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WHO ramps up to address Ebola challenges; prevent new infections - Protecting health workers one of top priorities

So far, 13 health workers have died during the ongoing outbreak in Guinea. Because outbreaks have not occurred in this area before, many health workers are not practiced in caring for Ebola patients.

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Impacting West Africa: Transforming People’s lives in Liberia through Microfinance


Microfinance Transforming Lives p. 1

Meet the first Microfinance Client of Access Bank Liberia p. 2

Developing the Private Sector and Promoting Financial Inclusion p. 3

Successes and Challenges of the Financial Sector in Liberia p. 3

Achieving Transparency & Good Governance p.4

Infrastructure Development: Increasing People’s Access to Services p. 5

Access Bank: Milestones and Future Outlook p. 5

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Ebola: le virus présent en Guinée est une nouvelle souche (étude)

04/17/2014 14:30 GMT

WASHINGTON, 17 avril 2014 (AFP) - Le virus Ebola qui a fait plus de 100 morts en Guinée et au Liberia depuis janvier est une nouvelle souche, ce qui indique qu'il ne provient pas d'autres foyers connus d'infection en Afrique, selon une équipe de virologues.

Agence France-Presse:

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New Ebola Strain Causing West Africa Outbreak

Voice of America

Steve Baragona April 16, 2014

WASHINGTON — The strain of Ebola virus that has killed 121 people in West Africa may have been circulating there undetected for some time, according to a new study.

This is the first reported outbreak of Ebola in West Africa. But the new study in the New England Journal of Medicine said this strain of the virus may not be new to the area.

Researchers from Africa and Europe compared viral DNA from this outbreak to previous episodes.

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UNICEF-Liberia Ebola Outbreak: SitRep #16, 16 April 2014

Key Points

 One additional suspected case of Ebola was reported in Saclapea, Nimba County, raising the total number of suspected, probable and confirmed Ebola cases to 27, including 13 Ebola-related deaths, for a case fatality rate of 48%.

 The total number of confirmed Ebola cases stands at six.

 Foya, Lofa County, remains the epicentre of the Ebola outbreak. However, suspected, probable and confirmed Ebola cases have been reported in Lofa (10), Margibi (6), Bong (5), Nimba (4), Montserrado (1) and Grand Cape Mount (1) Counties.

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Taking preventive action to stop the Ebola outbreak in West Africa

Ebola virus disease, a highly infectious and deadly disease, continues to claim lives in West Africa. As of 9 April, Guinea has counted close to 160 suspected cases with 101 deaths. The virus which surfaced in rural Guinea and then spread to Conakry, the capital, has now also reached neighbouring Liberia, where five fatalities have been recorded. In Mali, health officials are investigating suspected cases of Ebola.

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Aucun cas de fièvre Ebola confirmé au Mali après des analyses (gouvernement)

04/15/2014 15:48 GMT

BAMAKO, 15 avril 2014 (AFP) - Les analyses effectuées en laboratoire sur dix échantillons de cas suspects de fièvre hémorragique au Mali ont exclu la présence du virus Ebola dans ce pays, où aucun nouveau cas suspect n'a été enregistré, a affirmé mardi le gouvernement malien.

Agence France-Presse:

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Nigeria + 6 others
West and Central Africa Region: Weekly Regional Humanitarian Snapshot, 8– 14 April 2014

The influx of refugees from CAR continues with some 7,000 arrivals since the previous week. The number of entry points increased following violence near the former main crossings at Garoua Boulai and Kenzou. Many refugees arrive exhausted and with injuries. In 2014, Cameroon has received almost 70,000 CAR refugees.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit

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Guinea + 2 others
CRS responds to deadly ebola outbreak in West Africa

By Jim Stipe

Baltimore, MD, April 14, 2014 — Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is responding to the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa that has claimed more than 120 lives.


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Ebola Situation Report (Sitrep No. 11) as at 23:00 Hrs; 13th April, 2014

  1. Current Situation in the field
  • One suspected case reported. One death reported in Margibi. Cumulative deaths are 13: Lofa (n-9), Nimba (n-1), Margibi (n-2) and Montserrado (n-1).
  • One lab. Confirmed positive case in Margibi County.
  • To date a cumulative total of 26 suspected/probable/Confirmed cases with 13 attributable deaths (CFR 50%) have been reported. Six confirmed positive
  • One specimen collected in Bong County
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Guinea + 3 others
Ebola virus disease, West Africa (Situation as of 14 April 2014)


As of 14 April, the Ministry of Health of Guinea has reported a cumulative total of 168 clinically compatible cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD), including 108 deaths.

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Ebola en Afrique de l'Ouest : l'UE porte son aide immédiate à la santé à € 1,1 million

L'Union européenne intensifie ses efforts pour contenir la propagation de l'épidémie d'Ebola en Afrique de l'Ouest et apporter une aide aux personnes touchées par le virus mortel. La Commission a porté à €1,1 million son aide pour financer des opérations de santé immédiates, des experts et des évaluations de risque, et contribue par des équipements médicaux, à l'accélération du diagnostic du virus.

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Guinea + 5 others
Ebola en Afrique de l'Ouest, un effrayant virus tueur venu de loin

04/11/2014 15:13 GMT

Par Coumba SYLLA

DAKAR, 11 avril 2014 (AFP) - L'Afrique de l'Ouest fait face depuis plusieurs semaines à une épidémie de fièvre hémorragique en partie due au virus Ebola qui a fait plus de 110 morts, changeant les comportements et provoquant une mobilisation internationale pour enrayer sa propagation.

Agence France-Presse:

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MSF resumes activities in Ebola centre in southeast Guinea

Conakry, 11 April – On Thursday, Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Withouth Borders (MSF) resumed activities in a treatment centre in Macenta, southeast Guinea, after it was forced to suspend work late last week following protests by a section of the local population.

“Several days of negotiations with local and regional authorities, youth leaders and village elders have ended successfully, and we have been assured that we can continue our work safely,” said Corinne Benazech MSF Head of Mission in Guinea.

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The foreign ministry is helping support stopping the spread of the Ebola virus in Africa

The foreign ministry is supporting the World Health Organization in preventing the further spread of the Ebola virus in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Foreign minister Urmas Paet said that it is a very rapidly spreading virus, which needs to be stopped quickly. “We must prevent a major epidemic, which according to the worst case scenario could begin to massively spread in Guinea and to neighbouring countries,” he added.

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Ebola in West Africa: EU increases its immediate health assistance to €1.1 million

The European Union is stepping up its efforts to contain the spread of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and assist those affected by the deadly virus. The Commission has increased its funding for immediate health operations, experts and risk assessments to €1.1 million, and is contributing with medical equipment to help accelerate diagnosis.

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Mali + 10 others
West Africa - Seasonal Monitor - April 2, 2014

Key Messages

Timely start to the rainy season in the Bi-modal zone

  • February to March rainfall estimates in conjunction with medium term forecasts indicate that the onset of the long season rains (March to July) began in the Bi-modal zone of West Africa in mid-March, as would be expected in a typical year.

  • Current climatic conditions are favorable for a normal start of agricultural activities in April in the Bi-modal zone.

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Guinea + 6 others
La diffusion d’informations vitales permet de ralentir la propagation du virus Ebola en Afrique de l'Ouest

DAKAR, Sénégal, le 10 avril 2014 - Avec les Ministères de la santé et d'autres partenaires dans sept pays d'Afrique de l'Ouest, l'UNICEF utilise tout un arsenal de communication (textos SMS via téléphones mobiles, émissions de radio, programmes de télévision et campagnes de porte-à-porte) pour diffuser des informations d’importance critique en vue d’enrayer la propagation du virus Ebola, un virus souvent mortel.