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18 Jan 2017 description

UNESCO welcomes the announcement by the Iraqi authorities of the retaking of Mosul University by Iraqi military forces. During the period of occupation by ISIL/Daesh, the University of Mosul suffered considerable physical damage, and its academic staff and students were subject to grave violations of the right to education.

18 Jan 2017 description

Snow and freezing temperatures have made it impossible for refugees in Greece to continue living in tents. NORCAP experts are alarmed and urge the EU to accelerate the relocation process. "It is extremely sad and worrying that refugees have to stay in these conditions and that the EU is not doing more to help relocate and speed up the asylum process," says our expert Patric Mansour, deployed to UNHCR on Lesvos.

He has worked on the island since the start of the refugee influx in August 2015, where he coordinated large parts of the humanitarian response on the island.

18 Jan 2017 description
report Deutsche Welle

As the liberation of Mosul from the "Islamic State" group gathers pace, Iraq's second city has been coming back to life with remarkable speed. DW's Florian Neuhof reports from neighborhoods of freshly shaven men.

18 Jan 2017 description
  • The military offensive for Western Mosul could begin in the next 2 months and will most probably result in operations to retake the complex city of Telefar. It is estimated that there are 750 000 civilians inside Western Mosul, and 30-50 000 individuals in Telefar. The UN reported that access is extremely limited for humanitarian partners in these areas of Western Ninewa, predominantly under the control of Shia Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF). DG ECHO is promoting new partnerships in currently uncovered or underserved areas in Western Ninewa, including Telefar.
18 Jan 2017 description


  • Number of reporting sites: One hundred and fifty-seven (157) reporting sites (86% of the total EWARN re-porting sites) including seventy four (74) in internally displaced persons (IDPs) camps, seven (7) in refugee camps and seventy two (72) mobile clinics submitted complete and timely epidemiological (epi) weekly re-ports.

  • Total number of consultations: 51,633 (Male=23,814 and Female=27,819) consultations were recorded this epi week marking an increase of 6,911 from epi week 46, (Total consultations in Week 46: 44,722).

18 Jan 2017 description


160,836 Internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Mosul and surrounding areas since the military offensive began on 17 October1

17,224 UNHCR kits of core relief items (CRIs) distributed to families (assisting some 98,000 people) displaced from Mosul and surrounding areas

10,105 Family plots (for some 54,000 people) in UNHCR built camps are ready to receive IDPs displaced from Mosul corridor, of which 5,679 (56%) are currently occupied

18 Jan 2017 description
report Human Rights Watch

Identify People with Disabilities; Ensure Access to Services

18 Jan 2017 description
  • It is estimated that the Eastern Bank of Mosul will be entirely retaken within coming weeks by the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF). As of 16 January, 150 000 individuals have been displaced as a result of Mosul offensive, with over 80% residing in camps. An estimated 400 000 civilians remained in their homes throughout the offensive and are in need of humanitarian assistance.

17 Jan 2017 description

According to UNESCO, 101 journalists were killed in the pursuit of a story in 2016, which on average constitutes one casualty every four days.

17 Jan 2017 description

Appeal History

  • This Emergency Appeal was launched in December 2014 seeking CHF 19.1 million to support the Iraq Red Crescent’s capacity to respond to the needs of 500,000 affected people comprising IDPs and Syrian refugees affected by the Iraq and Syria crises respectively, with a focus on the delivery of food and basic non-food items, hygiene kits, winterization assistance, and disaster preparedness and disaster management capacity building.

17 Jan 2017 description
report IRIN


Iraq already had shortages of psychiatrists and psychologists before the rise of so-called Islamic State. Now, as hundreds of thousands of civilians emerge from years of IS rule, the impact of those shortfalls is becoming painfully clear.

17 Jan 2017 description


“La Résolution 46/182 des Nations Unies reste aussi pertinente et fondamentale aujourd’hui qu’en décembre 1991 et les principes d’humanité, de neutralité, indépendance et d’impartialité qu’elle contient continuent de guider une assistance humanitaire stratégique, coordonnée et efficace aux personnes qui en ont besoin”

17 Jan 2017 description
report ACT Alliance

Geneva, 17 January 2017

1. Brief description of the emergency and impact

17 Jan 2017 description
report iMMAP

146 Total Explosive Incidents

38 Air Strikes

60 Explosive Hazards

48 Battle Areas


• Iraqi troops in Mosul have controlled the eastern side of one of the city’s ve bridges.

• Iraqi military forces launched airstrikes on ISIS in dierent controlled neighborhoods, like: Al-Andalus, Al-Salam, Al-Domiz and Al-Falastin.

17 Jan 2017 description

Switzerland - IOM reports that 2,876 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in 2017, through 15 January, arriving mostly in Greece and Italy, compared with 23,664 through the first 14 days of January, 2016.

There have been 219 estimated deaths, compared with 91 during the first two weeks of 2015. This fatalities figure is considered low by IOM’s Missing Migrants Project, which is investigating reports that surfaced over the weekend that would add at least 200 deaths to the total.

17 Jan 2017 description

Turkey - In 2016 IOM Turkey’s refugee resettlement program moved 21,120 refugees from Turkey to new homes abroad. This was double the previous year’s total and the largest number of refugees ever resettled by IOM Turkey in a single year.

The top three destination countries were the United States (nearly 8,500), Canada (over 7,000) and European countries (approximately 4,800). Women and children accounted for 73 percent of the refugees resettled.

17 Jan 2017 description

Iraq - IOM’s work in community stabilization is assisting Iraqis affected by displacement and conflict to generate their own income and engage in meaningful work. This past week, IOM provided 47 displaced Iraqis with business support packages in Risafa, Baghdad. This livelihood assistance was funded by the Government of Canada and supported by the Risafa Local Council and the Baghdad Provincial Council.

17 Jan 2017 description


  • Around 7,300 refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants seeking were counted in Serbia, of which 5,942 (i.e. 82%) were accommodated in 16 government shelters, many exceeding capacities (see below chart). Some 49% are from Afghanistan, 19% from Iraq, 10% each from Syria and Pakistan, 5% from Iran and 7% from other countries. 46% are children, 39% adult men and 15% adult women.