent asiatique: l'Afrique, qui est en passe de devenir le premier acheteur de riz du monde, en importe actuellement quelque 10 millions de tonnes par an.

30 Jan 2009 description

With its Message on the Continuation of Technical Cooperation and Financial Aid for Developing Countries 2009 - 2012, the Federal Council presented a unified strategy for the Swiss Government's development cooperation as a whole.

By means of this Message, the Federal Council gears Swiss development cooperation to three priorities:

- reducing poverty;

- reducing security risks;

- co-shaping a form of globalization that promotes development.

Four-and-a-half billion Swiss francs have been allocated for this work for the period 2009-2012.

Switzerland's international …