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30 Mar 2015 description


24 mars 2015

Le Conseil des droits de l'homme a examiné cet après-midi des rapports présentés par ses experts indépendants chargés de l'assistance dans le domaine des droits de l'homme s'agissant d'Haïti et du Mali, avec lesquels il a tenu des débats interactifs.

29 Mar 2015 description
report Reuters - AlertNet

By David Lewis and Emma Farge

DAKAR, March 29 (Reuters) - Mediators in northern Mali's conflict underestimated the radicalisation of a new generation at the heart of a separatist movement, a misstep that left the peace process in tatters after rebels refused to sign a proposed deal.

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27 Mar 2015 description

Kasper Hoffmann

Non-state security actors are growing increasingly important in fragile and conflict-affected states in Africa. This has led to a multiplication of informal security arrangements between security providers, such as vigilantes, local militias, faith-based organisation and private security companies, individual army units, and citizens.

27 Mar 2015 description

• 2 milliards de dollars requis pour l’action humanitaire au Sahel en 2015.
• Plus de 190 000 réfugiés et rapatriés du nord du Nigéria au Cameroun, Tchad et Niger.
• 1,2 millions de déplacés internes dans le nord du Nigéria.
• Les communautés au Nigéria font face à une insécurité alimentaire et à la malnutrition.
•Zéro nouveau cas d'Ebola au Libéria, stagnation des chiffres en Sierra Leone et en Guinée.

27 Mar 2015 description


• Since the start of the project in November 2014, IOM’s Health and Humanitarian Border Management team has screened over 30,000 passengers at Lungi International Airport in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

• 5,234 health care workers have been trained at IOM’s National Ebola Training Academy in Sierra Leone.

• Between 8 -21 March 4,600 travellers have been screened at Bo Waterside crossing point, Grand Cape Mount County in Liberia.

27 Mar 2015 description

3/26/2015 - 20:59 GMT

Des partisans de l'ex-président malien Amadou Toumani Touré, exilé au Sénégal depuis 2012, menacé de poursuites au Mali, ont organisé des rassemblements jeudi à Bamako et en province pour réclamer son retour, selon un journaliste de l'AFP et des témoins.

Le rassemblement à Bamako a réuni dans une salle d'un centre de conférences plus d'un millier de personnes, pour la plupart en tee-shirts à l'effigie de M. Touré, surnommé "ATT" d'après ses initiales, a constaté le journaliste de l'AFP.

27 Mar 2015 description
report Deutsche Welle

A new concept by the EU seeks to enlist the help of North African states to stem the flow of migrants. Refugee groups are worried about what might happen if these people are detained before they reach Europe.

27 Mar 2015 description

The activities proposed hereafter are still subject to the adoption of the financing decision ECHO/WWD/ BUD/2015/01000

AMOUNT: EUR 12 000 000

26 Mar 2015 description

Washington, United States | | Thursday 3/26/2015 - 21:56 GMT

The Ebola virus is not mutating as quickly as scientists had feared, which is good news for treating the disease and preventing its spread, a study showed Thursday.

Previous research based on limited data had suggested that Ebola was mutating twice as quickly as in the past, researchers said in the journal Science.

26 Mar 2015 description

Bamako, Mali | | Thursday 3/26/2015 - 22:49 GMT

Hundreds of supporters of exiled former Malian president Amadou Toumani Toure, who was overthrown in a military coup in 2012, called for his return on Thursday in rallies held in several cities.

The gathering in the capital Bamako drew more than a thousand people, according to an AFP reporter at the scene, many of them wearing t-shirts emblazoned with a picture of Toure, who is known by his initials ATT.

Smaller crowds also gathered in the central city of Mopti and the northern city of Gao, witnesses said.

26 Mar 2015 description

MINUSMA operations in Mali confirm that peacekeeping missions are increasingly being conducted in complex and asymmetric environments. For Sofia Sebastian, how the UN addresses the dilemmas posed by such missions will have a big impact on which tools it has available to resolve future global security problems.

By Sofia Sebastian for ISN

26 Mar 2015 description

La Croix-Rouge malienne en collaboration avec la Croix- Rouge Américaine a réalisé des activités de mobilisation sociale et de sensibilisation contre la rougeole du 08 au 17 Mars 2015 dans le district de Bko. A cet effet, la dite campagne a mobilisé 1350 volontaires qui ont tous été formés aux techniques de sensibilisation et mobilisation de masse.

L’objectif principal de cette campagne était de contribuer à la réussite de la mobilisation sociale des journées nationales de vaccination contre la rougeole dans le district de Bamako.

26 Mar 2015 description

Insécurité alimentaire de Stress au Nord à partir d’avril liée à la baisse de production et de revenus


• Les marchés sont bien approvisionnés en céréales en raison du bon niveau de production agricole globale 2014 dans le pays. Les prix du mil sont stables ou en baisse entre 6 et 24 pourcent par rapport à la moyenne dans l’ensemble ce qui maintient un accès moyen des ménages aux denrées en cette période.

25 Mar 2015 description

Situation Update
According to UNHCR, there are some 86,000 internally displaced persons in Mali and 16,000 returnees. Burkina Faso shelters 32,000 Malian refugees, while Mauritania and Niger host 52,000 and 49,000 Malian refugees, respectively.

WFP Response

25 Mar 2015 description

Tracking food security trends in vulnerable countries

The Global Food Security Update provides a quarterly overview of key food security trends in vulnerable countries. Information is provided by WFP VAM field teams and partners.

In focus

  • Conflict in Iraq has disrupted food markets, leading to price hikes in Anbar, Salah Al-Din and Kirkuk. According to the 2014-2015 Strategic Response Plan, around 5.2 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, and over 2.5 million people are currently displaced.

25 Mar 2015 description

In this issue

■ Addis Insight
The PSC undertook its first joint mission to Mali, together with the European Union Political and Security Committee.
This mission highlighted the importance of joint action and set a precedent for similar field visits in the future.

■ On the Agenda
On 3 March the PSC reviewed and adopted the Concept of Operations of the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) to combat Boko Haram. The decision to launch the MNJTF was taken at the PSC Summit on 29 January 2015.

25 Mar 2015 description
  • As of 18 March 2015, a total of 25,063 EVD cases including 10,346 deaths have been reported from six West African countries (Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone).
  • 1,011 cases including 516 deaths were reported among healthcare workers. WHO declared end of Ebola out-break in Mali, Nigeria, and Senegal.