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28 Nov 2014 description

A l’approche de l’anniversaire du premier cas de maladie du virus Ebola enregistré en Guinée, la Croix-Rouge et le Croissant-Rouge appellent à redoubler d’efforts pour juguler l’épidémie.

Ces dernières semaines, des signes d’espoir ont enfin commencé à se manifester dans les trois pays d’Afrique de l’Ouest les plus touchés par l’épidémie. Toutefois, si nous entrevoyons les premiers résultats positifs des opérations mises sur pied, le combat est loin d’être terminé. En réalité, il pourrait bien n’être qu’à son début.

28 Nov 2014 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • According to the latest Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW) Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) report, up until 21 November 2014, the cumulative total of suspected, probable and confirmed cases of EVD in Liberia was 7,165. The cumulative total of deaths stood at 3,016. Cases and deaths continue to be under-reported. Reported case incidence is stable or declining in Liberia, with 67 new confirmed cases in the week.

28 Nov 2014 description
report Government of Japan

"We must stop this outbreak any way we can. Japan is determined to put forth its best in the fight against the Ebola virus disease.”

(Remarks by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the United Nations High-level Meeting on the Response to the Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak, September 25, 2014)

Japan’s new response to the Ebola outbreak

28 Nov 2014 description

Friday 28th Nov 2014 | Latest News, Africa

The ongoing Ebola epidemic is the largest in history, affecting multiple countries in West Africa. Since the breakout in March 2014, over 15,000 people have contracted the illness and nearly 5,500 people have died[1]. The most severely affected countries are Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Nutrition Programme

28 Nov 2014 description

Geneva, Switzerland | AFP | vendredi 28/11/2014 - 12:16 GMT

Le sperme pourrait continuer de transmettre le virus Ebola jusqu'à 82 jours après la guérison clinique du patient, soit près de 12 semaines, a annoncé vendredi l'Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS) à Genève.

28 Nov 2014 description


  • The Minister of Finance has announced on 24 November a 'recovery' package to tackle the wider impact of Ebola Virus Disease in Liberia. 60m USD are to be allocated for the restoration of essential health services,
    Education 30m USD, Food Security 35m USD and conditional safety nets 25m USD.

28 Nov 2014 description

3 pillars of WFP support:

1 Delivering food alongside the health response;
2 Ensuring the movement of partner staff and materials; and
3 Providing common services and infrastructure support for health partners.

In numbers

To date, in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone:

 21,000 mt of food delivered to 1.6 million people since the end of August 2014;
 2,771 responders transported by UNHAS, with two planes and one helicopter in operation; and
 26,320 m3 of cargo transported since Sep-tember 2014.

28 Nov 2014 description

Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone are FEWS NET remote monitoring countries. In remote monitoring, a coordinator typically works from a nearby regional office. Relying on partners for data, the coordinator uses scenario development to conduct analysis and produce monthly reports. As less data may be available, remote monitoring reports may have less detail than those from countries with FEWS NET offices. The analysis presented in this report is based on various field information provided by local partners, such as trader organizations, WFP, and OCHA.

28 Nov 2014 description


  • Burial workers in Kenema, Sierra Leone, have dumped bodies in public after going on strike, reportedly leaving two bodies at the main entrance of the city’s main hospital.

  • UNMEER in Sierra Leone has transported blood samples by helicopter for the first time. Three flights per week are planned, transporting blood samples from remote locations to laboratories.

27 Nov 2014 description

Canada launches “Join The Fight Against Ebola” recruitment campaign, provides more funding to humanitarian organizations and announces deployment of Canadian Armed Forces members to West Africa

The Honourable Rona Ambrose, Minister of Health, along with the Honourable Robert Nicholson, Minister of National Defence, and Dr. Gregory Taylor, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, today announced further action and support to respond to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

27 Nov 2014 description
report Deutsche Welle

Good news has been rare when it comes to the Ebola outbreak. Now, there's a glimmer of hope. One vaccine has yielded promising results in humans - even if it has its drawbacks.

For months, bad news - even bordering on the apocalyptic - was the norm when it came to Ebola in West Africa: Exponential infection rates, agonizing deaths, and an epidemic lasting much longer than expected.

For those waiting anxiously for a sign of hope, maybe - just maybe - here it is.

27 Nov 2014 description

Morocco has dispatched royal donations to Sierra Leone and Liberia in support of international efforts aiming to stem the spread of the Ebola virus.

Upon HM King Mohammed VI's instructions, Morocco has dispatched royal donations to the republics of Sierra Leone and Liberia, the Health Ministry said in a statement.

27 Nov 2014 description

Abu Dhabi 27 November 2014: The UAE Ministry of International Cooperation and Development (MICAD) signed an agreement today with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), to support the UNICEF Ebola Outbreak Response through providing the necessary humanitarian assistance.

27 Nov 2014 description

County Highlights

Grand Cape Mount

• A man from Boesan Town who had attended a funeral in Bendaja Town, Porkpa Distict died but infected several members of his family who are now admitted at Island Clinic and MOD1

27 Nov 2014 description

Les résultats préliminaires de récentes évaluations sur l’impact de la maladie à virus Ebola sur la sécurité alimentaire en Guinée, au Libéria et en Sierra Leone – les trois pays les plus affectés par l'épidémie – ont récemment été mis à disposition. La principale conclusion est qu’en 2014, le virus Ebola est le choc principal qui a touché le secteur agricole de ces trois pays.

27 Nov 2014 description

The preliminary results of recent impact assessments on food security of Ebola in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone – the three countries most affected by the Ebola virus disease outbreak – were recently made available. The key finding is that Ebola is the main shock that has affected the agricultural sector in 2014 in these three countries.

27 Nov 2014 description
report Guardian

In the hardest hit counties, the role of community leaders is key in preventing the marginalisation of survivors of the virus

Harold Aidoo in Monrovia