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27 Jul 2015 description

By Mr. Ueretan Bauro, Editor Te Uekera, Kiribati

21 July, 2015, Nuku’alofa, Tonga - Kiribati is one of the three Pacific Island Countries that will benefit from the Upper Air Service Agreement, facilitated by the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP).

The agreement is between SPREP, the overseer of the utilisation fund and the three countries, Cook Islands, Kiribati and Tuvalu.

26 Jul 2015 description
report Government of Tonga

24 July 2015: The First Pacific Ministerial Meeting on Meteorology held here in Nuku’alofa today has adopted 25 points they believe will ensure that National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) have the necessary capacity to support sustainable development in the region.

23 Jul 2015 description

Climatologists now agree that the world is facing an unfolding El Niño event. The European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting says that more than half of all climate models are now predicting an El Niño stronger than 1997/8.

Rainfall & El Niño

Less rain in south western Pacic, plunging some countries into drought. More rain in equatorial countries from June -August 2015. If the El Niño is very severe, rainfall may drop steeply from September onwards


22 Jul 2015 description


Director‟s Note and About Us

Negotiators closer to a Paris Agreement

Small Island Developing States the focus of new Meteorology Programme

Addressing Climate Change Loss and Damage in the Pacific

U.S White House mentions SPREP and Peace Corps partnership

Unambiguous Warming in the Western Pacific Caused by Human Activity
Building Capacity on Oceans in Palau

The Village that Banned Seawalls

Lessons from Cyclone Pam help Vanuatu Media prepare for future events

21 Jul 2015 description

Maximum Temperature

Temperatures in the Asia-Pacific region can go very high with central India reaching 50oC or more. The Tibetan plateau rarely exceeds 20oC because of its high elevation.

These temperatures are based on average highs over a period of approximately 50 years. Maximum temperatures in the region may therefore be from different months of the year and a temperature in any given location may exceed these maximums.

21 Jul 2015 description

Köppen-Geiger Climate Classification

The highly referenced climate classification map of Wladimir Köppen was published for the first time in 1900 and updated in its latest version by Rudolf Geiger in 1961.

Climate classification is applied to a broad range of topics in climate and climate change research as well as in physical geography, hydrology, agriculture, biology and educational aspects.

21 Jul 2015 description

The Human Footprint

Human influence on the earth’s land surface is a global driver of ecological processes on the planet, en par with climatic trends, geological forces and astronomical variations. The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) at Columbia University joined together to systematically map and measure the human influence on the earth’s land surface today.

21 Jul 2015 description

Annual Precipitation

This map shows the average amount of precipitation falling in a year, based on approximately 50 years of data. The figures shown do not therefore represent the amount of precipitation that may occur in any given year.

16 Jul 2015 description

UNDP & UN-OHRLLS Discussion Paper

Written by Gail Hurley, Policy Specialist on Development Finance

Executive Summary

15 Jul 2015 description

The following syndromes have been flagged:

  • Diarrhoea: French Polynesia, Guam
  • Influenza-like illness: Kiribati, New Zealand
  • Prolonged Fever:Nauru
  • Other updates


  • Chikungunya outbreak is on-going in Cook Islands and Marshall Islands.
  • Cook Islands have reported a total of 754 cases since October 2014, including 13 new cases in the week ending on July 5 2015.


15 Jul 2015 description

The following syndromes have been flagged:

  • Acute Fever and Rash: Palau
  • Diarrhoea: Federated states of Micronesia
  • Influenza-like illness: Kiribati
  • Prolonged Fever: Kiribati

Other updates


Chikungunya outbreak is on-going in Cook Islands and Marshall Islands. Cook Islands have reported a total of 741 cases since October 2014, including 15 new cases in the week ending on June 21 2015.


15 Jul 2015 description

This issue of the Pacific Economic Monitor updates the 2015 and 2016 GDP growth and inflation projections for ADB's Pacific developing member countries. The policy briefs included in this issue focus on disasters in the Pacific.


Highlights from this issue of the Pacific Economic Monitor include the following:

13 Jul 2015 description


Typhoon Chan-Hom made landfall early on 11 Jul in Zhujiajian Township in the island city of Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province, as a category 1 typhoon before being downgraded to a tropical storm on 12 Jul. Chan-Hom is decreasing intensity as it moves northeast. Some 1.9 million people in nine cities were affected by the storm, including more than 1.1 million evacuated as a precaution. No casualties are reported.

1.1 million people evacuated

07 Jul 2015 description

SPREP, with funding from GIZ, has recently completed a pilot assessment of the capacity of Pacific Island countries to address loss and damage from the adverse impacts of climate change.

This pilot assessment was carried out in Samoa, Vanuatu and Kiribati with the assistance of Ms Malia Talakai, who was contracted as a consultant through SPREP.

07 Jul 2015 description

Anna Salleh

It would cost billions to replace buildings like houses, schools, airports and power stations, which are currently at risk in the South Pacific from rising seas and other climate-change related events, say researchers.

The article, published today in the journal Nature Climate Change has analysed the vulnerability of 12 Pacific island countries to such hazards.

02 Jul 2015 description

In this issue:

  • How Surveillance Works

  • Containing a Polio Outbreak: Horn of Africa and Central Africa

  • Review of the Polio Eradication and Endgame Strategic Plan

  • Global Voices in Support of Polio Eradication

02 Jul 2015 description

(Auckland, 2 July 2015): Talks about the future of humanitarian action in the Pacific have wrapped up with calls for stronger partnerships with vulnerable and crisis affected communities.

“Pacific Islanders live with the threat of disaster and climate change every day. These communities have a great deal to teach us about effective emergency response and the humanitarian community is keen to learn what it can do better,” said Stephen O’Brien, the United Nations Under-Secretary-General of Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator.

30 Jun 2015 description

The following syndromes have been flagged:

  • Diarrhoea: Federated states of Micronesia
  • Influenza-like illness: Kiribati, Tonga
  • Prolonged Fever:Kiribati, Tonga
  • Acute Fever and Rash: French Polynesia

Other updates


30 Jun 2015 description

More than 140 delegates from across the Pacific are gathering in Auckland this week to discuss the future of humanitarian action in the region.

Read more on the OCHA website.