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08 Feb 2016 description
report World Bank

Economic Effects of War and Peace in the Middle East and North Africa

06 Feb 2016 description

Humanitarian Overview

Over 15 million people have been displaced due to conflict in Syria and Iraq.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented at least 260,000 Syrians killed in the conflict since it began in 2011. The UN reported at least 26,600 Iraqis killed from 2014-2015 due to acts of terrorism and violence.

89% of Syrian and Iraqi refugees remain in the region.

13.5 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance inside Syria, including 4.5 million people living in hard to reach areas.

05 Feb 2016 description

Secretary Kerry announced today that the United States is providing nearly $601 million in additional life-saving humanitarian assistance for those affected by the war in Syria. This new funding brings U.S. humanitarian assistance in response to this conflict to more than $5.1 billion since the start of the crisis. Secretary Kerry also announced more than $290 million in U.S. development assistance for education to Jordan and Lebanon.

04 Feb 2016 description
report UN News Service

4 February 2016 – An international conference on war-torn Syria in London today pledged a record $10 billion after United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon laid out three main objectives: raising $7 billion in immediate humanitarian aid, mustering long-term support, and protecting civilians.

04 Feb 2016 description

Workshop Report Istanbul- 5-7th December 2015 By: The Humanitarian Forum


04 Feb 2016 description

LONDON – At the Supporting Syria and the Region conference today, the Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), Ertharin Cousin, personally thanked German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her government’s landmark contribution to WFP of €570 million (US$623 million) from the German Federal Foreign Office (GFFO) and the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

04 Feb 2016 description


  • U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announces nearly $601 million in new humanitarian funding for Syria and neighboring countries

  • Relief agencies reach four besieged areas with emergency food and other humanitarian assistance since January

  • Ground conflict and aerial bombardment displace nearly 472,000 people between April and December 2015

  • Health teams vaccinate 3 million children across Syria against polio in 2015


04 Feb 2016 description

1. The leaders of Germany, Kuwait, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United Nations have today hosted the “Supporting Syria & the Region 2016” Conference in London, bringing together over 60 countries, international organisations, business, civil society, Syrians and people affected by the conflict to agree a comprehensive new approach on how we respond to this protracted crisis, building on the 2014 Berlin Conference and the three Kuwait Pledging Conferences.

04 Feb 2016 description
report Guardian

We must match the audacity of the post-second world war European reconstruction programme

As world leaders meet in London to confront the biggest humanitarian crisis since the end of the second world war, perhaps the answer we need – and the bold plan we want – can be found 70 years in the past. For only an initiative as ambitious as the postwar Marshall plan can address the chaos of 12 million Syrians displaced from their homes.

04 Feb 2016 description

The Danish Refugee Council in the Middle East have conducted several informal discussion groups with Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to canvass refugees' perceptions and attitudes about going to Europe.

Key findings from the report:

  • The preferred durable solution amongst Syrian refugees is safe and dignified return to a Syria that is free of conflict, though many are realizing that this option may not be possible for some time

04 Feb 2016 description
report Human Rights Watch

Funding, of Course, but Also Host Country Reforms

04 Feb 2016 description

From: Prime Minister's Office, 10 Downing Street, The Rt Hon David Cameron MP and Department for International Development

The UK will invest an extra £1.2bn international aid in Syria and the region to help fund education, create jobs and humanitarian protection.

  • Current funding of £1.12bn to be more than doubled

  • Money to be invested in the region over the next 4 years

  • Cash to help fund education, jobs and humanitarian protection in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey

03 Feb 2016 description
report European Commission

The Syrian crisis has become the world's worst humanitarian disaster. The EU is the leading donor in the international response to the Syrian crisis, with over €5 billion from the EU and Member States collectively in humanitarian, development, economic and stabilisation assistance.

03 Feb 2016 description


  • As the crisis transitions to one of a protracted nature, outcome monitoring is becoming evermore essential to better understand the overall humanitarian impact.

  • Monitoring findings confirm that a reduction in food assistance negatively impacts not only the food security of Syrian refugee families but also their education, livelihoods and protection.

  • WFP shared and sought advice on its five year strategy for the region with key stakeholders in order to strengthen efforts joint programming.

02 Feb 2016 description

Snapshot 27 January – 2 February 2016

Boko Haram in Nigeria, Cameroon, and Chad: 86 people were killed and 62 injured, with 15 missing after Boko Haram set fire to Dalori, near Maiduguri in Borno state. The past week also saw attacks in Chibok that left 13 dead and 30 injured. 40 civilians were reported dead after Cameroonian troops announced they were carrying out a search for BH militants in the area. In Cameroon, 52 people were killed in BH attacks in January. In Chad, two suicide bombings in Lac region left three dead and 56 wounded.

02 Feb 2016 description
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Only scaled-up donor support can spare a generation the impact of Syrian conflict

AMMAN, Jordan, 2 February 2016 – The future of a generation of Syrian children and youth is in jeopardy unless donors meeting in London this week prioritise the funding needed to get them back to school, say aid agencies leading the response to the brutal conflict ravaging the country.

01 Feb 2016 description

London conference: What’s driving Syrian refugees to despair?

As world leaders and international donors meet in London this week to pledge money for the Syria crisis, millions of refugees across the Middle East are being driven into further despair.
The Norwegian Refugee Council is publishing new data showing the protection failures with regard to Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan.

Among the figures showing the growing desperate situation for refugees we find that:

31 Jan 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund

The devastation inside Syria continues after almost five years of conflict. Syrians are now facing the largest humanitarian and protection crisis in the world.

Families have been forced from their homes, livelihoods have been destroyed and the social fabric of a whole country torn apart as a result of the relentless violence and disruption to access and delivery of basic services.

31 Jan 2016 description
report Save the Children


According to UNHCR 4,597,436 have now fled Syria. More than 1.7 million of them fled in 2013 alone. During the course of 2013, an average of more than 4,700 people fled every day. In 2014 more than 895,000 Syrians fled the country, an average of more than 2,500 per day. In 2015 more than 877,000 Syrians fled the country, an average of more than 2,400 per day. Children now make up 51.9% of the refugee population, meaning there are an estimated 2,386,069 refugee children in the region.