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06 Feb 2016 description
report UN News Service

5 février 2016 – De hauts responsables des Nations Unies ont appelé à l'élimination totale des mutilations génitales féminines (MGF) d'ici à 2030, les qualifiant de « pratique violente » qui meurtrit les filles pour la vie, met leur santé en danger et les prive de leurs droits et de leurs chances de réaliser pleinement leur potentiel.

03 Feb 2016 description
report AlertNet

Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation - Wed, 3 Feb 2016 05:00 GMT

Author: Kieran Guilbert

MONTSERRADO, Liberia, Feb 3 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Sitting in a dusty schoolyard in rural Liberia, mental health clinician Dickson Korfeh watches as pupils dance, sing and play games in their break, and focuses on those who do not take part.

Read the story on the Thomson Reuters Foundation

02 Feb 2016 description

The month saw an intensification of Yemen’s war, amid heightened regional rivalries between Saudi Arabia and Iran complicating prospects for peace. Political tensions increased in Haiti, Guinea-Bissau and Moldova, where protests over endemic corruption and a lack of confidence in the government could escalate. In Africa, Boko Haram’s deadly attacks increased in northern Cameroon, and Burkina Faso was hit by an unprecedented terror attack.

02 Feb 2016 description
report African Union

The Peace and Security Council of the African Union (AU), at its 570th meeting held on 21 January 2016, adopted the following decision on the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak in the three most affected countries in West Africa, namely, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone:


02 Feb 2016 description
report World Bank

On January 14, 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the end of the latest Ebola outbreak in Liberia, which marked the first time since the start of the epidemic that Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone had reported no cases for at least 42 days. 

01 Feb 2016 description

This bulletin examines trends in staple food and fuel prices, the cost of the basic food basket and consumer price indices for 69 countries in the fourth quarter of 2015 (October to December). The maps on pages 6–7 disaggregate the impact analysis to sub-national level.

Global Highlights

• During Q4-2015, FAO’s global cereal price index fell by a further 15.2 percent year-on-year because of abundant supplies and sluggish demand. The index returned to the level seen before the food price crisis of 2007-08.

31 Jan 2016 description
report Oxfam

Global leaders are failing to honour their promises to communities devastated by Ebola in West Africa, with $5.8 billion of pledged recovery funds proving almost impossible to track, Oxfam warned today.

Six months since the International Conference on Ebola Recovery in New York, at least $1.9 billion worth of promised funds have not been delivered, while scant information is available about the remaining $3.9 billion.

30 Jan 2016 description

Insécurité alimentaire élevée dans les zones de conflits et dans certaines zones pastorales

Messages clés

30 Jan 2016 description

Improving food availability with the recent average to above-average harvests

Key Messages

  • 2015/16 rice production levels in Liberia were average to above average, with recent official government reports suggesting that Lofa County, a surplus rice-producing zone where 2014 farming activities were hindered by the Ebola outbreak, experienced a bumper harvest this year. Due to favorable harvests, rice stocks are expected to last longer than they did last year, improving food availability at the household level.

29 Jan 2016 description
infographic World Food Programme
  • UNHRD continues to dispatch operational equipment for its Partners, most recently supporting WHO by sending protective coveralls, gloves and gowns to Guinea and Sierra Leone.

  • During the worst of the crisis, UNHRD facilities in Accra and Las Palmas served as regional staging areas and the Accra depot hosted UNMEER headquarters.

28 Jan 2016 description


Review of literature and identification of case studies for evidence on youth mobilisation and technology. What mobile phone interventions or social media have been used by young people effectively to improve development outcomes for: a) accountability and transparency such as through the collection, monitoring and use of data b) improving delivery of essential services for young people (such as education or SRHR) c) promoting positive lifestyle choices and behavioural change, and d) supporting humanitarian service delivery in crisis situations.

28 Jan 2016 description

There are eleven weeks to go until the globally synchronized switch from the trivalent to bivalent oral polio vaccine, an important milestone in achieving a polio-free world. Read more here.

The WHO Executive Board is meeting this week, reviewing the report on polio eradication.

On 21 January, Syria passed two years without a reported case of polio despite the conflict which has affected the delivery of health services, including childhood vaccinations.

28 Jan 2016 description
report Save the Children

Simon Wright

At the World Health Organization’s Executive Board in Geneva this week, the first two days show that the Ebola crisis continues to be a traumatic and defining experience for global health.

28 Jan 2016 description

Des experts internationaux réunis à Rome pour affronter les virus Ebola et MERS, entre autres

28 janvier 2016, Rome – Les menaces de zoonoses telles qu'Ebola et le Coronavirus du syndrome respiratoire du Moyen-Orient (MERS-CoV) sont là et le resteront, et d'autres épidémies douloureuses éclateront vraisemblablement ou de nouvelles menaces de maladies naîtront dans un avenir proche, a déclaré Juan Lubroth, vétérinaire en chef à la FAO, en s'interrogeant sur la préparation du monde à leur détection et à leur maîtrise.

28 Jan 2016 description
report African Union


Le Conseil de paix et de sécurité de l’Union africaine (UA), en sa 570ème réunion tenue le 21 janvier 2016, a adopté la décision qui suit sur l’épidémie à virus Ebola (EVD) dans les trois pays les plus affectés de l’Afrique de l’Ouest, à savoir, la Guinée, le Libéria et la Sierra Leone:

Le Conseil,

28 Jan 2016 description

Rome workshops focus on tackling and containing animal-borne diseases such as Ebola and MERS

28 January 2016, Rome - Infectious animal-borne disease threats such as Ebola and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) are here to stay, and further painful outbreaks are likely to flare up or new disease threats will definitely emerge in the near future, said Juan Lubroth, FAO's chief veterinarian, querying whether the world is prepared to detect them and prevent their spread. 

27 Jan 2016 description

Genetic diversity of livestock can help feed a hotter, harsher world

Despite growing interest in safeguarding biodiversity of livestock and poultry,genetic erosion continues