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28 Oct 2016 description


  • Above average 2016 cereal harvest is forecast

  • Continued assistance needed for vulnerable people

This year’s cereal production expected similar to last year’s above average level

27 Oct 2016 description


  • WFP is supporting the Government with the Liberia Zero Hunger Strategic Review to review critical gaps and assess priorities to reach Zero Hunger by 2030.

  • The refugee population continues to decline due to the repatriation exercises conducted by UNHCR. By the end of 2016 it is estimated around 12,000 refugees will remain.

26 Oct 2016 description

Regional mixed migration summary for August 2016 covering mixed migration events, incidents, trends and data for the West Africa region (in particular Niger, Mali, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Senegal and Liberia).

In this report the term migrant/refugee is used to cover all those involved in mixed migration flows (including asylum seekers, trafficked persons, economic migrants, refugees). If the caseload mentioned refers only to refugees or asylum seekers or trafficked persons it will be clearly stated.

22 Oct 2016 description

Interview with MSF psychiatrist Frédéric Gelly

Two years after the peak of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, survivors, as well as their families and health workers, are gradually rebuilding their lives. As MSF transfers its mental health services to the Liberian Ministry of Health, MSF psychiatrist Frédéric Gelly describes the process of psychological healing.

What effect did the Ebola epidemic have on people’s mental health?

22 Oct 2016 description

More than two and a half years after the Ebola outbreak officially began, MSF is now closing its last projects in West Africa dedicated to caring for people who survived the disease.

20 Oct 2016 description


19 Oct 2016 description

L’Institut de Médecine Tropicale (IMT) d’Anvers que soutient la Coopération belge au développement, a accueilli en septembre, environ 250 experts et spécialistes internationaux du secteur de la santé. L’objectif était de discuter des progrès réalisés face au virus Ebola au cours de la conférence internationale « 8th International Symposium on Filoviruses & 58th ITM colloquium - Ebola: 40 years after Yambuku » qui était organisée à Anvers.

19 Oct 2016 description
  • 274.0 M required for 2016

  • 82.1 M contributions received, representing 30% of requirements

  • 191.9 M funding gap for West Africa

15 Oct 2016 description

This brief summarizes FEWS NET’s most forward-looking analysis of projected emergency food assistance needs in FEWS NET coverage countries. The projected size of each country’s acutely food insecure population (IPC Phase 3 and higher) is compared to last year and the recent five-year average and categorized as Higher ( p), Similar ( u), or Lower ( q). Countries where external emergency food assistance needs are anticipated are identified. Projected lean season months highlighted in red indicate either an early start or an extension to the typical lean season.

14 Oct 2016 description

UN report urges Liberia to act on rape

MONROVIA / GENEVA (14 October 2016) - A UN report released today documents the high incidence of rape in Liberia as well as the widespread impunity enjoyed by perpetrators.

14 Oct 2016 description
report AlertNet

Nine in 10 health facilities in Liberia do not meet the health ministry's standards for water supplies, said WaterAid

More than two years after the world's worst Ebola outbreak began in West Africa, health facilities in Liberia are struggling to operate due to a lack of running water and functioning toilets, sanitation charity WaterAid said on Friday.

14 Oct 2016 description

Highlights during the reporting week

  • Fifteen neonatal deaths reported from nine Counties - Four maternal deaths reported from four Counties

Reporting coverage

  • 99.9% (739/740) of expected health facilities reported from 90 health districts across 15 counties.

  • 99.6% (737/740) of health facilities submitted timely report to the district level.

  • 98.9% (89/90) of health districts submitted timely reports to County level.

  • 50% (45/90) of health districts sent zero reports.

13 Oct 2016 description

WASHINGTON -- Today as leaders and experts from around the world gather in Des Moines, Iowa, for the annual World Food Prize, the U.S. Agency for International Development announced impressive progress toward achieving the goals of Feed the Future, the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative. The initiative's annual progress report notes that since the start of the initiative, poverty has dropped up to 36 percent in many areas where Feed the Future works and child stunting -- a measure of malnutrition -- has dropped by as much as 40 percent.