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Spain + 1 other
Migrant flow to Morocco-Spain border fence 'doubles'

10/21/2014 - 09:51 GMT

Migrants are scrambling to reach Spain's north African territory Melilla at double the rate of last year, an official said Tuesday, speaking days after evidence of abuse by border guards sparked outrage.

The head of the Spanish government delegation in the territory Abdelmalik El Barkani said the number of attempts by desperate migrants to scale the seven-metre (23-foot), triple layer fence separating Melilla from Morocco had surged so far in 2014.

Agence France-Presse:

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Western Sahara + 2 others
La Quatrième Commission adopte 11 projets de texte relatifs aux territoires non autonomes et à la décolonisation


Soixante-neuvième session,
7e séance – matin
Assemblée générale
Couverture des réunions

Le Maroc et l’Algérie précisent leur position respective sur le Sahara occidental

La Quatrième Commission chargée des questions politiques spéciales et de la décolonisation, a achevé, ce matin, son débat sur les questions de décolonisation avec les interventions des représentants de l’Algérie, du Maroc et du Chili, avant d’adopter 11 projets de résolution relatifs à ces questions.

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Morocco Takes Part In Cairo Conference To Help Carry Out Palestinian Plan For Gaza Reconstruction

Minister delegate for foreign affairs Mbarka Bouaida said that Morocco takes part in the International Conference on Gaza Reconstruction, which opened on Sunday in Cairo, to contribute to the implementation of projects scheduled under the plan for Gaza reconstruction which will be approved as part of the UN mechanism to be set during the conference.

Morocco, which made the Palestinian issue a national cause, was the first to send humanitarian aids worth 8 million dollars to the Gaza Strip following the Israeli assault in August, Bouaida told MAP.

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Western Sahara + 2 others
Quatrième Commission : le Front Polisario voit une nouvelle occasion de sortir la question du Sahara occidental de l’impasse alors que le Maroc réitère sa proposition d’autonomie


Soixante-neuvième session,
5e séance – après-mid

Après avoir fait l’objet de plusieurs accusations, dont le détournement de l’aide internationale, le Front Polisario, par la voix de son représentant, a choisi de saluer « une nouvelle occasion de sortir de l’impasse », alors que le Maroc, soutenu par plusieurs délégations, a réitéré sa proposition d’autonomie. La Quatrième Commission chargée des questions politiques spéciales et de la décolonisation terminait aujourd’hui l’audition des pétitionnaires sur la question du Sahara occidental.

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Western Sahara + 1 other
Quatrième Commission : l’Afrique divisée sur la question du Sahara occidental


Soixante neuvième session
6e séance – matin
Assemblée générale
Couverture des réunions

« Le problème est que le Maroc essaye d’imposer une proposition d’autonomie qui nie le droit à l’autodétermination des Sahraouis et ne leur offre pas la possibilité de choisir leur destinée par référendum » a déclaré, ce matin, le représentant de l’Afrique du Sud devant la Quatrième Commission chargée des questions politiques spéciales et de la décolonisation, qui poursuivait son débat sur les questions de décolonisation.

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Western Sahara + 2 others
Decades-long Dispute over Western Sahara Draws Appeals from Petitioners in Fourth Committee, with Some Saying Impasse No Excuse for Inaction


Sixty-ninth session
4th Meeting (PM)

In a meeting session dominated bypulsating with harsh words and displays of raw emotion, the Fourth Committee (Special Political and Decolonization) heard petitioners on behalf of Western Sahara emphasize the urgency of international action ton settlepromoting the territory’s long-running quest for self-determination and also also as an imperative to bbolster regional and global security..

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Madagascar + 23 others
Emergency Transboundary Outbreak Pest (ETOP) Situation Update for September with a Forecast through Mid-November, 2014


The Desert Locust (SGR1 ) situation remained calm in September in summer breeding areas in the western outbreak region. Only a few adults and hoppers were reported in Mauritania, Niger and Chad. A similar situation may be present in northern Mali where surveys were not possible.
Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia remained calm during this month.

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Sudan + 11 others
Desert Locust Bulletin 432 ( 2 October 2014) [EN/FR]

General Situation during September 2014 Forecast until mid-November 2014

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World + 69 others
CrisisWatch N°134 - 1 October 2014

The U.S. expanded its aerial campaign against Islamic State (IS) militants in late September with strikes in Syria’s north and east. The operation, which targets both IS and fighters linked to al-Qaeda’s central leadership and the affiliated group Jabhat al-Nusra, risks alienating other rebel groups in Syria and strengthening support for IS.

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Madagascar + 21 others
Emergency Transboundary Outbreak Pest (ETOP) Situation Report for August with a Forecast till Mid-October, 2014


The Desert Locust (SGR1) situation remained calm in winter, spring and summer breeding areas in the western outbreak region in August and only low density adults were reported in Mauritania, Niger and Chad, and a similar situation is highly likely in northern Mali where the ongoing security situation continuous undermining survey operations. No locusts were reported in Algeria, Libya, Morocco or Tunisia during this month.

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Morocco + 4 others
Régularisation de 5.742 immigrés en situation illégale au Maroc et acceptation de 549 demandes d'asile

Le nombre des demandes acceptées de régularisation de la situation administrative des étrangers en situation illégale au Maroc s'élève, selon les résultats provisoires de l'opération extraordinaire de régularisation, à 5.742 demandes, soit 32 pc du total des demandes enregistrées.

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Spain + 1 other
Espagne-Maroc : les frontières avant les peuples

Madrid, le 2 septembre 2014 – Un rapport spécial intitulé «Vidas en la Frontera Sur» (Des vies sur la frontière méridionale) basé sur deux missions d'observations menées sur la frontière entre l'Espagne et le Maroc, demande au gouvernement espagnol et à l'Union Européenne de faire passer les droits humains avant la sécurité des frontières. Le rapport et les recommandations ont été soumis à l'Ombudsman espagnol à la fin du mois de juillet.

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Spain + 1 other
Spain-Morocco: borders before people

Madrid, 2 September 2014 – A special report Vidas en la Frontera Sur (Lives at the Southern Borders) based on two fact-finding missions to the Spanish borders with Morocco, calls on the Spanish government and the European Union to put human rights before border security. The report and recommendations were submitted to the Spanish Ombudsman at the end of July.

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World + 66 others
CrisisWatch N°133 - 1 September 2014

The fight for control of Libya between the Misrata-led Islamist-leaning coalition and the Zintan-led forces is escalating by the day. Hundreds have been killed and thousands displaced in over six weeks of clashes and heavy artillery fire. The Misrata side emerged victorious in the battle over Tripoli’s international airport, taking control of the capital, and made advances around Benghazi, but the larger political divide remains unresolved.

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ROMENA: Regional Humanitarian Funding Update (28 August 2014) [EN/AR]



Strategic Response Plans in the MENA region received US$ 1.74 billion, the largest recipient was Syria, with US$ 692 million, followed by Palestine with US$ 271 million. In total, the appeals and SRPs are 40.1% funded with a 59.9% shortfall. Iraq SRP was over funded by 81.2%.

The Syrian Humanitarian Response Plan (SHARP) and the Regional Response Plan for Syrian Refugees (RRP) jointly requested US$ 6.02 billion. The total amount received is US$ 2.41 billion (40%), which leaves a total shortfall of US$ 3.61 billion (60%).

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit

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GIEWS Country Brief: Morocco 25-August-2014


  • Below-average cereal harvest in 2014 following inadequate soil moisture in the southern—most parts

  • Wheat imports expected to decrease in 2014/15

  • Food inflation remains moderate

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Two Moroccan Planes Carrying Relief For Gazans Arrive In Egypt

Two Moroccan planes carrying humanitarian aid for populations in the Gaza strip arrived on Monday at the Egyptian military airport of Al-Ismailia (East).

This is the second consignment of relief ordered by HM King Mohammed VI to alleviate the sufferings of Palestinians who are facing a barbaric offensive by the Israeli army.

This humanitarian aid includes rice, powdered milk, medical equipment (wheelchairs, beds, crutches..) and hygiene products.

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Morocco + 2 others
Arrivée en Egypte de deux avions marocains transportant des aides humanitaires destinées à la population de Gaza

Deux avions marocains transportant des aides humanitaires destinées à la population de la Bande Gaza sont arrivés lundi après-midi à l'aéroport militaire égyptien d'Al-Ismaïlia (est).

Il s'agit d'un nouveau lot du soutien humanitaire ordonné par SM le Roi Mohammed VI pour alléger les souffrances du peuple palestinien, qui fait face à une agression sauvage de l'armée israélienne.

Cette nouvelle aide humanitaire porte essentiellement sur du riz et du lait en poudre outre des équipements médicaux (fauteuils roulants, béquilles, lits ...) et des produits d'hygiène.

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Spain + 1 other
Halt Summary Pushbacks to Morocco

Investigate Beatings of Migrants at Enclave’s Border

(Berlin, August 18, 2014) – Spain should immediately halt summary returns of migrants to Morocco from its North African enclave, Melilla, Human Rights Watch said today. Spain should also investigate evidence that Guardia Civil officers beat migrants at the border fence.

Human Rights Watch:

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