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01 Jan 2017 description


  • Drought expanding.

  • AWD/cholera outbreak amid water shortages.

  • Access and bureaucratic impediments persisted in 2016.

  • US $3.2 million from SHF to boost drought response.


# of people in humanitarian emergency and crisis - 1m

# of people in food security stress - 3.9m

# of acutely malnourished children under age 5 - 308,000

# of internally displaced people - 1.1m

27 Dec 2016 description

Key Issues

  • The WASH Cluster targeting 9.2 million people for Emergency WaSH interventions in 2017

  • Cluster gave logistics capacity building trainings to over 600 staff since March 2016

  • Ethiopia and Kenya discuss sustainable cross border peace and economic transformation

22 Dec 2016 description

During November, the refugee outflow to neighbouring countries continued, with an average of 2,480 South Sudanese arriving in Uganda daily, the majority from the Greater Equatoria region. At the same time, fighting continued to drive internal displacement. In Central Equatoria, several thousand people fled from locations such as Morobo, Lainya and Yei to Kajo-Keji, while in Western Equatoria insecurity in Yambio caused the temporary displacement of some 750 people.

21 Dec 2016 description


• Thousands of South Sudanese continue to flee to Uganda.

• Three years since the conflict in South Sudan began, humanitarian needs continue to rise.

• A measles outbreak has been confirmed in Wau, bringing the total number of outbreaks country-wide this year to 13.

• Humanitarians find aid hub looted during visit to Nhialdiu.


15 Dec 2016 description

This is a bi-monthly update that compiles innovative policy, practice and partnerships that aim to strengthen engagement of disaster-affected communities in humanitarian action from the Southern and Eastern Africa region. The aim of the publication is to create awareness about these initiatives and share good practices. Readers are encouraged to forward this email through their own networks. Contributions of similar articles are invited.

Kenya: Policy dialogue on humanitarian diplomacy

01 Dec 2016 description




In the second quarter of 2016, the humanitarian situation in South Sudan remained critical, with the onset of the lean season, fighting and displacement in new locations, the spread of measles and the beginning of a cholera outbreak in June.

28 Nov 2016 description


  • Drought conditions worsen across the country

  • Conflict displaces thousands of people

  • Kenya extends Dadaab refugee camp closure

  • Partners scale down due to lack of funding

Drought worsens humanitarian situation

Authorities appeal for humanitarian assistance for worst affected areas Drought conditions continue to worsen in Somalia.

21 Nov 2016 description
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• US$120.7 million funding gap still exists for activities under the 2016 HRP.

• More than 89,000 people benefited from life-saving medicines and medical supplies provide by WHO across Libya.

• 6,770 MT of food for more than 113,000 people distributed in October but funding gaps remain.

• 304 migrants voluntarily repatriated in October to Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Chad, Ethiopia, Kenya and Gambia.

21 Nov 2016 description


• Close to three million South Sudanese have now fled their homes since December 2013.

• Thousands displaced by clashes in Unity.

• Food security experts warn of unprecedented levels of food insecurity in South Sudan in 2017.

• Communities along the River Nile are worst affected by the cholera outbreak and account for 91 per cent of reported cholera cases.

Displacement spikes following insecurity

20 Nov 2016 description
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IN 2016, HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE PLANS (HRPs) in the MENA region requested US$7 billion and have received $2.6 billion. In total, MENA HRPs are 38 per cent funded. Three new FLASH APPEALS address specific situations: in Iraq where the humanitarian impact of the Mosul operation requires $284 million; in Afghanistan where $152 million is needed to assist returnees from Pakistan; and in Libya where $10 million is needed for Sirt.

26 Oct 2016 description


This report has been developed collectively with humanitarian partners in the region to inform preparedness and advocacy efforts to mitigate and manage humanitarian risk in the Horn of Africa and Great Lakes region. It presents a four-month trend analysis from June to September 2016 and a humanitarian outlook from October to December 2016. It is the fifth report in the series and updates the previous scenario report which was published in April 2016.

26 Oct 2016 description

Although the El Niño weather event has passed its impact continues to be felt in the region: food insecurity doubled from 12 million in August 2015 to 23.4 million today. Humanitarian partners are targeting 1.25 million children under five for severe acute malnutrition (SAM) this year, of which nearly 83 per cent are from Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sudan and Somalia. Violence and rising food insecurity in South Sudan and Burundi have displaced nearly 290,000 people (205,541 refugees and 84,459 internally displaced) in the last 3 months alone.

20 Oct 2016 description

Key Achievements toward Strategic Objectives

The Somalia Humanitarian Country Team set three strategic objectives for the 2016 Humanitarian Response Plan. These are:

07 Oct 2016 description


  • Five million Somalis are now food insecure

  • High malnutrition levels persist

  • Access challenges remain

  • Returning Somali refugees receive humanitarian assistance


No. of people in humanitarian emergency and crisis - 1.1m

No. of people in food security stress - 3.9m

No. of acutely malnourished children under age 5 - 300,000
Source: FSNAU February 2016

No. of internally displaced people - 1.1m