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Children & displacement

In a significant step, the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution that provides concrete proposals to protect children in armed conflict. Refugees International is urging the UN to do all that is necessary to implement the new resolution and take extra steps to help child soldiers reintegrate into their communities.


Children are frequently the most at risk when they and their families are displaced by conflict or natural disaster. In conflict settings, children have become easy targets for recruitment

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Liberia + 2 others
Liberia, Somalia, Sri Lanka: Grim accounts of poverty, post-conflict and post-disaster crises

Nairobi, 5 April, 2005 - Delegates at the plenary of the twentieth session of UN-HABITAT Governing Council listened in grim silence on Tuesday as representatives of three countries suffering the consequences of war, and the tsunami killer wave gave accounts of how they are trying to bring relief to their citizens and secure international aid.

Sri Lanka said its ministerial delegation had been unable to accept an invitation to the Nairobi meeting, held every two years to set UN-HABITAT's work programme, because the officials had