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31 Jul 2015 description

GEVGELIJA, FYR Macedonia, July 30 (UNHCR) – Exhausted refugees walking with nothing but a backpack along railway tracks, some with confused small children clinging onto their chests; pregnant women making their way through scorching temperatures, fighting fatigue, blisters, and above all sorrow. This was the view from Lenche Zdrakin's window.

09 Jul 2015 description
map Maplecroft

In recent weeks, the Turkey to Greece sea passage has surpassed the North Africa to Italy route in volume of migrants and asylum seekers attempting to reach Europe. Increasing numbers of refugees are fleeing extreme human security situations in Syria (ranked 1st and most at risk out of the 198 countries assessed in Verisk Maplecroft’s Human Rights Risk Index 2015), Iraq (3rd) and Afghanistan (5th), placing further pressures on a weakening Greek economy and struggling infrastructure.

07 Jul 2015 description

Balkans: Refugees and migrants beaten by police, left in legal limbo and failed by EU

Thousands of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants – including children – making dangerous journeys across the Balkans are suffering violent abuse and extortion at the hands of the authorities and criminal gangs and being shamefully let down by a failing European Union (EU) asylum and migration system which leaves them trapped without protection in Serbia and Macedonia, said Amnesty International in a new report.

02 Jul 2015 description

GINEBRA, Suiza, 1 de julio de 2015 (ACNUR/UNHCR) – La gran mayoría de las 137.000 personas que cruzaron el Mar Mediterráneo hacia Europa durante los seis primeros meses del 2015 huían de guerras, conflictos o persecución, haciendo de la crisis del mediterráneo una crisis principalmente de refugiados. Esta es la conclusión a la que llega el informe del ACNUR publicado hoy.

01 Jul 2015 description

Geneva, 01.07.2015

Mediterranean Crisis 2015 at six months: refugee and migrant numbers highest on record

22 Jun 2015 description

A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

Since September 2014, the number of migrants that are transiting through the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) has been constantly increasing.

18 Jun 2015 description

Skopje, Macedonia | AFP | Thursday 6/18/2015 - 18:36 GMT

Macedonian lawmakers on Thursday amended the country's asylum law in a bid to better cope with the thousands of migrants who have been pouring in the Balkan country, heading towards the EU.

The changes are designed to facilitate the transit of migrants, allowing them to register with the authorities and then within 72 hours either seek asylum or leave Macedonia, which is not an EU member.

18 Jun 2015 description

Focus on healthy and balanced nutrition

A front-runner in the race to end hunger, the region still struggles with malnutrition

Multiple trends are shaping the nutrition map for Europe and Central Asia, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s first-ever report on food insecurity and malnutrition in Europe and Central Asia, released today. The problems of food insecurity have changed away from that of caloric sufficiency toward the quality of peoples’ diets – a trend that will likely continue in this way.

16 Jun 2015 description

The Government has allocated EUR 22 million for citizens who had suffered damages during the spring floods, EUR 12 million of which for property compensation, while EUR 10 million for overhaul of damaged infrastructure, said Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski during Saturday's visit to Bitola and Novaci.

"The compensation for Novaci citizens who had suffered damages to their crops and homes, was launched today. All funds are to be paid over the next couple of days", said PM Gruevski.

12 Jun 2015 description

This is a summary of what was said by the UNHCR spokesperson at today’s Palais des Nations press briefing in Geneva.

UNHCR is concerned about increasing risks facing refugees and migrants in the Western Balkans with more people using this route for their journeys. Men, women and children are often walking for days, some exposed to violence and abuse, or accidents along train tracks.

07 Jun 2015 description

The payment of full compensation for damages to farmers and households hit by storms and floods in January and February begins on Friday, says Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.

"I promised a 100-percent damage compensation by the end of March in Stip. The assessment of damages and facilitation of the administrative procedures was launched immediately", says PM Gruevski on his Facebook profile.

Gruevski stresses the Government meets its promises.

03 Jun 2015 description


Le Représentant permanent de la Malaisie auprès des Nations Unies, M. Ramlan Bin Ibrahim, qui préside le Conseil de sécurité pendant le mois de juin, a présenté, cet après-midi à la presse, le programme de travail mensuel de cet organe, qui sera notamment marqué par un débat thématique ouvert, le 18 juin, sur le sort des enfants en temps de conflit armé.

20 Apr 2015 description

“Get Airports Ready for Disaster” workshops will take place at Skopje and Ohrid airports