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26 May 2016 description


  • The number of people arriving by sea to the Greek shores has sharply decreased since the beginning of April due to a variety of factors, including an understanding amongst refugee and migrant populations that the Balkan route is now closed, the implementation of the EU-Turkey agreement, and increased border control operations at the Aegean Sea. There was an average of 119 daily arrivals in April compared with 870 daily arrivals in March which constitutes an 85% decrease.

25 May 2016 description

Arrivals and departures

In Greece, an estimated 126 people arrived over the weekend (21-22 May) in the northern Aegean (35 on Lesvos, 76 on Chios, and 15 on Samos).

25 May 2016 description


  • UNHCR and partners learned of 150 irregular arrivals: 93 from fYR Macedonia, 51 from Bulgaria and six from Montenegro.
  • The number of asylum seekers waiting to be admitted into Hungarian “transit zones” increased after Hungarian authorities’ halved daily admission from some 60 to some 30 asylum seekers. As a result, on average 418 asylum seekers, predominantly women and children, were waiting for admission in the open, without shelter or sanitary facilities.
24 May 2016 description

By Nichola Jones, IFRC

The closure of the Western Balkan route in February and the implementation of the EU-Turkey deal in March, which will see new arrivals in Greece and potentially returned to Turkey, has seen the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) shift its response to meet the changing needs of migrants.

Arrivals into Greece continue but have plummeted with a daily average of 47 people per day

24 May 2016 description

The United States and 47 other UN member states have endorsed the joint statement below affirming the importance of and adherence to international humanitarian law at the World Humanitarian Summit, Istanbul, May 23–24.

23 May 2016 description

The remote rural municipality of Konce is a beautiful but by no means easy place to live—and the record floods that hit the area in January 2015 have been making life a whole lot harder.

23 May 2016 description

Idomeni, Greece | AFP | Monday 5/23/2016 - 16:46 GMT

by Vassilis KYRIAKOULIS with Catherine BOITARD in Athens

Greece said Monday it will step up efforts to clear the squalid camp of Idomeni where over 8,400 migrants remain on the border with Macedonia after braving a winter in vain hope of being allowed through to Europe.

"The transfer of refugees trapped at Idomeni to hospitality areas probably begins tomorrow (Tuesday)," Yiorgos Kyritsis, the government's migration spokesman, told state news agency ANA.

22 May 2016 description
report UN Women

In 2016, natural disasters and war zones have created indelible images of barbed wire barriers, endless straggling dusty lines of tired people on the move, overladen boats making hazardous sea passages, buildings destroyed by bombs, cyclones, earthquakes and fires, exhausted responders with hard hats and clipboards. These images reflect desperate flight from violence and destruction, the courage of those who stay, the courage of those who go. They make real for us the extraordinary circumstances of millions on the move.

21 May 2016 description

Report calls for building disaster risk into development efforts

Sarajevo, 20 May 2016 – Two years after massive flooding caused widespread devastation and loss of life in the Western Balkans, countries in the sub-region have taken steps to reduce the risk of disasters but more will need to be done to protect people from future destruction, according to the Human Development Report for the Western Balkans, launched here today.

20 May 2016 description
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  • In Greece, during the week of 9 May, IOM led an escort mission for 20 unaccompanied children (seven from Pakistan, six from Afghanistan, five from Syria, one from Palestine, and one from Egypt) who were escorted from the First Reception Centre in Lesvos to a new accommodation facility in Mytilene.

19 May 2016 description

The requirements presented in this funding snapshot refer to the 2016 Regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan covering the period January to December 2016.

RRP requirements: $550,539,639

Funding received: $328,809,685

% funded: 60%

19 May 2016 description

Planning and Preparation:

A huge shortfall in funds for sheltering refugees is severely undermining efforts to tackle the biggest global displacement crisis since World War II. At the launch today of a new global campaign, called “Nobody Left Outside,” UNHCR emphasised that efforts to provide adequate shelter for refugees under its care were facing a half-billion-dollar deficit. Nobody Left Outside calls on the private sector to contribute funds for shelter solutions for 2 million refugees.

19 May 2016 description

The requirements presented in this funding snapshot refer to the 2016 Regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan covering the period January to December 2016.

RRP requirements: $550,539,639

Funding received: $287,477,151

% funded: 52%