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25 May 2005 description

General Situation as of 25 May 2005

In early May, several immature swarms were seen in southern Niger moving from west to east along the Southern Circuit. A few swarms may have reached northern Cameroon and western Chad. Small-scale breeding is in progress in central Niger where hatching and band formation have commenced. Small hopper infestations are present in northeast Morocco and Algeria. Those in Algeria have started to fledge and could form some adult groups, perhaps a few small swarms, that will start to move towards the Sahel in the coming weeks.

17 May 2005 description

DAKAR, May 17 (AFP) - African states girded for battle Tuesday at a meeting here aiming to coordinate expertise and equipment ahead of an expected invasion by desert locusts threatening to rival last year's worst infestation in over a decade.

Representatives from ten countries in west, central and northern Africa were called on to expand the arsenal of weapons to head off or destroy the ravenous swarms, which can range up to 80 million insects over a square kilometer and devour twice their weight in cropland in a day.