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02 Dec 2016 description

The violence is the latest setback for the U.N.-backed Government of National Accord

  • Second day of fighting between rival factions in capital

  • Violence a set-back for U.N.-backed government

  • U.N. envoy "extremely alarmed", urges end to fighting (Adds update on fighting, government statement)

By Ahmed Elumami

TRIPOLI, Dec 2 (Reuters) - Rival armed factions battled for a second day on Friday in the worst outbreak of fighting in the Libyan capital Tripoli for more than a year.

02 Dec 2016 description

December 2, 2016, Tunis, Tunisia – The World Health Organization is deeply concerned about the deaths of neonates in Libya as a result of the deteriorating health system. From July to August this year, 73 neonates died, including 22 due to intra-uterine complications, 18 due to birth asphyxia, 16 due to premature labor and four due to neonatal sepsis. The remaining newborns died of congenital anomalies.

02 Dec 2016 description
  • As of 30 November 2016, UN-coordinated appeals and refugee response plans within the Global Humanitarian Overview (GHO) require US$22.1 billion to meet the needs of 96.2 million humanitarian crisis-affected people in 40 countries. Together the appeals are funded at $11.4 billion, leaving a shortfall of $10.7 billion.

01 Dec 2016 description

Global Overview NOVEMBER 2016

01 Dec 2016 description


The Crisis Overview 2016: Humanitarian Trends and Risks for 2017, outlines the countries where needs are greatest, and growing, as we approach the end of 2016.

01 Dec 2016 description

This year’s Oslo Forum, which took place between the 14-15 June, was attended by around 100 prominent mediators, peace process actors and high-level decision-makers. The report from this meeting, which is released today, summarises the discussions during the event.

30 Nov 2016 description

The violence in the Middle East obfuscates the fact that there exists also a story of peace efforts across the region—a story of small successes, big frustrations, setbacks, and failures. Through these efforts, UN mediators have sought to achieve the often irreconcilable goals of ending violence while facilitating a political transition and reconciling the parties.

27 Nov 2016 description

The Republic of Korea has contributed US$ one million dollars to assist in speedy rehabilitation projects in Libya that will improve vital basic services to the citizens.

The donation is a valuable contribution to the Stabilization Facility for Libya (SFL), an initiative of the Libyan Government of National Accord delivered by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and supported by the International Community. The Facility aims to deliver quick improvements on the ground to the infrastructure, schools, hospitals and municipalities in Benghazi, Kikla and Obari.

25 Nov 2016 description


Refugee families received core relief items so far in 2016
Internally displaced families received core relief items so far in 2016
Monitoring visits to detention facilities were conducted so far in 2016
Capacity building events organized for government and NGO representatives so far in 2016

Population of concern
A total of 814,219 persons of concern

25 Nov 2016 description

Libya continues to be the main departure and transit point for departure from North Africa towards Europe. As of 18 November 2016, the Libyan Coast Guard rescued/intercepted a total of 12,891 people in different locations along the Libyan coast, mainly Az Zawiyah, Tripoli and Tajurah. Since January 2016, Libyan local authorities have recovered more than 1,000 bodies of people who drowned while attempting to cross the Mediterranean.

25 Nov 2016 description

In Libya, UNHCR operates through its direct implementation as well as in partnership with key international humanitarian actors such as the International Medical Corps, CESVI, ACTED, Mercy Corps and IMPACT.

In Libya, UNHCR’s key objective is to enhance the Protection Environment of refugees and asylum seekers through provision of humanitarian and material assistance. The Office identifies, registers and documents persons in need of international protection through telephone hotlines, Development Community Centres in Benghazi and Tripoli and outreach visits conducted by partners.

23 Nov 2016 description


  • In October, WFP distributed food assistance to 57,366 IDPs in western, southern, and central Libya, and to 37,571 IDPs in eastern Libya. Of those people receiving assistance, 53 percent of were women and 57 percent of were children under 18 years of age.

  • Given limited resources, WFP had to adjust its planning figures, aiming to reach 120,000 people in need by the end of 2016. Despite only having received 39 percent of its required funding, in 2016 WFP Libya has provided food assistance to 113,485 people in need.

22 Nov 2016 description

Libya - IOM Libya’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) has released its fourth Flow Monitoring Analytical report, which reveals that Libya remains the main country of intended destination for 56 percent of all migrants surveyed, with Italy, Germany and France being other notable destinations for 17 percent, 7 percent and 5 percent of respondents respectively.

The report presents the results of surveys conducted with 1,946 migrants across nine Flow Monitoring points across Libya.

22 Nov 2016 description

Regional mixed migration summary for October 2016 covering mixed migration events, trends and data for Djibouti, Eritrea, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Puntland, Somalia, Somaliland and Yemen.

Terminology: Throughout this report the term migrant/refugee is used to cover all those involved in the mixed migration flows (including asylum seekers, trafficked persons, smuggled economic migrants, refugees). If the caseload mentioned refers only to refugees or asylum seekers or trafficked persons it will be clearly stated.