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CERF Quarterly Update: July - September 2014


During the third quarter of 2014, the humanitarian community relied on rapid and strategic CERF funding to kick-start emergency operations and to keep life-saving programmes running. The Emergency Relief Coordinator (ERC) allocated US$70 million from CERF to help humanitarian partners in 20 countries respond to some of the most urgent crises worldwide.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit

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Report on the Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict in Iraq: 6 July – 10 September 2014 [EN/AR]


Report lists a litany of serious violations of international humanitarian law and gross abuses of human rights that have been perpetrated by ISIL and associated armed groups, “with an apparent systematic and widespread character”.

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IOM Regional Response to the Syria Humanitarian Crisis, 16 - 29 September 2014


Syria: IOM was able to distribute non-food item kits to an estimated 15,253 vulnerable individuals for the first-time in cross-line areas in Al-Hassakeh and Idleb.

Iraq: 118 Syrian refugees were provided with in-bound camp transportation from the Peshkabor border crossing to Guelam camp in Ninewa.

Jordan: IOM provided 2,993 Syrian refugees with transportation assistance from Rabaa’ al Sarhan Screening Centre to Azraq and Za’atri camps.

International Organization for Migration:

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Iraq joins Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons



On 24 September 2014, Iraq deposited its instrument of accession to the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW); and consented to be bound by the Amendment to Article 1 of the Convention; Protocol I on non-detectable fragments; Protocol II and its amended version on mines, booby-traps and other devices; Protocol III on incendiary weapons; Protocol IV on blinding laser weapons; and Protocol V on explosive remnants of war.

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Secretary-General, in message to committee, says counter-terrorism actions must be consistent with international human rights, humanitarian law


Following is UN Secretary-General Ban Ki‑moon’s message, as delivered by Jeffrey Feltman, Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, to the open briefing of the Counter-Terrorism Committee, in New York on 30 September:

I thank the Government of Morocco and the Counter-Terrorism Committee’s Executive Directorate for convening this open briefing.

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Knitting, Sewing and Weaving an Independent Life

How can making a scarf, belt or bag help someone stand on their own feet? Just ask the women learning craft skills at a project in Dwailaa, Syria. The sessions let them support their families and escape some of the pressures of daily life.

All the women have been affected by the country’s crisis. Some have had to flee their homes elsewhere in Syria. Most were struggling to cope, emotionally and financially, when they started the sessions.

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CrisisWatch N°134 - 1 October 2014

The U.S. expanded its aerial campaign against Islamic State (IS) militants in late September with strikes in Syria’s north and east. The operation, which targets both IS and fighters linked to al-Qaeda’s central leadership and the affiliated group Jabhat al-Nusra, risks alienating other rebel groups in Syria and strengthening support for IS.

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Iraqi Kurdistan: Marooned at the Mall

Pulitzer Center

Six weeks ago, as Islamic State militants threatened Baghdad, Suleiman, a member of Iraq’s Christian minority, abandoned his job at the airport and set out with his family for Kurdistan, the autonomous northern region that has become a haven for persecuted religious minorities. Along the way, their car was stopped at an Islamic State checkpoint. Terrified, Suleiman decided to flatter the terrorists in the hope that they might let him and his family pass: “Good job, I told them. After only twenty-four hours you have taken over here.’” Recalling the incident, he paused.

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Baghdad suicide car bombing kills at least 14

10/01/2014 17:15 GMT

BAGHDAD, October 1, 2014 (AFP) - A suicide car bomb blast ripped through a busy commercial street in a southeastern neighbourhood of the Iraqi capital Wednesday, killing at least 14 people, police and medical sources said.

The attack occurred shortly after 5:30 pm (1430 GMT) in the Shiite-dominated district of Baghdad al-Jadida, on a street packed with restaurants as well as clothes and jewellery shops.

Agence France-Presse:

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On International Day of Nonviolence, World Vision calls on all to step up the protection of children

World Vision

Oct 2, 2014: As conflict scales up across the Middle East this month, aid agency World Vision says the protection of children from violence is more critical than ever.

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UN Casualty Figures for September 2014, Anbar province excluded

UN reported casualties, but cautioned that it doesn't include people killed in the ongoing operation in Anbar, or those who died from the heat or hunger after being forced to flee violence.

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'I Knew There Were Landmines There, But I Had To Get My Sheep Back'

MAG helped 151,043 men, women and children in Iraq during 2013

Khurshid stood on a landmine just a few metres from where he is photographed in northern Iraq. This is his story...

"In January 2010, I was looking after my sheep and some of them ran into the minefield on my land. I knew there were mines there, but I had to get my sheep back.

"As I moved my right leg, my left leg exploded and I was blown into the air. After a while, I stood up and noticed one leg was much shorter than the other.

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The government is ready with a large Danish contribution to the fight against ISIL

Today the government presents a large Danish contribution to the international effort against ISIL. It happens after a request from the United States.

The contribution includes a series of diplomatic, civilian and military efforts, including F16 fighter aircrafts, staff support and contributions to capacity building of Iraqi and Kurdish security forces. At the same time, Denmark will strengthen its long-term development- and stabilization efforts in the region.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Martin Lidegaard says:

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ISIL: UK government response

The UK government sets out the actions it is taking to counter ISIL (also referred to as ISIS).

On Friday 26 September the Prime Minister spoke in Parliament on the UK’s role in tackling ISIL in Iraq (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). The Prime Minister said:

"ISIL is a terrorist organisation unlike those we have dealt with before. The brutality is staggering, but it is not just the brutality; it is backed by billions of dollars and has captured an arsenal of the most modern weapons."

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Iraq: RRP6 Monthly Update - August 2014: Basic Needs

2,700 children took part in summer school activities


Summer School activities were completed in four camps in Erbil reaching over 2200 children in the camps and over 500 in the non-camp areas including host communities. Catch up classes were also conducted for grades 1-6 for over 1000 children in preparation for the transition from the Syrian to the Kurdish curriculum.

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Iraq: RRP6 Monthly Update - August 2014: Food Security

100% Syrian refugees in camp settings are currently receiving food assistance


•32,703 persons received in-kind food in seven camps including Akre, Arbat, Basirma, Darashakran, Gawilan, Kawergosk and Qushtapa camps.

•66,344 beneficiaries were targeted in August with food vouchers in Domiz camp. Since the start of the voucher programme, over US$37 million has been injected into the local economy.