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Syria crisis Humanitarian Bulletin Highlights of response: June - July 2014

Now, in the fourth year of the conflict, there are 2.9 million Syrian refugees registered in the region. The number of refugees continues to increase and camps and informal settlements are growing, some into sizeable cities. The highest number of Syrian refugees are in Lebanon, followed by Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt; 75 per cent are women and children and 25 per cent are women and girls of reproductive age.

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Jordan + 1 other
Iraqi Chrisitians find safety in Jordan


By Dana Shahin

“We were given no choice but to leave,” said Nagham, who has just arrived in Jordan with her family after fleeing the Iraqi city of Mosul after Sunni Muslim extremists seized it.

“We are people of peace and this is happening to us,” she said, speaking from the Melkite convent hall in Marka area where she is staying with 40 other refugees.

Known as ‘Daesh’, ‘Islamic State’ or ‘Isis’, the armed men gave Christians like Nagham, her husband and two children a stark choice: either leave, convert to Islam, pay a heavy tax or be executed.

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Renewed Support for Relief Efforts in Syria

Episcopal Relief & Development has renewed its support of the Fellowship of Middle East Evangelical Churches’ (FMEEC) relief efforts in Syria.

FMEEC aims to reach 500 families in towns west of Homs – the epicenter of Syria’s civil war – including Mashta el Helu, Kafroun, Wadi Nasara, and Tartous.

“The project will provide a three-month distribution of much needed food items and rent subsidies to help mainly displaced women, children and elderly cope with the severely deteriorating economic conditions, and to aid in restoring dignity of life,” FMEEC stated.

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Jordan + 1 other
The Need to Teach

Posted by
Richard Corbridge

Stories of refugees typically focus on their suffering, their plight, significant loss and conflict. Yet there I was, in Irbid, Jordan close to the Syrian border, an area inundated by hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees, with a group of heroic Syrian teachers. And yes, they’re also refugees, mostly fleeing violence from Homms and Derra, cities in Syria reduced to rubble during Syria’s four year long civil war.

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World + 6 others
Passionate to Save Lives: Conversations with CARE Humanitarians


This World Humanitarian Day, CARE Canada is calling on governments and international actors to show a renewed commitment to the protection of humanitarian aid workers everywhere.

“With the recent Ebola outbreak, the ongoing crises in Gaza, South Sudan, Syria, Ukraine and so many other places, humanitarians continue to provide crucial life-saving assistance amidst extremely challenging, sometimes dangerous, circumstances,” said Gillian Barth, president and CEO of CARE Canada.

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World + 47 others
Global Emergency Overview Snapshot 13 - 19 August

The weekly Global Overview aggregates information from a range of sources and provides the latest updates on and a ranking of current humanitarian crises.

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Iraq + 4 others
UNHCR in major air, land and sea humanitarian aid push into northern Iraq

The major focus is on improving living conditions for IDPs, particularly people without shelter or housing. People are struggling to find food and water and gaining access to primary medical care.

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Jordan + 2 others
Kuwait distributes 9,400 food packages to Syrian refugees in Jordan

AMMAN, Aug 18 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's Higher Committee for Syrian Refugees Relief began Monday providing food aid to Syrian refugees living at various areas in the Kingdom.

The food aid, valued at USD 3,850, will be distributed in 9,400 packages that are presented by Kuwaiti Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs within the framework of the urgent relief program for the Syrian people.

Kuwait News Agency:

Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) © All rights reserved

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WFP Syria Crisis Response Situation Update: Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt, 23 July 2014 - 5 August 2014


  • Syria food dispatches up again in July

  • First cross-border deliveries under Security Council Resolution 2165

  • Airlifts to Al-Hasakeh continue

  • Fighting in Lebanon’s Arsal disrupts WFP operation

  • Half of Jordan’s community-based refugees food secure

  • Islamic State advances affect Iraq refugee programme

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Lebanon + 5 others
Regional: RRP6 Monthly Update - June 2014 (Shelter)

June Highlights

In Iraq, 400 more refugees benefited from the construction of 80 new or replacement tents in camps across the Kurdistan Region this month. At Gawilan and Arbat Camps respectively, 1,632 and 2,040 tent foundations with kitchens were completed. Connection to the electricity grid is provided by the government. During June, 300 families relocated from the transit site to Gawilan and 500 relocated to Arbat.

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Lebanon + 5 others
Regional: RRP6 Monthly Update - June 2014 (Basic Needs)

June Highlights

To effectively address the basic needs of Syrian refugees, a regional strategic approach is being pursued, including firstly the provision of core relief items and basic household goods to newly arrived refugees as well as those requiring replacement items. In June, these items reached around 54,000 people in Lebanon, 11,000 in Jordan, 16,000 in Iraq, and 4,000 in Turkey.