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22 Feb 2017 description
report Save the Children

As Iraqi forces push ahead with a new offensive to retake western Mosul, 350,000 children are trapped inside the city.

Families in Mosul face a brutal choice: attempt to flee, and risk being killed by ISIS fighters. Stay, and face bombs, crossfire and dire food shortages.

Escaping through minefields

22 Feb 2017 description

Civilians fleeing the fighting in western Mosul may face difficulty reaching safety and are under increasing threat of being caught in the crossfire, the Danish Refugee Council warned on Wednesday, after Iraqi forces began operations to retake the rest of the city on 19 February.

Iraqi forces began operations to retake control of western Mosul this week, one month after an announcement that the city’s eastern neighborhoods were fully under government control. Forces are now pushing through less populated areas towards the heart of western Mosul.

22 Feb 2017 description


The Logistics Cluster has been active in Iraq since 2014 to support the humanitarian community in responding to the country’s growing needs. Logistics constraints, mainly caused by limited access, an unstable security situation and damaged/destroyed infrastructure in affected areas remain a leading cause triggering the need for Cluster intervention.

22 Feb 2017 description
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BAGHDAD, 22 February 2017 – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has welcomed a contribution of US$7 million from the Government of Japan, which will be used to provide vital food assistance to thousands of Iraqi families affected by the ongoing crisis in Mosul as well as Syrian refugees living in camps in Iraq.

22 Feb 2017 description
report Harikar


Harikar NGO is a neutral, non-governmental, non-profit humanitarian organization established in 30th May 2004 by group of social activists. Harikar NGO as stated in its mission statement strives toward the fulfilment of human and women rights in Duhok Governorate as stipulated in the new Iraqi constitution of 15th October 2005. Harikar is committed to- within its resources- contribute towards the achievement of the internationally agreed Millennium Development Goals.

22 Feb 2017 description


160,560 persons currently internally displaced from Mosul and surrounding areas since military operations to retake the city resumed on 17 October 2016 (1)

21,080 UNHCR kits of core relief items (CRIs) distributed to families in camps, assisting some 126,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Mosul and surrounding areas

5,431 family plots are currently occupied out of 11,497 family plots (for some 66,000 people) in UNHCR built camps that are ready to receive IDPs displaced from Mosul corridor.

22 Feb 2017 description



  • 462,922 PEOPLE REACHED

  • 3,972 # INJURED


22 Feb 2017 description

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has signed a contract with the Embassy of Japan in Iraq to provide a mobile medical unit to the displaced in Erbil camps.

The Ambassador of Japan in Iraq Mr. Fomio Iwai has praised the humanitarian efforts that the IRCS has provided, especially Mosul crisis and the IRCS respond to the needs of displaced, this came during a contract signing ceremony to allocate a financial grant from the Government of Japan to provide a mobile medical unit for the displaced people in Erbil camps .

22 Feb 2017 description


  • The overall number of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants counted in Serbia stood close to 7,700. Over 6,599 (86%) of them were sheltered in 17 heated government facilities (below chart refers). The rest were staying rough in Belgrade city centre or the North.

21 Feb 2017 description


  • Humanitarian partners have mobilised to respond to humanitarian needs resulting from new military operations in western Mosul city launched by Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) on 19 February. The initial humanitarian impact of these advances during the first few days of the offensive was not high, as security forces moved through sparsely populated hinterland areas where most civilians had already fled and due to the Iraqi Security Force’s (ISF) continued adherence to the humanitarian concept of operations.

21 Feb 2017 description


Jordan hosts the second highest number (87) of refugees per 1,000 inhabitants in the world

Jordan is the sixth highest refugee-hosting country in the world

Percentage of Syrians living outside of camps under the Jordanian poverty line

1 in 5
Refugees registered with UNHCR in Jordan receive cash assistance to help meet essential needs like shelter and food


21 Feb 2017 description

HIGHLIGHTS: To date 217,764 women, girls, boys and men have been displaced as a result of the military offensives to retake Mosul district. Of this total, 57,462 have since returned, reportedly to their areas of origin in liberated areas of east Mosul city and other liberated districts in Ninewa. This leaves around 160,300 persons currently displaced due to the fighting around Mosul since 17 October 2016.

21 Feb 2017 description

Key Points:

  • In Mosul, levels of poor and borderline food consumption are higher in areas that were liberated in January than in those liberated previously. As has been the trend, newly liberated areas record a price hike which subsides once the traders establish their orders and deliveries start arriving.

  • Over 28 percent of IDP households are using food-related negative coping strategies, but residents are resorting more frequently to negative coping than IDPs.

21 Feb 2017 description

This is a summary of what was said by UNHCR spokesperson – to whom quoted text may be attributed – at today's press briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

With the new military operations under way in Mosul, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is focusing efforts on camp construction to shelter many of those who could be displaced by the renewed fighting.

21 Feb 2017 description

During January 2017, the Iraq Internally Displaced Persons Information Centre (Iraq IIC) handled 5,787 calls. Top three caller locations in January were Ninewa (21%), Erbil (18%) and Dahuk (13%).

21 Feb 2017 description

2016 Key Figures

1: Turkey is the top refugee-hosting country in the world

28,901: Refugees submitted by UNHCR for resettlement (since 1 January 2016)

15,140: Refugees counselled on the work permit regulation by UNHCR and partners (Since March 2016)

24,703: Non-Syrian refugees and asylum seekers with specific needs identified by UNHCR and referred for assistance (since 1 January 2016)

32,047: Refugees and asylum-seekers received counselling from UNHCR Ankara (since 1 January 2016)

20 Feb 2017 description


USAID funded/ Primary Health Care Project in Iraq (PHCPI) in cooperation with Iraqi Ministry of Health (MOH) aims to promote Primary Health Care (PHC) services provided by Primary Health Care Clinics (PHCCs) in Iraq in order to achieve the development goal in enhancing the PHC provision system through achieving the following results:

First: Enhancing management and operations systems, which support clinical care.

Second: Improving the quality of the delivered PHC according to quality standards.

20 Feb 2017 description
report iMMAP

February 12, 2017

• Iraqi Air Forces launched airstrikes on the areas in west of Telafar district of Ninewa.

• Armed clashes happened between Hizbullah Brigade and ISIS at Ain Al-Hisan and Upper and Lower Shari’a villages in west of Ninewa which resulted in many casualties from ISIS armed groups.

• ISIS executed 20 civilians who attempted to escape to the eastern side of Mosul city.

• Iraqi Security Forces launched shells on Lazaka village in south of Mosul city and Peshmerge Forces bombed Qasb valley in Sinjar district.

20 Feb 2017 description


655,732 Syrians registered with UNHCR in Jordan, half children growing up in exile

61,405 Iraqis registered with UNHCR in Jordan, half originating from the Baghdad Governorate

38,000 Work permits issued over the past year to Syrians in a livelihoods initiative supported

93 Percentage of Syrians living outside of camps and below the poverty line in Jordan

20 Feb 2017 description

Press release 36/2017

20 February 2017

By decision of Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Kai Mykkänen, Finland will grant EUR 500,000 to the Finnish Red Cross for humanitarian aid activities in Iraq.