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25 Apr 2015 description

Baghdad, Iraq | AFP | Saturday 4/25/2015 - 20:02 GMT

Four men who had fled Iraq's western Anbar province for Baghdad were kidnapped by gunmen Saturday and later found shot in the head, security and medical officials said.

"Unknown gunmen wearing military uniforms broke into one of the houses in the Bayaa area... and kidnapped four men who were displaced from Anbar," a police colonel said on condition of anonymity.

25 Apr 2015 description

Baghdad, Iraq | AFP | Saturday 4/25/2015 - 12:14 GMT

Three suicide bombers attacked a border crossing between western Iraq and Jordan on Saturday, killing at least four Iraqi security personnel and wounding eight others, officials said.

The bombers detonated explosives-rigged vehicles, one of them a lorry, at three successive checkpoints at the Turaibil crossing, said Sabah Karhout, the head of the Anbar province council.

25 Apr 2015 description


  • More than 100,000 people flee fighting in Ramadi

  • Baghdad hosts 13,251 newly displaced families

  • Humanitarian agencies step up response efforts

  • WFP providing Immediate Response Rations to 60,000 people

24 Apr 2015 description
report UN Security Council


7433rd Meeting (AM)

United Nations Humanitarian Chief, Citing ‘Atrocity after Atrocity’, Warns Time Running Out

Expressing alarm that the Syrian crisis had become the largest humanitarian emergency in the world, threatening regional stability, the Security Council this morning called for stepped-up, coordinated international support to neighbouring countries hosting refugees from the conflict.

24 Apr 2015 description

Iraq - IOM Iraq distributed 500 tents this week to recently returned residents of Al Alam town in Tikrit District, Salah Al-Din Governorate. Al Alam residents fled in June-September 2014 when armed groups occupied their area. Most of their homes were burned down or damaged by shelling.

After spending recent months in other governorates including Kirkuk, Dohuk, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, residents began to return in late March after armed groups left the Al Alam area.

24 Apr 2015 description


  • The security situation in Al-Ramadi has continued to further deteriorate over the past four days. Thousands of Internally displaced persons (IDPs) fleeing from Al-Ramadi (Al boferage , Al Sofiya and Al Garma districts) are moving to Al-Khaldia, Amriate AlFallujah,
    Al-Habanyia tourist city, Baghdad, Babil and Diwaniah. An estimated 60 new IDPs families arrived Diwaniah from Anbar. Karbala is also holding discussions to explore possibilities of accepting new IDPs; Najaf declined to accept additional refugees.

24 Apr 2015 description

Mass displacement has occurred in Anbar governorate since clashes between Iraqi Security Forces and ISIL intensified around the govenorate’s regional capital of Ramadi. IOM Iraq’s Displacement Tracking Matrix’s currently assessed numbers suggest approximately 96,672 persons displaced from Anbar since 15 April.

The majority of those displaced, more than 10,000 families, have fled to Baghdad governorate to seek aid and refuge from the violence. The new arrivals joined the over 350,000 IDPs already in Baghdad Governorate, displaced since January 2014.

24 Apr 2015 description
report Mercy Corps

Filed by: Kelly Montgomery
Digital Content Producer

In Iraq and Pakistan, adolescent youth are facing huge challenges as they try to grow up amidst the conflict, danger and uncertainty that surrounds them. With fighting and other security issues interrupting their daily lives, it’s nearly impossible to learn, grow and make important life decisions without a strong support system.

23 Apr 2015 description


247,861 Syrian refugees registered with UNHCR

1,170,799 IDPs reached with protection monitoring since January 2014

31,654 IDP families approved for cash assistance since January 2014

70,000 IDP households received winter items in since October 2014

23 Apr 2015 description


In this reporting period:

  • UNHCR distributed core relief items to 1,000 families who recently returned to 14 villages in Muqdadiya District, Diyala Governorate.

  • The Al-Khadhraa Collective Center in Baghdad was inaugurated; hosting some 400 IDPs from Anbar Governorate.

  • UNHCR finalized the post cash distribution monitoring exercise of the 2014 cash assistance program in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KR-I).

23 Apr 2015 description
report Women Under Siege

By Serra Sippel/Guest blogger — April 23, 2015

Just last week, Human Rights Watch released a detailed report on the campaign of rape being waged in Iraq by the Islamic State (also known as ISIS) and called for much-needed medical and psychological help for the survivors. The organization interviewed 20 women and girls in the northern Iraqi town of Dohuk earlier this year who escaped captivity by the militant group, and also spoke to medical workers who are doing their best to help the survivors.

23 Apr 2015 description
  1. The Iraqi Government estimates that 19,058 families (about 114,000 individuals) have been displaced from Ramadi District and surrounding areas in Anbar Governorate as of 23 April (10 :0). Of these , approximately 2,000 families have been displaced within Anbar Governorate, 13,251 families to Baghdad Governorate , 1,000 families to Babylon Governorate , and 2,807 families to Sulaymaniyah Governorate.

23 Apr 2015 description

In Iraq, widespread violence has displaced some 2.6 million people from their homes, making this one of the biggest displacement crises in recent decades. Here, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) head of mission Fabio Forgione discusses the situation.

23 Apr 2015 description
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Baghdad, 23 April 2015 – The Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq, Ms. Lise Grande today led a visit of a high level UN delegation to newly erected camps hosting displaced people from Ramadi and Fallujah in Anbar province.