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19 Dec 2014 description


The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has experienced unprecedented change since the start of the Arab Spring in 2010. The region is now encountering a series of conflicts and crises with humanitarian challenges which require immediate support. The war in Syria has killed over 191,000 people, with many more injured, 3.2 million displaced to neighbouring countries and an additional 10.8 million in need of humanitarian assistance in Syria.

18 Dec 2014 description

Tracking food security trends in vulnerable countries


· According to the Food Security and Agriculture Cluster analyses, 9.8 million people in Syria need various types of food, agriculture and livelihood-related assistance.

· As fighting prevails in Iraq, an estimated 2.2 million people across the governorates of Anbar, Kirkuk, Diyala, Ninewa and Salah al-Din are in need of emergency food assistance.

18 Dec 2014 description

Nouakchott, Mauritania | AFP | Thursday 12/18/2014 - 14:19 GMT

A summit on security in the sub-Saharan Sahel region of Africa, where armed Islamic extremists linked to al-Qaeda are active, opened Thursday in Mauritania, attended by five heads of state.

The meeting was part of the "Nouakchott Process", named for an initiative launched in Mauritania's capital in March 2013 to boost security cooperation among 11 participating states.

18 Dec 2014 description
report UN Security Council

7345th Meeting (AM)

‘Move from Reaction to Action’ with Practical Measures That Help Restore Order, Country’s Permanent Representative Urges 15-Nation Body The Security Council today heard a briefing by the Chair of its Libya Sanctions Committee, detailing steps taken to prevent the illegal diversion of arms, adjust its sanctions list and facilitate access to the strife-ridden North African country by the Panel of Experts which monitors those measures.

17 Dec 2014 description

Peter Bartu

As two rival parliaments and administrations in Tripoli and Tobruk currently vie for control of the government in Libya, a new UN-brokered initiative is attempting to renew a national dialogue process. How and why did the previous UN mediation effort to support the Libyan-devised political transition lose legitimacy, with Libya now on the brink of civil war?

16 Dec 2014 description

Snapshot 10–16 December

Iraq: 700,000 IDPs, mostly in Dahuk and Anbar governorates, are living in shelters that are not adapted for winter temperatures. 945,000 IDPs are in dire need of kerosene for heating.

Afghanistan: Kabul has been hit by at least 12 suicide attacks since early November, with more attacks also carried out elsewhere, fuelling concerns about the protection of civilians.

16 Dec 2014 description

Aside from a slight fall in the number of journalists killed in connection with their work, the Reporters Without Borders round-up for 2014 highlights an evolution in the nature of violence against journalists and the way certain kinds, including carefully-staged threats and beheadings, are being used for very clear purposes.

16 Dec 2014 description

15 December 2014 – The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) condemns the sharp military escalation in Libya. The Mission is in contact with both sides to the conflict and is calling for an immediate cessation of military operations to give the Libyan political dialogue a chance.

UNSMIL considers the military escalation as a direct attempt to undermine the political dialogue efforts, and those behind it clearly aim to scuttle the work to reach a political solution.

14 Dec 2014 description
report UN Children's Fund

December 2014 – 17 experts from different departments at the Libyan Ministry of Education attended in Zarzis, Tunisia the eight-day capacity building workshop, which constitutes the component of the Curriculum Framework Project. The launching of this component has been based on a Situational Analysis of the current basic education curriculum in Libya, “The Curriculum Framework sets the education objectives, the expectations from the students and what students will acquire during their progress in the education system,“ Said Mr. Ghassan Khalil, UNICEF Special Representative in Libya.

11 Dec 2014 description
report UN Security Council


7335th Meeting (AM)

Weak institutions, cyclical environmental shocks, vast ungoverned spaces, fragile economies and poverty had contributed to suffering and created conditions for transnational criminal organizations in the Sahel, the Security Council heard today, as the Secretary‑General’s Special Envoy for the region said the need for sustaining the 15-member body’s attention there was “greater than ever”.

11 Dec 2014 description

Prolonged conflicts in Benghazi and the west of Libya have displaced tens of thousands of people inside the country. The ICRC has distributed emergency medical supplies to more than 20 hospitals and assistance to more than 22,000 displaced people since mid-July, either directly or through the Libyan Red Crescent and other local partners.

11 Dec 2014 description


​Today, 10 December 2014, Pre-Trial Chamber I of the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued a finding of non-compliance by the Government of Libya with respect to the non-execution of two requests for cooperation transmitted by the ICC, and decided to refer the matter to the Security Council of the United Nations.

10 Dec 2014 description
report IRIN

TRIPOLI, 10 December 2014 (IRIN) -

“I am tired. I want to go back to my homeland in Tawergha [town in northern Libya]. Everything is bad: my room is full of water when it is raining and I don't have money… I just want to go home,” Hamama Said told IRIN.

The grandmother, who is aged somewhere between 60 and 65 - she is not quite sure - has lived in a displacement camp near Tripoli Airport for three years.

09 Dec 2014 description

Snapshot 3–9 December

Philippines: Category 5 Typhoon Hagupit, locally known as Ruby, made landfall on 6 December over the town of Dolores in Eastern Samar province (Eastern Philippines). At least 49 of 81 provinces are potentially at high risk. The typhoon is moving very slowly, potentially subjecting each community in the path of the typhoon to high winds and torrential rainfall for much longer. 1.1 million people are affected.

09 Dec 2014 description

New Report Showcases U.S. Global Leadership in Landmine Clearance and Conventional Weapons Destruction

08 Dec 2014 description

08 December 2014 - Building on concerted efforts to stem the on-going violence in Libya and bring about a peaceful resolution of the current political crisis that would spare the Libyan people further strife, the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) has over the past few weeks undertaken intense consultations with all the major stakeholders to create a conducive environment for the proposed dialogue talks which the Mission had earlier announced its intention to convene on 9 December.

08 Dec 2014 description
report Guardian

Continued fighting leaves women, children and the elderly vulnerable as $35m humanitarian appeal emerges as the most underfunded in UN history

Clár Ní Chonghaile

Hundreds of thousands of displaced people in Libya urgently need blankets, warm clothes and shelter as winter takes hold and fighting rages between the army, rebel militias and Islamist extremists, making relief efforts increasingly difficult.

05 Dec 2014 description
report Amnesty

European Union member states must urgently step up efforts to protect refugees and migrants trying to reach their countries by sea after it was revealed this morning that 16 bodies were found on board a rubber dinghy rescued off the coast of Libya yesterday, said Amnesty International.