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27 Aug 2016 description

Idomeni, Greece | AFP | Saturday 8/27/2016 - 03:48 GMT


Inside the sleepy canteen of Idomeni, the Greek railway post on the border with Macedonia, the ring of a phone breaks the endless silence.

Stratos, the manager, jots down the order: five portions of okra, three of chicken, four salads, 10 bottles of water.

There is no address. The delivery is made out to the wooded hills nearby -- the home of a ghost community of migrants.

26 Aug 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund

ATHENS/GENEVA 26 August 2016 – With the sudden increase of arrivals, hundreds more refugee and migrant children are becoming stranded in Greece with critical needs such as education and protection, says UNICEF. 

26 Aug 2016 description

This week, the Danish Refugee Council held an open medical day in Amman, Jordan for Syrian and Jordanian families.

More than 450 people attended the open medical day this week at the Danish Refugee Council Tarabot Community Centre, held in collaboration with the Institute of Family Health of Nour alHussien Foundation (IFH).

26 Aug 2016 description

Region-Country:: Europe and Central Asia / Greece

Greece - A group of 160 asylum seekers left Greece on Thursday (25/08) and arrived safely in France with IOM’s support under the European Union’s Relocation Programme.

The group comprised 128 Syrians, 30 Iraqis, and two stateless individuals. Of these, there were 93 men, 67 women, and 53 children under the age of 18.

IOM staff accompanied the asylum seekers on the chartered flight from Athens to Lyon, ensuring assistance throughout the journey and safe disembarkation in France.

26 Aug 2016 description

Region-Country: Africa and Middle East / Iraq

Iraq - Over 90,000 Iraqis have been displaced in the Mosul Corridor as military operations continue in preparedness for the liberation of Mosul. This includes over 82,600 IDPs who have been displaced from Salah al-Din (Baiji and Al Shirqat districts) and Ninewa (Al Qayara district) since 16 June, as recorded by IOM Iraq Displacement Tracking Matrix, Emergency Tracking.

26 Aug 2016 description
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2014 Annual Narrative Report of IASC Gender Standby Capacity Project

26 Aug 2016 description
infographic World Food Programme

Since the beginning of the conflict in June 2014, UNHRD has supported Partners in sending critical relief items, equipment and medical supplies to Iraq. For the World Health Organisation (WHO) alone, over US$ 2 million worth of medicine, health kits and other supplies have been dispatched from UNHRD depots in Dubai and Brindisi.

26 Aug 2016 description


3,618 Refugees currently hosted in Djibouti pending further physical verification exercises

1,636 Registered females.

1,299 Registered children and adolescents

25 Aug 2016 description

Baghdad, 25 August 2016 - The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General, Mr. Jan Kubiš, welcomes the progress made in implementing the legislative agenda of the Council of Representatives, the last of which was the parliament’s adoption of the Amnesty Law.

“This is one more step towards consolidating state building,” the SRSG said. “This legislation adopted today is key for promoting national reconciliation efforts.”

25 Aug 2016 description

Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has announced that the it organized first aid courses and of psychosocial support programs for displaced families (IDPs) at Hursham, Kourkosk and Dar Shokran camps, which is home to more than 3,000 displaced families in Erbil governorate.

25 Aug 2016 description
report European Union



In the first quarter of this year, FRAN indicators on illegal border-crossing between border crossing points (BCPs), illegal stay and asylum eased after reaching record levels in the fourth quarter of 2015. Irregular migration pressure steadily decreased between January and March 2016, although it was still higher than in any previous first quarter since the FRAN data collection began in 2007.

25 Aug 2016 description
report Pro Asyl

Summary and calls for action

In the first months of 2015, PRO ASYL has heard shocking accounts from asylum seekers reaching Germany via Bulgaria. These accounts include reports of inhumane and degrading treatment as well as torture. PRO ASYL has written up some of these accounts, mainly from asylum seekers and refugees who arrived in 2014, to serve as an example of the treatment experienced by many who travel through Bulgaria. The majority of the accounts provided are those of Syrian or Iraqi nationals.

25 Aug 2016 description

Across Iraq, 96,565 Syrian refugees living in 10 camps continued to benefit from routine access to water, sanitation and hygiene services, while 17,967 Syrian Refugee children in camp schools and CFS continued to benefit from access to functional latrines. 14,682 Refugees living in the community benefited from access to water, bringing the total number of off camp refugees assisted in 2016 to a total of 29,038 people.


25 Aug 2016 description

Basic Needs Assistance during JULY 2016:
Basic Needs Assistance during July 2016:
124 Newly arrived families received packages of basic needs
assistance (Core Relief Items). These are mainly cases relcoated form Urban areas but also includes 36 households newly arrived in the urban districts of Dohuk.
51 households received replacement CRI packages
306 households received various none food items ;
1400 hh out of camp and 380 hh in camp received cash or vouchers for summer assistance.

25 Aug 2016 description

55,047 Syrian refugees received food assistance Modalities of food distribution:
• Food vouchers: in 8 camps (Domiz 1&2, Arbat, Basirma, Darashakran, Gawilan, Kawergosk and Qushtapa).
• Unrestricted cash: pilot distribution at Akre Castle camp.
• Food Parcels: Ad hoc distributions in all 9 camps in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and to some families in urban areas in Basra


25 Aug 2016 description

73% of targeted children (aged 5-17) (boys/girls) are enrolled in formal education (primary or secondary)



25 Aug 2016 description

25,892 consultations are provided to the Syrian Refugees in primary health care services


Syrian refugees still have an access to free of charge primary health care services which are provided by DoH or NGOs with support from UNHCR and other UN agencies. The handover process of camp based primary health care center (PHCC) from NGOs to DoH is ongoing. Shortage of medicines especially medicines for chronic diseases.


25 Aug 2016 description



The overall situation of the sector: Total shelter capacity of Syrian refugee camps is 19,968 shelter units. A total of 15,776 (81%) improved shelter units are constructed (provided with concrete slab, kitchen, family latrine and shower) and 15,043 are occupied. More than 15,000 refugee households (about 75,000 persons) are benefiting from improved shelter assistance in the camps.

25 Aug 2016 description



2,820 Syrians arrived in KR-I through Pheshkabour border. Readmissions of preauthorized temporary returns including medical reasons (71%); first time admissions under 15-day visa for medical reasons (21%); first time admissions for family visit purposes (8%) and admission on asylum grounds (0%).