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25 Jul 2016 description

Highlights during the reporting week

  • Ten neonatal deaths reported from five counties

  • Three maternal deaths reported from two counties in week 28. Forty two deaths were identified through a retrospective review of registers

  • Three AFP cases reported from two counties

  • Fifteen suspected cases of measles reported from three counties

25 Jul 2016 description
report Al Jazeera

Liberian midwives are being trained as surgeons to assume the role of maternal health doctors killed by Ebola.

Before the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic in Liberia, the country had a total of 50 doctors for its population of 4.3 million.

In comparison, there are 50 doctors available to every 100,000 people in the US.

Read the full story on Al Jazeera.

25 Jul 2016 description

Monrovia, Liberia | Monday 7/25/2016 - 03:37 GMT

By Zoom Dosso

The fishermen, hustlers and market traders of West Point have survived two civil wars and an Ebola epidemic, but this resilient Liberian slum cannot hold back the ocean that is slowly swallowing it.

The country's biggest township is being swallowed by the sea, tearing the heart out of one of the capital's liveliest neighbourhoods and leaving the government struggling to rehouse thousands of displaced residents.

20 Jul 2016 description


  • Commitments made at the World Humanitarian Summit are being transformed into an Action Plan.

  • Some 3.8 million people in the Lake Chad Basin are facing severe food insecurity in the current lean period.

  • Aid groups step up response to people in need across the Lake Chad Basin, where hunger and malnutrition are on the rise.

  • Heavy flooding triggered by torrential rains in Ghana, Chad and Niger.

  • Ebola outbreak is over in the three worst-hit West African countries.

19 Jul 2016 description


Since 2011, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has been working with partners to increase equitable access to education for learners living in conflict and crisis-affected environments (USAID Education Strategy,

February 2011 Goal 3). The following document provides an analysis of the indicators used in Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Plans (PMEPs) from 25 USAID Education projects1 implemented in 16 countries between 2007 and 2018.

19 Jul 2016 description
report International Alert

Peacebuilders have a duty to understand and demonstrate the impact of their work in terms of helping to create more peaceful, more inclusive and equitable societies. Gender is a key factor in conflict and peacebuilding, and in determining people’s positions of relative power or vulnerability, and thus having a better understanding of how different women, girls, men, boys, trans- and intersex persons are affected can only help in better grasping both conflict and peacebuilding.

18 Jul 2016 description
infographic World Food Programme
  • UNHRD continues to dispatch operational equipment for its Partners, most recently supporting WFP by sending ICT equipment to Freetown in Sierra Leone.

  • During the worst of the crisis, UNHRD facilities in Accra and Las Palmas served as regional staging areas and the Accra depot hosted UNMEER headquarters.

15 Jul 2016 description


14 Jul 2016 description

Annual Report

The Annual Report meets DFID’s obligation to report on its activities and progress under the International Development (Reporting and Transparency) Act 2006. It includes information on DFID’s results achieved, spending, performance and efficiency.

13 Jul 2016 description

12 JUILLET 2016 | NEW YORK - L’Organisation mondiale de la Santé (OMS) et ses partenaires lancent aujourd’hui 7 stratégies liées les unes aux autres pour réduire la violence à l’encontre des enfants. Toutes ces approches ont été testées et ont donné des résultats concrets. En les réunissant, l’OMS espère une baisse spectaculaire des cas de violence à l’encontre des enfants.

13 Jul 2016 description
report UN Women

Every conflict is unique. But, from Afghanistan to Liberia to Syria to Guatemala, women’s organizations and their leaders are always at the forefront of peacebuilding and recovery. Usually unsupported and under-resourced, women peacebuilders risk their lives and make tremendous sacrifices in order to rebuild their communities and to forge a better future for their societies.

12 Jul 2016 description



Le 4 juillet, des combats ont éclaté entre deux factions d'un groupe armé dans le centre ville de Bambari, causant 11 morts, dont un civil.
Quatre civils étaient également parmi les 13 personnes blessées dans les affrontements.
Aucun déplacement de population n'a été signalé. Cependant, la tension reste élevée dans les quartiers musulmans de Bornou et Hadji. La mission de maintien de la paix MINUSCA doit effectuer des patrouilles dans les deux quartiers.

12 Jul 2016 description



Fighting erupted on 4 July between two factions of an armed group in the central town of Bambari, claiming 11 lives, including a civilian. Four civilians were also among 13 people injured in the clashes. No population displacement was reported. However, tension remains high in the town’s Muslim neighbourhoods of Bornou and Hadji. The UN peacekeeping mission MINUSCA is to conduct patrols in the two neighbourhoods.


12 Jul 2016 description

Kenya - IOM last week (6-8 July) organized a three-day training on Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) in Nairobi, Kenya.

The workshop, which brought together 35 health assessment physicians from across Africa, was designed to enhance participants’ knowledge and skills in effectively and efficiently preventing, detecting and responding to public health events occurring in health assessment settings.

11 Jul 2016 description
report UN Security Council


7735th Meeting (AM)
Security Council
Meetings Coverage

The Head of the United Nations Office for West Africa and the Sahel (UNOWAS) told the Security Council this morning that he was setting up a regional task force on the prevention of violent extremism in the region, as he appealed for greater efforts to counter the spread of terrorism and associated lawlessness.

10 Jul 2016 description

This issue focuses on the protracted Yellow fever outbreak in Angola and the DR Congo , the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) survivor monitoring, the protracted Cholera outbreaks in several countries, the Chikungunya out-break in Kenya and an outbreak in South Sudan that is still under investigation.

The protracted urban Yellow Fever (YF) outbreak in Angola has spread to the neighboring DR Congo and cases have been exported to China and Kenya.

10 Jul 2016 description

Highlights during the reporting week

  • Five neonatal deaths reported from three counties

  • Four suspected yellow fever cases reported from two counties including one death.

  • Six suspected cases of measles reported from four counties

  • 21 cases of pertussis reported from Grand Bassa county